Lollipop on LG G3 revealed in leaked screenshots



Many arms of LG’s mobile division have confirmed that the LG G3 was on track to receive Android 5.0 Lollipop by the end of this year, but in case you needed proof that they were well on their way to meeting those estimates then here it is. Newly leaked screenshots show Android 5.0 in its early stages with a bit of LG’s flavoring sitting on top.

The user interface still employs a pretty heavy dosage of LG influence, though the white-backed notifications and the circular profile icon in the upper right corner show a bit of Google’s Lollipop flair shining through.

The rest is pretty much standard affair, though it’s possible these screenshots could be very early on in the development process and that LG has more to do by the time the official update is scheduled to roll out. If anything, take this as a good sign that they’re set to meet their “end of 2014” schedule for getting the update out for their best flagship smartphone yet.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Ewwww. Way to go LG, you ruined a beautiful thing.

  2. Hope the fix the lag issues and make the os more smooth.

    1. Most of my lag is gone on my tmobile g3. I installed google now launcher and made animations .5x. Almost no lag at all now.

      1. I used launcher and it got rid of my lag on ATT. I just prefer to keep things stock.

        1. To me that is stock. I had oneplus one and nexus 5 before that so i’m used it.

  3. The ICS-style launcher needs to go! And also those statusbar icons!

    1. Yeah, I have a G3, and I thought they would change the tray icons. I don’t see the new Material Design back/home/recent apps icons.

    2. I don’t think this is the lollipop update. It looks just like the current one. I think lg will edit this if it is and make it look more like lollipop.

      1. Let’s hope so…

      2. Completely agree!……I doubt this is the actual update. Almost looks like a step back if anything lol

  4. I love my g3 but this battery is just not lasting as long anymore. I was thinking of selling it and getting the s5 but I guess I’ll wait till lollipop to see if battery improves.

    1. Could always buy a new battery.

      1. It’s not the battery. Phone is only couple months old. Its this 2k screen that drains like a straw on steroids.

        1. yeah i know, i have the g3 as well. I was just referring to your “lasting as long anymore” statement. I assumed it used to last long enough but no longer does.

          1. Yea, i thought it was the battery also but it’s just i use it now as much as I used to use my oneplus and it’s lasting as long as my n5 now and it’s mostly the screen that does it. I use greenify so ive tried a lot. maybe it’s because apps aren’t made for 2k but now that more phones are coming out with 2k it will get better.

          2. Have you tweaked the brightness? I don’t know if you use auto brightness…

          3. I have but I use auto brightness. I use auto on all my phones and this is the worst when it comes to screen on time.

          4. I have not had any problems with lasting the whole day with my G3. You must have something running in the background or you have your screen on a lot more.

          5. Same here, that’s why I asked the brightness question. I have my set at 51%, and I easily get a full day out of mine without super heavy usage.

          6. I actually have my auto brightness set at 100% and I still get a full day out of it from 7 AM to 10 PM.

          7. Like i said, everyone uses their phone differently. I used my opo and z the same way and didn’t have this problem. either way it doesn’t work for me. I’m glad it works for you though cause its a great phone

          8. me too!

          9. thats great but I got tired of going out into daylight and having to mess around to get it to show up the right away. I use auto and that’s how i use all my phones and didn’t have an issue with my opo. I still love my g3 though

          10. Everyone uses their phones differently. I run greenify and also have a wakelock detector just to make sure. It is always the screen. Also, i’m comparing my actual usage to what I do and compared to my oneplus one and the g2 the g3 isn’t that good. It’s better than n5 for sure but lately it’s just not good anymore. And I’m a member of an lg g3 community on google plus and plenty of people are saying the same thing. Over 50% of the time its the screen on time that drains the battery.

          11. agreed!

        2. I have no problem. Heavy use all day and it lasts from 7am to midnight.

          1. Thats great. My opo used to last that long, not so much my g3.

  5. Two thumb down! So glad I got rid of my G3. The UI sucks! Went back to the Nexus 5!

    1. I don’t know about going back to the n5, that’s just a downgrade. You should have sold the g3 and bought the oneplus one which is easy to get on swappa.

      1. Don’t care for the OPO. Wanted the N5 with Lollipop and now just waiting for the Nexus 6 to hit T-Mobile

        1. I loved my opo. Only reason I got rid of it was the size. I was gonna get the n6 but i’d rather get a Note 4 on tmobile since it has unlocked bootloader and I can remove anything I want. But the n6 does look nice. I wish it was just smaller.

    2. I sold my OpO’ made some cash, and bought the G3 :)

  6. Now that I see, it just looks like someone just took screenshots of the current g3 and said they were lollipop. I really hope these are fake because if their not the s5 or oneplus one will be my next phones till the moto maxx is released on tmobile.

  7. Just hold off on updating until some good custom L ROMs start popping up. Bootloader is still unlockable, at least on Verizon. The best is yet to come for this phone.

    1. I would have said the same thing a year ago. I’m just tired of flashing custom roms to get a phone the way I like it. Now I just root and use xposed or just install google now launcher.

  8. nice. Hopefully they do the LG G Pad 8.3 too :)

  9. I love my lg g3:) software isn’t great but tbh I don’t really care because I can just flash something else if I get tired of it!

  10. Not a fan of the white cards

  11. whats up with the home buttons?

    1. Those are the normal g3 buttons? You can also add remove buttons

      1. I know. if this is running L, shouldn’t these screen shots have the new home buttons?

  12. Saw this decided to flash Pac Man ROM until L is released if it’s too buggy or I miss stock I’ll just flash my backup :) Perks of an unlocked bootloader *cough *cough LG!

    1. is this rom on Verizon?
      I want to rom my verizon LG now!! :)

      1. T-mobile :/ Sorry man, I thought you can Bump for Verizon
        Google Bump LG G3 Verizon something should pop up that would point you in the right direction

        1. bump’d. waiting for ‘more’ bumpd roms.

    2. I’m also running pac man rom. so far, so good..

      1. Just flashed it, my Chrome browser isnt full screen though..any ideas?

  13. I’m sorry but , this looks worst than TW

  14. Ew no

  15. Hopefully the lag will be fixed

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