First crop of Nexus 6 shipments from Motorola.com pre-orders start arriving


nexus 6 from motorola

Many folks who pre-ordered their Nexus 6 got one from Google Play as that was the first and only location to punch an order in for a couple of weeks. Motorola surprised everyone by putting it up on their own digital shop, though, and there’s good news for those who went that route — first shipments are beginning to arrive.

User Na3im from the Nexus 6 subreddit received his shipment from FedEx this morning in what might be the first documented shipment of a Nexus 6. It surely can’t taste so sweet for anyone who ordered from Google Play and are still awaiting shipment, though those folks are expected to begin seeing shipments leaving the warehouse as soon as November 21st so the wait isn’t too long.

We’re not sure if others are expected to receive shipment today or if this was a one-off early Christmas gift for one lucky individual, but you should be keeping an eye out on your doorsteps, inboxes and order statuses either way. Let us know if you’ve ordered from Motorola or Google Play and are still waiting for your Nexus 6 to arrive.

[via Reddit]

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  1. ” It surely can’t taste so sweet for anyone who ordered from Google Play and are still awaiting shipment, though those folks are said to be getting their goods as soon as this Wednesday.” <== source?

  2. Hopefully AT&T sticks to their word and they get mine delivered by the 19th! Cant wait to get my hands on this…

    1. With AT&T symbol on the back :0

      1. Who doesn’t want the Death Star on the back of their phone. Besides, this has not been proven yet. No one from AT&T has their device yet.

    2. Me too. Mine says Shipping on 11/18/14 or 11/19/14. If it ships tomorrow I should have it on Thursday, if it ships on Wednesday I should have it Friday just in time to for the weekend. I can’t wait.

  3. If everything stays true to Google form, half of the play store orders will leave on the 21st, those that were placed on the 29th. The 11/5 batch (which I am currently in) will probably be delayed to sometime in December. I will probably receive my phone by Christmas or maybe new years if i’m lucky

    1. I ordered on 11/5 but have a “leaves warehouse by/on 11/21.” Google has liked to hit warehouse dates as actual delivery dates in the past, but that doesn’t look likely this time around.

      They can keep stalling. I’m probably just going to buy at TMobile on Wednesday if they haven’t pushed the launch another week as a result of only doubling their launch volume of 30 units from the original launch plan.

  4. I ordered through Moto directly and it delivering by 11/26 on their website but I called CS and I was told it shipping on the 20th with a 2 day FedEx

    1. i ordered on nov 12th and was told delivered by dec 2nd. so you think mine is shipping early as well?

      1. I ordered mine on Nov 6th so they date should move up little bit. Looks like they were giving shipping about 3 weeks out. Call them and ask see what they say to be sure. I did the online chat.

        1. i just called and they still gave me my dec 2nd date, i was hoping to have before my work trip which is during that time frame, my note 2 is starting to really crap the bed, so i hope it will work for the next 2 weeks

  5. I have my nexus 6 on hand and wondering if anyone is interested in buying it?

    1. wrong site

    2. I’ll give you $649 plus reasonable shipping and your state’s tax if it’s a 32GB model.

  6. Mines due 12/3/14 from moto. :-(

    1. Mine WAR due 12/2/14 and it is showing up today, have hope!

  7. DOES IT HAVE SLIMPORT. please, someone test this for me.

  8. Got mine, love it.

  9. Got email that it shipped and is due to arrive by 11/20!! Original ship date was 11/26. Ordered on Motorola!

  10. Called around T /Mobile’s stores are stocked and ready for sale at least the ones that I called in the Delco area..I plan on being there a at 930 am EST

  11. Got mine on 17th… LOVE IT!!!

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