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Lollipop, lollipop, lollipop. That’s what everyone is talking about this week, and for good reason. The Android 5.0 update finally began reaching Nexus devices, while the latest Nexus handset finally started shipping to preorder participants. That and more in this week’s look at the best from Android Forums.

Moto X: 2013 for cheap or 2014 for full price?

You don’t have to tell us the new Moto X is a good phone. You don’t have to tell us the old Moto X is a good phone, either. This makes one tough decision when having to choose between grabbing the 2013 model for less than $300 or the 2014 edition for the full $600. Throw in phones like the Droid Turbo, the Nexus 6, and HTC One M8 and the choice doesn’t get much simpler. How about a little help?

Android 5.0 Lollipop has arrived

If you own a recent Nexus device (or the Moto X Pure Edition) you got an extra special treat this week: Android 5.0 Lollipop. Nexus 7 and Nexus 5 owners are among the lucky ones, but others like those with the Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 are still awaiting the OTA update. Share your thoughts on Google’s last platform upgrade or commiserate with others left out of the initial round of updates.

Nexus 6 shipping status

Speaking of Lollipop, one of the first devices to ship with the latest Android version is the Nexus 6, and its on its way to those that took part in the initial preorder. Some have already received their tracking numbers while others might be the victims of some serious supply constraints (that may or may not have to do a current labor crisis at the Port of Los Angeles). What’s the status on yours?

Google Hangouts or Messenger?

Google can’t seem to make up its mind when it comes to its preferred messaging service, so we don’t blame you if you haven’t either. For a while, it seemed as though Hangouts was destined to take over as the default app for SMS and other messaging services in Android, but then Google dropped their new Messenger app on Google Play. Choose your side, but don’t be surprised if Google flips the script yet again a few months down the road.

And more…

If you aren’t already a member, be sure to sign up for your Android Forums account today. If you’re an all-star poster you could land among next week’s From the Forums selections.

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  1. I am waiting. I still did not get 5.0 from Sprint yet.

  2. I have a Nexus 5 on AT&T and I’m still (impatiently) awaiting my OTA. :(

    1. Grab the download and push it via adb. Its easy. took 20 minutes including downloading all the required stuff..

      I went to the AOSP page and got it there. I have the N5 on the Death Star network as well. I wasn’t going to wait for the OTA. Although there might 5.1 coming soon, with the problems the N5 has encountered with WiFi and such.

      1. I may do this if I don’t get the OTA by Monday, my main issue is lack of time to mess with it. Would you mind linking me?


      2. Got error status 7. No idea what that means

    2. Same. Mashing the check now button got old fast.

      1. No point in doing that as you’ll get a pop-up as soon as it’s delivered. Ive never seen a single update after hitting check now… It automat checks

    3. I have an unlocked one & no update either. I thought it was supposed to arrive by now. I’m gonna end up on ios before it shows up

  3. How is it a tough decision between messenger and Hangouts? Hangouts has every feature you could want aside from full appearance customization.

    1. 1) It’s confusing for some people
      2) The call button only dials out with your Google voice number
      3) there’s no easy way to choose what number you’re texting with (phone or Google voice)
      4) sometimes you send a text and for some reason it goes through as a hangout anyways
      5) notifications don’t tell you if its a text or a hangouts im

      There are more. That’s just off the top of my head. For me, the benefits outweigh the annoyances, but it could definitely be better

      1. Wait, are you sure about that last one? Maybe it’s because my tones are different, but I believe there’s a difference between an IM and a text… I could be wrong and it could just be my tones.

    2. I just see the Messenger app as an update to the Messenger in AOSP, rather than something they intend to compete with Hangouts.

    3. I honestly hate the green….and the lack of video or flippin slideshow support! its ridiculous you cant just add every feature into hangouts and make it nicer looking like the messenger app they made(which is still eh/honestly a big fan of hello sms’s ui)…when is google going to balls up and get the power of apple and give us data messeging so i can get full quality videos for once from my iphone friends

      1. Why are the text bubbles different colors for different contacts. Can u choose them. I dont understand why one person is pink vs green vs blue etc. Seems random

    4. I have no idea how to use Hangouts.. Never have used it. Everyone just wants to face time

  4. N7 2013 still notta.

  5. guys why I am not getting on my nexus 5 :(

    1. Me neither. Google really really slow

  6. Where is my n5 update

  7. why my OTA isnt here yet :(

    1. Me neither. Worries I read some people were having wifi problems with Nexus 5 and lollipop. I’m still on kit lay but it happened to me this weekend.. Wifi connections just stopped

  8. O have a Nexus 5 and still no lollipop

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