LG G3 gets Lollipop by the end of the year


lg lollipop

LG has come out and laid out plans for Android 5.0 Lollipop on their flagship G3 smartphone. The company’s German Facebook account has revealed that they will be looking to get the update out at some point in the fourth quarter, which is just another way to say by the end of 2014.

Of course, that doesn’t mean anyone and everyone will have the upgrade by then. This is likely the estimate for unlocked versions of the handset. Carrier-specific models will no doubt be subject to a bit of a delay and might stretch the timeline for many of you into 2015.

LG also confirmed plans to bring the upgrade to the LG G2, though they didn’t have a solid date or window of time to commit to — you’ll simply be getting it “later” than the G3 crowd. We haven’t gotten a taste of what Lollipop life on LG’s handsets would be like but we imagine we’ll have a better look as we inch toward the end of the calendar year.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. and we will be lucky getting Lollipop by March 2015 for the US carrier editions….

    1. oh no!!!! 3 extra months without a new OS that looks like the old OS! How will you survive????

      1. Go suck on a Lollipop. Troll.

      2. Calm down lol, I never thought this statement (which came with an educated estimate based on history) could make ppl go insane~ ROFL

      3. Actually: Lollipop looks different. With the new material design it looks a bit different than Kitkat.



    2. damn good estimate. you deserve a thumbs up.

    3. You start thinking that US carries drag their feet with Android updates until you try waiting for a low-cost contract-free carrier in Canada to get new versions of Android. It’s the main reason why I’ve been using Cyanogenmod for a year and a half now.

  2. This thing needs some optimization baaad!

  3. Any idea if the G3/G2 “mini” versions will get Lollipop? I currently have a G Vista, which looks like a stretched out G2 on the outside and a G3 on the inside without Smart Notice, Smart Bulletin or the Health stuff. Seems like it’d be a simple enough thing to push out Lollipop for the G Vista, G3 Vigor, Stylus, Screen and all the other versions once the G3 and G2 versions of Lollipop are out.

    1. g3 on the inside? i dont think you know your phone very well

      1. To clarify, I’m talking about the software of the G3, not the hardware. :)

        1. hardware is a huge part of the update cycle, lower end hardware tends to be ignored plus has to be approved by att

          1. Yep I’m not holding my breath, but it’d be nice. For now, I’ll console myself with all the app updates.

  4. Too bad I am leaving the LG G3. Seeing how Material would look on it would be nice. The UI is too damn hard to get used to.

    1. What’s so hard about the UI? It’s primarily the same as stock Android except for a few LG apps.

      1. The color scheme is pretty ugly. I like Sense’s the most.

    2. Most UI’s are pretty similar now a days… or highly customizable without root. It’s just a matter of if you like their color schemes and stock apps/tricks. I have a g3 and I would the only reason i havent moved to a different launcher is because i love double tap to sleep.

      1. You can double tap the top menu bar to sleep when using 3rd party launchers such as Apex and Nova.

      2. You can turn on some of the touch action things in Nova with another app linked to that action to turn the display off. The end result is double tap to turn off the display when on a home screen in Nova just like the normal home screen. I think the app is called “screen off”. The setting is under “settings and gestures” and then “Double tap” in Nova Settings.

  5. What a time to be alive

    1. Because of cell phones are getting updates? Wow, you need to get out more

      1. need i remind you of the G2X?

  6. Don’t hold your breath on the G2 getting “Lollipop”. LG has a horrible track record. Seems like all they want to do is push newer phones out. I hope I am wrong but look at the past with LG. Optimus G still has great specs and was only updated to 4.1 JB. Better specs than even the 1st Gen Moto X.

    1. The OG got KitKat, but only in Korea. It’s probably more to do with lazy carriers then LG though.

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