Check your inbox: Nexus Player now shipping and arriving as soon as today



Unlike the Nexus 9 that launched on November 3rd, the Android TV flagship Nexus Player didn’t quite hit its November 3rd shipping estimate for many people. Two Phandroid staffers in particular were told to expect shipment on November 14th, but one of them — developer Steve Albright — was surprised to find out that his order had been updated late last night to show a shipment label. Much to his surprise the shipment is scheduled to arrive as soon as today.

Unfortunately it still appears some orders are in limbo. Derek Ross and Rob Jackson, for instance, still show shipping estimates of November 14th. That said, it’s entirely possible that many orders will be updated today or in the very near future to show that the device has shipped.

Be sure to check your inbox, your Google Play orders or even your doorstep today as there might be a very nice early Christmas gift waiting for your TV. Let us know if you’ve ordered a Nexus Player and whether your order has shipped in the comments below, and be sure to discuss it with many of the other folks waiting for their device over at the Nexus Player section of AndroidForums!


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I ordered within the first hour. Still says leaves warehouse on Nov 14th in play store order status. No emails.

  2. Guessing they got the battery-drain bug fixed on this one………………….. ;-)

    1. The battery life sucks on the ADT-1. I hope they fixed it on the Nexus Player. As soon as you unplug it from the wall, it dies! :P

      1. That’s a damn horrific drain… And even quick charge won’t help. EPIC FAIL!

  3. Can’t wait for Chris’ review.
    I’m also wondering if it’s gonna get on the big store shelves. Kinda not linking paying for shipping when I buy $200 worth of stuff.

    1. Yeah instead you have to pay sales tax.

      1. You pay tax anyway, even if you buy in the Play store

        1. I heard Detroit doesn’t have a sales tax. =.S

  4. When you guys do your review, can you try it with a DLNA server?
    I have a HomeRun TV tuner that advertises itself as a DLNA server on the network, and those live channels I’d like to have as a part of my media library.

    1. silicondust is fixing their tv input apk, which would integrate some of their devices into android tv’s official TV app. silicondust also has their own app, hdhomerun view. But i find it to be really laggy. for dlna, if you side load BubbleUPnP and VLC it should work (like any other android device) but HD channels over wifi could be an issue if using nontransposing tuners like the hdhomerun prime.. could try a usb to ethernet adapter. i dont think dtcp/drm channels would work through dlna though.

      1. Their official app sucks the life out of me. At this point my viewing devices are PCs and WDTV.

  5. I really wish they would add devices and order history to the play store app

  6. “Leaves warehouse by November 14” still.. maybe ship over the weekend?

  7. Mine still says Nov 14th, but they did charge my credit card yesterday… Hopefully that means it goes out sooner.

  8. Now offering $20 in Google Play credits with purchase of the Nexus Player, NICE!!

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