Hurry: Nexus 6 now available for pre-order from Motorola.com!


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Google Play Store not offering enough Nexus 6 units for ya? Motorola’s got you covered as the company has just published a listing for the Nexus 6 in their online marketplace. Nothing seems out of the norm here. They have 32GB and 64GB models in both Midnight Blue and Cloud White available.

There appears to be a healthy amount of stock available as of the time of this writing as we were able to move through checkout with ease. We’re not sure how long that’s going to last, but this is yet another avenue to ordering a Nexus 6 if the Google Play Store hasn’t been so nice to you. Hurry and get your order in before stock is depleted.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “Indigo Black and Lunar White”? I think you’re referring to Nexus 9 tablet colors. Motorola’s site lists the Nexus 6 colors as Midnight Blue and Cloud White (same as Google’s Play Store listing).

    1. Whoops, getting my wires crossed. Thanks!

  2. Soul doubt :(

  3. GONE! Here is what I get when I check out… “Some items in your cart are no longer available.”

    UPDATE!!! I kept pressing SUBMIT and apparently more stock was added so KEEP TRYING!

    1. The stock added is a “backorder”. Shipping on 11/26 it looks like.

  4. Already went from pre-order to backorder. I already had an order with Google, was just seeing if it was in anyway cheaper (tax, shipping, ect).

    1. 32GB Blue
      $729.45 from Play – Shipping 21st
      $692.24 from Moto – Shipping 19th

      1. That’s a ton either way

    2. Motorola has free shipping. Before I bought the Nexus 4 and 5 from the play store and from what I remember the shipping was kind of expensive with Google. I would think taxes are the same, and will vary depending on where you live.

      1. Yeah, I saw it before it moved from pre-order to back ordered in my cart. I only paid $9.99 for ground at the play store, so I guess I’m sticking with that.

  5. No thanks.. gonna pass. I don’t have pockets that big nor feel comfortable trying to use a phone of that size.

    1. Awwww… poor wittle guyyy…

  6. Woo hoo snagged a midnight blue 64 for delivery 11/19–free shipping!

  7. When it’s in your cart and it says “no longer available,” keep clicking process, and mine finally went through.

  8. Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying my Ballistic Nylon Droid Turbo =)

    1. how is the display? PA kept saying it is dim. 247 Nits….i find that hard to believe.

      1. It’s certainly not the brightest, and granted, I have yet to test it in full sunlight, but I have yet to need to bring it past 60% brightness to see it on sunny days inside my car. So far, it does not disappoint

  9. Done. Google keep dragging their feet. Just ordered with Motorola and shipping before Nov 26th

  10. Woooo hooooo. Got me one!

  11. In the meantime I saw that Google put up more of the midnight blue 64GB Nexus 6’s in the store. I had one in my cart, went to finish up and it said there was an error. Went back to the main page and it was sold out again. :/

  12. Got one!! Wanted a 64, but was sold out and tried a 32 in midnight and grabbed that. 11/26 ship date…I’ll take it!

  13. Got mine in. Said ships Dec 2. Hoping AT&T get’s first then will cancel.

  14. i got approved for moto credit now the damn things not available. oh well, i’ll try again next time and by that i mean EVERYDAY!!!

  15. Says no longer available after processing order. Both blue n white 64 GB ones

  16. I want it because its a nexus, but I can’t justify spending this kind of money if I already have the new Moto X..

    I want it though.. But I don’t like the size! But I want it! I love my moto X gen 2! Nexus!!! No.. I don’t need it! 0_o

    1. but you need it. you really do! ;p

      1. Stop it!!!! I don’t need a 6 inch screen and all those amazing shitty specs! I hate this phone so much I’m starting to love it!

        But I did just pay off my credit card :) … No!! But I could sell my moto x 2014 and really just get the nexus 6 for like $200 really… I’m so glad this phone is hard to get.. Makes this easier..

  17. As much as I want this phone, I can’t see myself spending $700ish dollars on it. Congrats to all of those who got in orders though!

  18. I managed to get a blue 32GB and with free zero interest financing for a year what the hell I bought that and cancelled my Google Play order. It says shipping the 26th November.

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