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We’ve received a few reports this morning that the Nexus 6 has started shipping from Google Play. Senior member JKC120 from AndroidForums.com received the notification for his 32GB Nexus 6 last night, while another user hit our inbox letting us know that his shipped, as well. Phandroid’s Derek Ross was also surprised with a late night gift of his own.

nexus 6 google play shipping

Many folks received shipping notifications last night that their orders will be headed out starting today, and if everything goes well they’re likely to show up before the weekend (or even as soon as tomorrow if you opted for one-day shipping). Folks who ordered from Motorola started seeing shipments earlier this week so the timing isn’t that odd.

Google’s original shipping estimation of November 21st still gives them a lot of wiggle room so if your shipment hasn’t been sent out then there isn’t much you can do but continue to wait. Let us know if your order originating from Google Play has gone through the logistics of leaving the warehouse and headed to your front door.

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  1. So happy that I got mine in the mail yesterday… FedEx was good to me… and the Nexus 6 is a beautiful phone.

    1. Nice. I just got the email confirmation. I should have it either by Sat or Mon

  2. and yet T-mobile’s version isn’t available to order until tomorrow. I’ll be online at midnight to place my order.

    1. They’ll be available tomorrow in stores if you don’t want to wait.

      1. I want the 64gb one though. I may still check it out. But I had an associate tell me that the 64gb nexus won’t be in store.

        1. Oh yea I can confirm the 64gb won’t be in stores. Only 32gb and as far as we know mimidnight blue only in store. I get you on the memory thing though.

          Source: Employee.

          1. Hook me up with that employee discount code buddy :-) lol

      2. Or I may say fudge it and get the 32gb lol it’s my first venture into no sd slot territory and I also plan on keeping this phone for a year so i wanted the bigger storage.

    2. Get it from Motorla for free shipping.

      1. sold out on Motorola. plus, i am on the jump program with t-mobile so i don’t wanna pay full price for a phone when i can get it for free. thanks for trying to help though. i am thinking i may just get the 32gb version. i have a 16gb galaxy s5 with a 16gb sd card and haven’t filled either one up so i think the fear of running out of storage is all in my head lol

  3. Ordered mine from Motorola the day they went live but because of website issues with submitting my order I only managed to get one from the 11/26 batch :( Motorola told me last time we talked that it would ship on the 20th so hopefully I will get mine Monday like people who had theirs shipped last week.

  4. Got my shipping confirmation yesterday evening. It’s in route right now!

  5. Ordered within 30 seconds of it going up for preorder on the 29th with overnight shipping.


    So #Scroogled.

  6. Meanwhile, as for preordering or even ordering any more forget about it. You know next time maybe Google/Motorola should make more than just 25 of these phones? I mean this crap happens every damn year. You’d think they learn.

    1. I definitely will not be buying from GPS in the future. This is ridiculous.

  7. Still waiting on a shipping email from Sprint.

    1. Got my shipping info from Sprint this morning

      1. Never got an email, but checked the order status later in the day and saw that it shipped. Should be here on Thursday! WOO!

  8. I ordered 32GB Midnight Blue from the play store on the Nov 5th allotment with standard shipping. Got a shipping notification last night, as of 8:11 this morning it was leaving South Charleston, Left Virginia on its way to Philly.

    1. I got mine coming from China…stated to be here by 11/20…i sure hope so!

  9. Still waiting on my shipping info from AT&T. Says prepared to ship today or tomorrow on the 19th. Should be shipping by Fed Ex, can’t recall if it’s next day, or 2 day, either way I should have Friday. Hopefully it will be here by then so I can play with it over the weekend.

    1. Haven’t received my shipment notification yet from AT&T, either. Same ‘ship by’ dates though On or between November 18th-19th.

      1. Same as mine.

        1. Awesome. I really, really hope they didn’t disable the Qi Charging. I’ll be so pi$$ed off if they did.

      2. Wohoo…Mine now says shipped out today. Delivery Thursday. Can’t wait.

        1. When did you preorder yours. I ordered mine on Friday and it still says Preorder Processing Expected Ship Date 11/18 to 11/19.

          1. About 10 min after they started the preorder. 12:10 am

    2. I just received my shipping notification. Placed my order at 11:45 on the 11th.

  10. From all the forums I haven’t seen a overnight shipping actually ship. It’s kind of stupid when you think about it, we paid more to get it sooner, but in the end we’ll get it at the same time or later than 3-5 day??!! I think someone at Google needs a remedial course in logistics.

  11. Just got a shipping confirmation tonight! I only chose standard shipping, but since it’s only coming from Kentucky to Pennsylvania, I should hopefully have it by either Friday or Monday (don’t think UPS delivers on Saturday).

  12. They just changed the status here in Belgium. Instead of it just stating “coming soon”, it is now available to order on Play. But it says “Leaves warehouse in 3 to 4 weeks”. 3 to 4 more WEEKS! :(

  13. Ordered from sprint on the 14th and my UPS notification says I will have it tomorrow. Awesome!!!

  14. My 64GB Midnight Blue Nexus 6 shipped from Google Play at 11:49 last night. It’s out for delivery right now. I ordered it on the 29th of October. I’m posting a video on my YouTube Channel the moment I get it! :)

  15. My husband’s 32gb Cloud White Nexus 6 shipped direct from China this morning. We ordered through Motorola on 11/6, and were given a backordered/estimated delivery date of December 2nd. FedEx has an estimated delivery of Wednesday the 26th, “by 10:30am.”

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