Unlocked Sony Xperia Z3 with AT&T / T-Mobile support now available direct from Sony


Sony Xperia Z3 unlocked 3

After becoming officially available in the US late last month courtesy of T-Mobile, today the unlocked version of the Sony Xperia Z3 is now available direct from Sony for $680. It wont come with WiFi Calling (not until Lollipop, perhaps?), but this particular model — D6603 — offers a few key benefits over the T-Mobile version.

Sony Xperia Z3 LTE unlocked

First off, it doesn’t come with any of the typical carrier bloatware you find on Android devices and receives updates straight from Sony (not T-Mobile). Because it’s no subject to carrier approval, this also means it comes with an unlockable bootloader right out of the box. There’s also a wider range of colors to choose from, ranging from white, mint green, copper and black. Oh, and it also supports both AT&T and T-Mobile LTE bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, 17 and 20 (sorry, no 12). The downside?

You can also pay a little extra to take advantage of Sony’s equipment protection plan which will replace the device without a deductible in the event you accidentally damage it. Don’t forget if you sign up with your Sony Rewards account, you can get a handful of points too. For all those interested, you can find the unlocked Sony Xperia Z3 via the link below.

[Unlocked Sony Xperia Z3 from Sony Store]

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  1. If i wasn’t such a nexus fan this phone would be mine.

    1. Same here. If they were to release a GPE version of the Z3, I’d probably get it.

  2. 10% student discount works too, but I think other sources may still be cheaper.

    1. What kind of proof do you need to show that you’re a student?

      1. If I remember correctly, you may need a student email address. I’ve been on there as a student for 3 years so they may have changed the requirements. Not certain.

        Otherwise, I’d say keep searching eBay for the D6603. I scored mine right after it hit on there for $599 with free shipping + $12 back in eBay bucks. If you are signed up for eBay bucks and get promotional offers, they’re offering up to 10% back this weekend select purchases.

        1. Yeah I am a student and it just asked for email address and then verify. It took $68 off which makes price ok.

          1. That is decent, but then you have to add in taxes.

          2. They charge tax? Lol
            I mean I already own the dual Sim version I bought a month ago so not my problem haha

          3. Yes! Sony’s online store charges sales tax. I bought a Vaio Pro and RX100/B within the last couple of years on there.

  3. It says no band 12. Is it important?

    1. For T-Mobile customers like myself…YES…It is important because Band 12 is 700MHz which TMo is rolling out next year because TMo is notorious for not having great building penetration coverage and 700MHz will alleviate that and it will bring TMo on par with the so-called Big Boys (VZ and AT&T)

      1. Interesting…Thanks! So we should see improvements in buildings in the near future. I know that T-Mobile’s version of Xperia Z3 does have Wi-Fi Calling, but:
        1) This article also mentions that Wi-Fi Calling may come with Android 5, to an unlocked version, any ideas if that could be true/correct?
        2) Any ideas if VoLTE will also be enabled or supported in Z3?

        1. Hey AC…For question 1 if that is the case then that would trump TMo as the only carrier to have/support Wifi Calling natively…As for question 2 –> YES :) that is true with all the new flagship phones coming out (GN4, GNE, GN3, HTC, Nexus, LG, etc…)

          1. I recently read somewhere that Nexus 6 may be updated by T-Mobile to have Wi-Fi calling. That is interesting to see because Google usually updates Nexus line. Thanks for your help.

  4. i had the tmobile version for a week and return it because of band 12, i noticed that with my galaxy avant i get a lot better LTE signal, and more signal over all, found out the hard way that the z3 was lacking the band 12 and that was it for me.

    1. The T-mobile specific Z3 is suppose to have band 12?


      According to white paper it does as T-Mobile one is D6616

      1. my bad i meant 850 LTE, i got confused with ban 12, sorry about that!

        1. What are you talking about…

        2. I’m not understanding. Are you not on t mobile. Any branded phone should have all your bands? 850 isn’t LTE I don’t think. Idk

          1. tmobile lte spectrum are on the 700, 850, 1700, 1900 and the z3 only work on the 700, 1700 and 1900 so is lacking the 850.


          2. that isn’t the most reliable source. I’m pretty sure 850 MHZ is only GSM and 3G which z3 has.
            but I have ATT so maybe im uniformed but i googled 850 band lte for t mobile and dont see anything saying it uses it for LTE

          3. its also printed on my avant original box. 850 is band 1 lte, if i am not mistaken.

  5. Yeah read about the unlock a couple a days ago, so does the compact.
    The fantastic Z3 has a water leak in the lower left hand corner too.
    Glad I went with the Z3v, sealed tight as a drum.
    Oh and (Z3) has light bleeding around the edges of the screen.

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