T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z3 now available for purchase, comes with 6 free movie downloads


Sony Xperia Z3 T-Mobile

After pre-orders for the Sony Xperia Z3 opened up almost 2 weeks ago, starting today, you can finally pick one up at T-Mobile. It’s arguably one of the best “pocketable” smartphones you can buy this year and while you wont be able to pick up a free copy of DriveClub (pre-orders only), you can rest assured knowing the phone is all yours for $0 down and only $26 a month over the course of 2 years.

Of course, many of those who pre-ordered are already enjoying the phone since last week, but for everyone else, here’s what you can expect out of the Xperia Z3 on the hardware side of things:

  • 5.2-inch 1080p display
  • 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage (with micro SD card slot)
  • 20.7MP camera
  • Front facing stereo speakers
  • 3,100mAh battery with up to 2 days battery life
  • IP68 water/dust proof

As far as media, Sony is throwing in 6 free movie downloads which includes: 22 Jump Street, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Captain Phillips, 30th Year Anniversary Edition of Ghostbusters, and Moneyball. All that just for buying the Xperia Z3.

The phone is already available for purchase online, but you may want to call your local retail store ahead of time to make sure they have stock. While today probably wasn’t the best time to launch a new smartphone given all the Nexus 6 hype, we have a feeling the Sony Xperia Z3 will do just fine for itself on T-Mobile.


[Sony Xperia Z3 on T-Mobile.com]

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  1. Jealous that TM got the “real” Z3 and not the “fake” one VZW got.

    1. I’m on AT&T and jealous of both

      1. Just buy the D6603. Works perfectly on AT&T.

        1. Except that D6603 is like $750 on ebay lol

          1. $650, ask me how I know :) which is the same price if you buy it at T-Mobile.

          2. Picked my D6603 up on eBay for less than $600 on an eBay Daily Deal 12 days ago. Got it last Wednesday (since ordered late on a Friday and shipped following Monday) and have been enjoying it since. Have twice gotten two days out of the battery on Cricket with over 3 hours of screen on time.

        2. Yeah but kinda broke right now.
          oh well my Z2 is not much different
          (Still jealous)lol

    2. Meh the VZN one is just as good

      1. Uh no… not really.

        Z3v has different screen (Z2), different body (Z2 – thicker and heavier and less rounded), different camera, plastic and not premium materials as the true Z3.

        The VZW is more of a Z2 than a Z3.

        1. I can ‘t endure this any longer but I bet I can conquer this one. The Z3v is superior in screen, camera, and design By Endurance We Conquer (Repeat Cause I Don’t Really Know) is way off base the Z3v is better in most respects don’t know why this keyboard junky has taken on the task of slamming the Z3v. Are they just mad that they can”t get one?

    3. My wife and I both got a Z3v for less than $648 for the pair to the door, JEALOUS, endurance is conquered? Or is that conquer has no endurance, or can’t conquer because have no endurance?


  2. Mine is waiting for me at home. Can’t wait. And I left Sprint for this.

  3. I may just have to give this a shot ,Samsung same old song and dance is getting boring , Nexus is well a Nexus , never disappoint , but this looks pretty good if it had the 805 in it I would probably on my way down to the store , but having last years technology errrrrrr , well let’s see how the whole nexus 6 debacle play’s out ………….

  4. locked bootloader
    makes me not want
    I dont want it
    I dont WANT IT
    I DONT WANT IT!!!!
    i really want it ….crap

    1. I’m too lazy to find the link but root breaks the camera on this one, I am buying it for waterproof and camera mainly and ruining the camera with root is just not worth it. I am over crack flashing ROMs. I been stock on my M8 after taking the latest update. I was not even using root apps any more so no need. Android is really coming along nicely. No need for lots of apps I use to use. T-Mo crapware is also at a minimal now and you can disable what you do not want in Android now too.

      1. Yes boot loader unlock kills your drm, I didn’t care about the low light that much not to unlock tho. To strip tmo bloat i would flash a ftf file from a generic ver. I just like having root.it is my device I will use it as such desired

  5. Wish they got the Compact in store.

  6. I think I’ll be leaving VZW for this one.

    1. I did! Ordered mine last Saturday but they said it was backordered.

  7. Would trade in my G3 for this but I have to wait a few more months to be able to jump.

  8. its feels great and everything in the hand. there is only one issue…the bezel size of the thing! coming from a lg g2 its hard to justify any phone purchase with big bezels. the camera and everything else seemed to be really smooth however.

    if t-mobile had the z3 compact in store i most likely would have bought it today.

    1. You’ve got to fit those front facing stereo speakers somewhere. I’m loving my Z3!

  9. Getting this over the rest.

  10. Got mine and LOVE IT!

  11. I currently have the LG G3 and love it, however I don’t keep phones that long. I wanted the Nexus 6 so bad but since Google doesn’t seem to want to sell me one or AT&T which I would prefer so I can use Next.

    I’m thinking hard of buying the Z3 off contract and testing T-mobile in my area which use to be horrible but they now have LTE and seeing how it goes. The only thing that scares me is those bezels also. I previously owned a HTC One M7 and M8 but these look worse for some reason to me. I believe it’s the shape of the phone and I’m worried Sony will never update this thing and I’ve heard mixed reviews on the screen. The Z2 looked super washed out to me.

    1. I’m a very recent convert to tmobile and this phone. I’m glad I got both.

  12. Is this just with the T-Mobile version?

  13. I’ve got the m8 and while it’s great, it to has flaws. The m8 camera sucks. And the lens or glass that protects the lens scuffs up permanently. Your photos are always blurry..
    I like the z3’s style even though it’s a bit square/rectangular with large bezels top and bottom. If the m8 can tone the bezels down Sony can as well. I’m into great cameras and speakers on my device. M8 has the great sound but bad camera. Sony has the better camera and pretty much just as good If not equal sound with a better walkman app! I want to jump to the z3 and probably will just gotta get to the half way mark on my m8 eip pymts. I’ve got 2 hundo to go. Jump is only good if you want to up grade often fyi.

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