Moto X 2014 leaks with Android 5.0 Lollipop, includes updated camera software


Moto X 2014 DSC07009

This time last year, the 2013 Motorola Moto X was the very first phone to receive the Android 4.4 KitKat update, which just so happened to beat Google’s own Nexus 4. Thanks to images and information we’ve obtained, it seems highly likely that Motorola is on track for another speedy upgrade, this time with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

While heavily redacted by us to protect our sources anonymity, we can still see from the Moto X’s 2014 About phone page that it is indeed a Moto X running Android 5.0. While we can’t publish which carrier these screenshot came from, the baseband version, or the full kernel information, we are able to reveal that the build running on this phone was completed about a week ago and has been making the rounds on test devices since then.

You’ll notice that at least on this build, the Moto X still sports the KitKat mobile connection bars instead of a solid icon displayed on Lollipop builds for the Nexus 5 or on the Nexus 6. That’s slightly disappointing that Motorola or possibly this variant decided to forgo the updated iconography, however this isn’t uncharacteristic of Motorola. Last year’s Android 4.4 KitKat update included the old styled GPS icon at first, which was eventually updated to use the newer location icon in a later OTA. That said, this is still an internal test build and changes can always be made.

As for the drop down toggles, Chromecast owners rejoice, you’ll soon be able to cast your phones screen directly onto your television. There’s also a flashlight toggle, which is wonderful news seeing as all the rage today just so happens to be centered around flashlight applications with an insane amount of unneeded permissions.

If you’re curious whether or not Motorola opted to use Android 5.0 Lollipop’s built in ambient display and voice actions instead of their own software, you’ll be happy to know that the information provided to us points to Motorola still using their own customized software that you’ve all come to know and love.

Motorola’s camera software seems to have added some minor changes and at least one additional feature. Absent from both the Moto X 2013 and Moto X 2014 is the ability to set a camera shutter timer. The Android 5.0 update seems to add a timer that can be configured for 3 or 10 seconds. And last but not least, those with hawk like eyes might have noticed that the camera icons have been tweaked ever so slightly from their KitKat versions. There’s no word on improved camera quality, however we’re hopeful after learning what Lollipop’s camera API’s can do.

Our sources weren’t able to confirm a release date as the build is still being tested internally, but if you’re a member of the Motorola Feedback Network, we suggest your keep your eyes on your Inbox.

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  1. Ugh. So much teal (or it is aqua?). Why does that have to be the accent color for Lollipop :/

      1. Because of good reasons. It’s a very nice subtle accent and it looks alot better than florescent colors found in a preschool marker coloring book

        1. Florescent colors are also found all over TouchWiz.

        2. And those florescents are only one step better than the pastels found in modern apple stuff (and some heavily skinned Android stuff)

    1. Mint’s my favorite color. if I could have made a mint Moto X this year, I probably would have.
      (my point was to call it “mint” vs teal and aqua which sound less pleasant)

    2. I’m going to put it in battery save to get some orange!

    3. I agree…they need to add the option to change the color scheme. They also need to make it so you can change the full theme of the OS. This would a great way to allow people to dump Touchwiz or Sense if they wanted to.

    4. Because racecar?

      *Edit: damn, wrong crowd

  2. I thought the Nexus 5 was the first phone to have KitKat?

    1. I think they mean update wise (vs launching with it)

      1. Correct. The Verizon Moto X was the first phone to receive the KitKat OTA update while the Nexus 5 launched with it.

    2. Nexus 4 also had KK through factory images even though the ITA came about the same time as the Moto X.

      1. Moto X received Kit Kat OTA before Nexus 4.

        1. Nexus 4 OTA started rolling out on November 19th but factory images were available well before that.


          Verizon Moto X started the same day.


          1. Moto X received Kit Kat OTA before Nexus 4.

          2. They both started receiving it the same day, November 19th. Factory images for the Nexus 4 were available a week or two before that though.

          3. The same day yes, but about 12 hours a part. I had the Verizon Moto X. I had KitKat before any Nexus 4 OTA was announced. Plus, as a soak test user, I had it sooner.

            Factory images were available on November 14, but that is not the same as an update, the way the vast majority of users receive their updates.

  3. I suppose they meant “upgraded to KitKat” . Remember, N5 came out with already KitKat preinstalled

  4. Damn looks like Motorola is going to beat everyone to the punch. I wanna see what HTC is going to do with Android 5.0 cause Samsung already has mean SMH!

  5. Will Moto beat Nvidia? Will they beat Google again? I like that this is a thing now, versus years ago hoping your device might get an upgrade a year later

    1. Moto X will have it before Nexus 5.

      1. Nexus 5 is getting it next week, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

        1. Right. You shouldn’t hold your breath either, like Nexus 4 owners did last year.

    2. It does feel like manufacturers are finally starting to understand that this is important to a fair amount of people and moving it up on their priority list.

      1. I have the same feeling, but if you look beyond the high-end market, you’ll see that only Moto & Google (with Android One) update all phones including the low-end ones

  6. We’re reminded once again one of the many reasons that Moto is awesome.

  7. Hmm. The About menu shows 7 lines per screen, KitKat shows 8, previous versions showed 9… next will be 6, 5, 4, 3… why do they keep adding so much space to everything, especially when screen sizes get bigger? I feel like we’ll be using Fisher-Price phones next version.

    1. Looks like they’ve removed some entries from this screen…. Like the legal one. Probably then spaced it out so it takes up one screen instead of having empty space on the bottom.

      1. It’s not what they removed, if you compare any Lollipop settings screen from any KitKat/Ice Cream Sandwich screen, there are less lines of text per top/bottom space on the screen. Google keeps padding the lines for some reason; it’s nonsensical and makes things less useful (less at-a-glance info, more scrolling) especially when screen sizes are getting bigger. I don’t want Duplo info, I want as much info on the screen as I can get. Why? Less work, easier access. Argue for more useless spacing all you want.

  8. So far none of the blogs have reported about the soak test. I’m guessing that the longer it takes for them to drop the update, the more likely the soak test is L and not just a bands update.

  9. Please, please make the carrier icon drop when Wi-Fi is connected. I’m begging you.

    1. Me too. The worst part is its carrier specific so probably won’t happen. My Verizon one does it but my gf’s sprint version does not

      1. What? My Verizon Moto X doesn’t. If you boot into WiFi, it doesn’t show up, but once you go on 3G/4G, the icon will stick.

  10. My Moto G got the 4.4.4 before my friend’s Moto X.

  11. when moto x 1st Gen. (INDIA) get the Lollipop update?
    i know there is no specific date but any Idea in how many days or week so?

  12. Speaking for myself, Motorola is one of the best smartphone’s maker right now: it’s really focus in the quality of the products and it pays attention on the consumer!

  13. Interesting they kept the overall 5.0 look, but left the 4.4.x signal icon line breaks in. That’s one of the better looks I’ve gotten used to. The all white solid signal icons.

    1. They’re probably fix it just like last year and as I mentioned, this wasn’t a final build. There’s still time.

    2. this is far from final build…im sure thats the last of their concerns prob easiest of all changes

  14. now get this baby ready for my og moto x

  15. I just have to point out that this build is running an old kernal of 3.4 while newer phones like the droid turbo are running on kernal 3.10. So this is most likely not a final build, but hopefully it is close.

    1. 3.10 is only shipping on Snapdragon 805 and a few Exynos devices out of the box. They won’t bother using 3.10 on older SoCs given that the kernel 3.4 support life cycle has just been extended to 2016.

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