Moto 360 slim metal watch bands announced, Motorola starts selling regular sized metal bands


moto 360 new metal bands

Motorola has officially revealed new metal watch bands for the Moto 360. Ahead of the Moto 360’s launch we already saw 23mm metal versions in both silver and black. A blog post on Motorola’s website confirms that those editions of the Moto 360 will be going on sale for $300 today. The online store still lists them as out of stock, but that should change later today once Motorola gets their ducks in a row.

[Update]: Motorola’s site now lists the 23mm metal editions as available.

Motorola’s online storefront has been updated with a new 18mm metal watch band for those who prefer something more low-key. This would be great for ladies who feel the current watch bands are too thick. Unfortunately these are not planned to go live today, though Motorola says you’ll be able to get them in time for the holiday season. The light metal version will go for the same $299 as the 23mm bands, while a special champagne gold finish can be had for $30 more.

For folks who are already rocking a Moto 360, Motorola says they will have interchangeable stone, black and cognac-colored leather bands available, as well as the aforementioned metal bands. No word on pricing for the accessories just yet, but we’ll be digging for that information and will make sure to deliver it as soon as we get it.

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  1. Could they not have put the display drivers behind the screen instead of under it?

    1. if they could im pretty sure they woulda…people need to get over this i have a 360 and it doesnt bother me at all unless i use a white face which i never do

      1. I don’t think anyone needs to get over anything. Perhaps some people prefer to wait until the second generation device improves the aesthetics and the performance.

        1. No, he was right. You need to get over it.

    2. I was under the impression that it wasn’t just the display drivers, but the ambient light sensor (which I would not want to live without now).
      You just need a watch face that makes it not look out of place… like the A06 one I use: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.ddroid.aw.watchface.ma06

    3. It’s not just the display driver. It’s also the light sensor – I’m not sure that any of the other Android Wear watches have a light sensor. I know the LG watch doesn’t, hence no “flat tire”.

      The sensor isn’t noticeable to me because I only use black watch faces.

  2. All I want for Christmas is the limited edition gray leather band.

    1. want mine? been wearing a month so i can clean it up and sell to you for $250

      1. I already have the watch in stone. Would you take my stone band and some cash for your gray band? Or a watch trade plus some cash?

  3. Heavy breathing… Ordering now.
    I wonder if because of LG they had to push this out.

    I went for the dark metal. Nov 17th delivery.

  4. Now I just need Verizon to start selling the metal band edition so I can cancel my order for the leather one and get that instead.

  5. So what happened with the original metal band they had when they first announced the watch?

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