Developers can now start using Android Auto APIs to create apps for smart cars


Google has just announced availability of the API for Android Auto, their platform for in-car dashes featuring the lovely operating system. Android Auto won’t be home to mind-blowing smart car goodness for the early going. Auto is a very delicate industry to create smart products for, and they want to keep things simple while they look to nurture it. As such, Google’s APIs are limited to two key functions:

  • Being able to play and control audio
  • Being able to receive messages via audio, and send them via voice

There isn’t much else for a developer to do for Android Auto right now, but if you have an app that could benefit your users while they’re in an Android Auto-equipped vehicle you can get started today (though Google notes you won’t be able to publish apps with features that extend to Auto just yet). We also get the promise that more APIs are sure to come down the line, but this should be more than enough for most developers to get their feet wet with. Check out Google’s Getting Started guide to, well, get started.

Android Auto smartphone connect

[via Google]

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  1. Seeing as how BMW opted out of this cooperative it looks like AUDI might be my next car.

    This is EXACTLY what I wanted out of the auto interface. I dont want to buy your pointless $3000 dated option of an infotainment system. I have everything in my phone already. Just become a screen and button interface to make using the phones navigation and music playing safer.

    Only next step is to do it wirelessly.

    1. 2013 and ↑ audis already have android. I drove the 2013 a8 and was surprised to see android running on it. Of course with Audi’s skin ontop

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