Reminder: OnePlus One pre-sales begin at 8am pacific for one hour only


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In case you forgot to set a reminder for yourself, here’s a quick one: the OnePlus One pre-order system goes live today beginning at 8am pacific. What’s this all about? Our original post has the full details, but the skinny of it is that this presale for OnePlus’s first phone is a way for you to secure an order for future shipment without having to fish for invites.

It exists alongside the invite system so if you are able to get your hands on an invite it’d be a faster route to buying the phone than waiting for your pre-order. So who’s this for? Folks who are tired of the invite game and don’t mind waiting for shipment. If that sounds like you then you should jump on this chance as soon as the floodgates open.

Note that the pre-sale period lasts for just one hour so you’ll need to be on the ball once the clock strikes 8am pacific. Head to OnePlus’s website to start preparing your account for pre-order ahead of the green light, and make sure to read our earlier report for all the details you’ll need. Will you be opting for one today?

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  1. Sorry too late for me, even though the Nexus 6 is bigger and more money, I am still going that route.

  2. I surely will not be opting for a OnePlus One and thats soley because of its limited availability. Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

  3. Sony Z3 > OnePlus One

    1. yep, Z3 is awesome

    2. doesn’t the Z3 cost as much as an N6 ? so twice the price of a 64Gb opo?

      1. You can get the Z3 for less than the off contract price of the N6. I got mine for less than $600. And, I’ll pay more for the Z3 to get the better phone. The 1+1 is nice, but overrated.

  4. ya its to late for me, I picked up a Note 4, even though its twice the price.

  5. To little to Late should have done this months ago

  6. The OPO is decent phone for the price and I’m seriously considering buying it…but my issue-free Nexus 5 has been great! Just wanna bigger screen to play graphic intensive games on is all and the price for the Nexus 6 about broke my heart! True story!

  7. I am not sure if its JBL E1 earphone is worth buying.. hmm..

  8. A lot of people on Swappa wanting to trade their OPO for a GS5 for some reason.

    1. I would like to trade mine for a Z3 xD

    2. I’d never in a lifetime trade mine after having held the GS5!!! : o It feels cheap and tacky compared to the One.

      1. Put a case on it and you’ll never know the difference.

    3. I think the major reason is that OnePlus holds value better than the GS5.

      1. That’s why people are trading their OPO away?

  9. “Folks who are tired of the invite game and don’t mind waiting for shipment.”

    That does sound like me.
    6 months ago.

    1. Same here. If I could have just ordered or pre-ordered a few months ago I would have done it, even if it took a long time to ship. Now it’s too late, there are better devices available and OnePlus has worn out their welcome with the way they’ve handled (not) selling this product.

  10. I was planning on getting one for the whole family, but that was months ago. Sorry OnePlus but you’re late.

  11. Have been sitting here for 15 minutes now and there crappy site wont even load the page for me to submit payment on the pre-order i set up last week. Talk about a total botched launch and after not getting an invite for months looks like ill still be missing out on this.

  12. Went to look at what they’re offering and how much and I was greeted with 404’s and other issues. Can’t get past the initial splash screen. Just more issues from them. No thanks. I’ll go with someone who has their stuff figured out.

  13. So much work to get one of these. Honestly, I tried, even despite all my reservations of the pre order/ invite system, I kept getting 404 errors and frozen next process pages. I’m surprised that this company is in the business of selling hardware. The ROM’s are fantastic IMHO. I’m a big user. Sadly, I’m not impressed with their set up selling hand sets.

  14. OPO has announced that the pre-order window has been extended until 2pm ET. Of course their servers have been down the entire time the window has been open, so it just means OP is going to allow prospective customers the opportunity to be frustrated by the entire situation an extra 2 hours! Let’s not forget to #NEVERSETTLE LOL. Oneplus is a HUGE joke. They fail at everything they try!

  15. I went through the site somehow and almost before I hit order submit button, I saw the 5 week for delivery I lost interest.

  16. Pre orders last an hour? Is it April yet?

  17. Brings me back to the day when I was trying to purchase my Nexus 4. Servers went down as well. I guess the OPO is in higher demand than expected.

  18. Well if the servers are down for that hour then there is clearly huge demand for this device.

    On a side note, on the futuremark website the OPO is the 5th most popular device currently, seems OPO users like benchmarks.

  19. I think now the server is running well. An hour left for pre-order, but the device ships in 4-6 weeks, yucks!!
    All i wanted is to order the JBL Earphone at $25…. why doesn’t the website allow me to order it?

  20. 6-8 weeks if i ordered would be a chance i wouldnt get it until 2015 screw that will save up 300 more and get nexus 6

  21. Every time I flashed a Cyanogen ROM on one of my phones it was buggy and quirky, NO THANKS, WILL PASS.

    1. That’s the same with the OnePlus One. “Buggy and quirky.” The good thing is that the phone is updated MONTHLY and there is a dedicated PAID staff of developers focusing on new features and bug fixes. It’s a great deal more stable than flashing the ROM- but still no where near as “plug and play” as the Nexus 5.

  22. I really dont think this is necessary, but it keeps bugging me and I havent commented much on these types of posts about the One+.

    I really have no clue about there marketing department or overall strategy. Im very confused by the entire ordeal. Granted Im not a marketing specialist, but I do understand the basic metrics of how a company typically releases a product.

    Either the Asian-Market has a very unique way or marketing and selling products that most of us are not used to at all, or One+ is really just hanging on by a thread the entire time.

    Im seriously considering they simply dont have the ability to mass produce these phones fast enough for a public release. So instead they make it appear exclusive through some kind of invite system. Problem if your product is too old. Sadly, at the speed of technology right now, your phone will be considered outdated within 6-months.

    I would be surprised if they have the ability to do a public release by the same time next year. They are having some MASSIVE growing pains. Too much hype, no follow through.

    1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head: Their marketing department isn’t necessarily inept or out of touch with reality… they were faced with handing an unforseen supply:demand problem that the other current competition can react to at a much quicker pace. It stands to reason they’re going to be VERY careful with their next major launch as these issues will be fresh on their minds.

      As for “outdated in 6 months,” the value proposition holds strong, imho. You can easily find an incrementally better flagship phones today, but you can (nearly) buy two OPO’s for the typical flagship price tag. Where the OPO has passed the “Bleeding edge of technology” buyers’ station, the value proposition (bang for buck) market is where the OPO’s current/ongoing purchases are solidly within.

      1. Maybe outdated, but the Sony Z3 is just being released with very similar spec’s.

      2. I agree completely. I was going to touch base on price point, but I didnt want my post to turn into a rant.

        Technology is advancing too fast at this point. Meaning the average person cannot afford new technology quick enough. Before we would see a new generation every year or so. We could usually skip a generation and buy into the next one. So our current (old) phones would essentially be two generations old.

        At the speed things are moving, technology is considered 4 generations old pretty soon within 2 years. Its close to double what it was only about a year ago.

        Take into consideration my Asus G75 laptop. Its, to me, still considered high end. Running a 670mx graphics card. Now NVidia has released there 9 series. Making mine 3 generations old within less than 3 years.

        I suspect tech companies will be selling less volume per generation as before considering the average Joe cant afford new tech that quickly.

  23. Great phone and awesome hardware but be warned. The software is buggy as hell and something as simple as changing wallpaper has led to people having to wipe their entire device. And these were wallpapers built in.

    1. you forgot to mention that bug affected a total of 7 people….

      1. If you go to the forum that clealry isn’t true. I’ve got 4 OnePlus ones at home because I’m a early member and 2 phones have the issue at home. Don’t get me wrong I love this phone and repair was easy enough but for the everyday person it isn’t worth the hassle. Not to mention a friend of mine also has this issue and RMA is backed up by two months dealing with this showing its not so rare.

    2. Never had a problem with changing theme’s and wall papers.

      1. If you do a ota update while themed you can recreate the issue but if you don’t update its not a issue. Luckily the OnePlus rep I talked to was able to recreate it and said they will let cm know about it.

  24. Because we love oneplus one so much !! We may end up hating it equally because of its continues LIMITED NATURE !!! Now the pre orders are also for 1 hour…

  25. Nexus 6 all day baby

    1. Except the OPO cost me $365 to the door. Sure I’d rather have the N6 but not at x2 the price after shipping and the sales tax I’d have to pay. One thing, I don’t like the head games One Plus plays, and for some odd and lucky reason I got an invite in the last few days of June.

  26. I’ll take one and in order for them to get paid, they have to receive an invite for payment. I may have some dumb ass contests to make them look like fools and make it necessary for them to video the destruction of a perfectly fine phone… and then I may move them up of the invite list. It is truly a privilege to be on my invite list

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