20,000mAh of on-demand battery power can be yours with this exclusive deal



Keeping your devices charged on the go can be a hassle. Manufacturers have attempted to offset this hassle with bigger and bigger smartphone batteries. What happens when those increasingly large batteries can’t be sufficiently brought up to charge using a standard portable battery pack? You bring out the big guns. Namely, Limefuel’s LP200X.

You see, the Limefuel LP200X offers 20,000mAh of charging power. To illustrate this point: you could charge the 3,900mAh battery of the Motorola Droid Turbo to full capacity over five times using Limefuel’s cell. And what might you expect to pay for this almost god-like charging power? If you are the type of sucker that pays full retail, the answer is $85. If you are a smart consumer, on the other hand, and take advantage of our latest AndroidArea deal, you can snag an LP200X for only $34.99.

Buy the Limefuel LP200X for $34.99 at

For the LP200X, charging your smartphone five times over without ever coming close to an outlet would be well worth it. But features like a digital readout displaying the exact amount of remaining charge, a built-in LED flashlight, and multiple USB ports for simultaneous charging of your smartphone and tablet seal the deal.

OK, so here is the TL;DR: 20,000mAh of charging power for your smartphone and tablet,, $35. Have at it.

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  1. Damn Sweet

  2. What manufacturer makes the battery cells?

  3. Ordered it, it is on its way.

  4. BUYER BEWARE! I bought some headphones from AndroidArea and I got a cheaper asian knockoff of the actual brand that was advertised. Of course they didn’t work. I’ve attempted to contact AndroidArea, Phandroid, and the manufacturer of the actual headphones and none have contacted me to get me a set of replacements. I’m won’t be buying anything from AndroidArea again and hope to steer people away as much as possible.

    1. Casey – really sorry to hear you had a poor experience with your first purchase. If you contact us at [email protected] we will make sure this gets resolved ASAP.

      1. Thanks for the heads up, Casey. It seems a bit disappointing that you have to post your unfortunate experience publicly to get customer service.

  5. 5 times my a$$ x-mAh in a battery pack does not charge = mAh to phone battery. Maybe 3 times if lucky. Still not a bad price for 20k mAh
    Is this brand as proven as Anker?
    Off to research…..

    1. Please do share your results, Casey.

    2. I’ve had a limefuel (15,600 I think) for over a year. It is built well and works fine.

      I would snag this if I didn’t already have the one I have.

    3. Yea the conversion power losses can be shockingly high. I find most lose 25-40%, even worse if your battery pack doesn’t supply a fast enough charge and your phone has to slow charge at 500mA

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