Rite Aid and CVS give Apple Pay and Google Wallet the shaft, purportedly to push their own technology


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Even the most rabid of Android fans should be able to appreciate Apple Pay. Say what you want about Google doing it first, but nothing can quite wake the public up to new technology like Apple finally getting on-board. The advent of Apple Pay in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ opened the floodgates for NFC-based point-of-sale solutions across the nation. Not all of it has been roses, though, as two of the biggest retailers who used to support contact-less payments are about to pull out.

Rite Aid and CVS have both confirmed that they are no longer allowing NFC payments in their retail stores. The two companies have allowed NFC payments for quite some time, though it was mainly to satiate the tap-and-pay features present in many modern debit and credit cards. It just so happens that they also worked with Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Unfortunately company representatives haven’t given a clear reason as to why they’ve denied NFC payments, but one suggestion is that it’s due to a consortium of retailers — dubbed the Merchant Customer Exchange — coming together to create their own payments solution. Rite Aid and CVS are part of said consortium.

The solution proposed by the consortium, which is due at some point in 2015, is said to use QR barcodes instead of NFC, a very cumbersome way of dealing with payments compared to the simple tap of a phone. Apparently no one in the Merchant Customer Exchange realized 2008 has long passed us by and QR codes are no longer cool (though they are still useful for many other needs and situations).

To be fair, their solution does solve the problem of accessibility for many folks as NFC is not available in all phones or tablets, though even the most affordable devices are beginning to be loaded up with NFC these days and it won’t be long before it becomes as necessary as GPS or Bluetooth.

So who else is part of this consortium that might be looking to make similar moves in the near future? Here’s a list of partner merchants as per the consortium’s website:

  • Sheetz
  • Shell
  • Acme Fresh Market
  • CVS
  • Alon
  • Bahama Breeze
  • Banana Republic
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Best Buy
  • BuyBuy Baby
  • The Capital Grille
  • Chili’s
  • Walmart
  • ShopRite
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Sunoco
  • Target
  • Wawa
  • Wendy’s
  • Yard House
  • Christmas Tree Shops
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Conoco
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Dillard’s
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Gap
  • GetGo
  • Eddie V’s
  • Face Values
  • Giant Eagle
  • HMS Host
  • Hobby Lobby
  • HyVee
  • K-Mart
  • Kohl’s
  • Kum & Go
  • Longhorn Steakhouse
  • Lowe’s
  • Maggiano’s
  • Meijer
  • Michaels
  • My Goods Market
  • Old Navy
  • Olive Garden
  • Phillips 66
  • Price Rite
  • Publix
  • QuikTrip
  • RaceTrac
  • RiteAid
  • Sam’s Club
  • Sears

Whew, that’s a long list, and there aren’t many ticky-tack names on it either — these are major nationwide retailers with big names. It’s not clear if all of these guys will be looking to make similar moves in the weeks or months to come, but CVS and Rite Aid’s swift actions don’t give us any comfort.

It really is a shame that business comes before consumer freedom, and it’ll be up to each individual to decide if this move by CVS and Rite Aid is enough to steer them to different stores (such as their largest competitor Walgreens). Let us know how you feel about this in the comments below.

[via CNBC]

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  1. lol these big business is giving the finger to serives that allows easier pay…..maybe google and apple should have did more reaching out to these companies to garuntee the servies would take off without hiccups

    1. I have used Google Wallet for years. It’s a fun novelty, but not easier, or quicker than swiping.

      1. You make some good points Tim, but can you chill with all the individual comments, you are blowing up my inbox, also sometimes it is quicker especially if have your phone out already taking or listening to music, plus it means someone could jog to a store with just their phone

  2. Just check the Google Play reviews for this boondoggle… that’s as far as one needs to look to know what’s up.

    The fact that CurrentC is only going to allow private label credit cards (*no* standard issue cards, such as Chase Freedom) should be enough to tip their hand. This is pro-big business profit first and foremost.

  3. so boycott? letters? lets ask the gamer gate crowd, they are getting stuff done

    1. If by “getting stuff done” you mean harassing and threatening people, then yes they’re quite successful.

      1. No I mean getting advertising stripped from sites that was pushing an agenda they didn’t agree with using their power as a consumer. I dont know why you think they are harrasing people.

        1. I really hope you’re kidding. Or saying that because you’re afraid of retribution.

          1. what retribution? From who? For what reason?

        2. They put out several death threats. They are trash..

          1. On who? When? I know I hadn’t made death threats on anyone, and I dont feel like I am trash. Can you show me the death threats? Ignore that I am not here for #gamergate talking points, you really cared about what their camp was doing you would seek it out and see

          2. Tell that to Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian who had to flee their homes because of the death threats from gamergate creeps. And tell that to Felicia Day, who’s scared when she sees gamers on the street now because it could be one of you gamergate creeps coming to beat/rape/kill her for having the audacity to be a female gamer with opinions of her own.

            You (and I’m sure most gamergate people) may not have participated in this crap, but you haven’t put a stop to it either, or even said it’s wrong.

          3. 1 she was harassed by trolls and stopped being the focus very fast, she continued to lie and draw attention to herself. only her narrative mattered on the subject let’s ignore she did what she did(sabatoged the contest) the sex thing was a moot point and not why gamer gate is a thing a catalyst yes.

            2. sarkesssian is a con artists with a good message but is a professional victim as well. she also shoehorned a narrative that people spoke out against, again trolls will troll

            3 don’t know who that is can’t comment

            4 this movement has no leaders, and governs itself many speak out against the abuse and troll, but like rad FEMs MRA militants every movement has idiots. remember there is no leader. for a movement with such bad press why is it working, why are people getting fired ads revenue being pulled. why is #notyoursheild a thing why are so many different people apart of the movement. maybe it isn’t as terrible as people make it seem.

          4. This is why gamergate is a fail. You say you’re about ending the incestuous relationship between game companies and the gaming press, but in reality it’s about misogny. Women with opinions are all liars and whores according to you. Threatening these woman is just harmless “trolling” according to you. Get out of your basement and grow up.

            All most of the public knows about gamergate is the threats against women, not the good stuff gamergate does, thus it’s a fail.

          5. “This is why gamergate is a fail you say you’re about ending the incestuous relationship between game companies and the gaming press”

            Which we are doing successfully by the way.

            “but in reality it’s about misogny. Women with opinions are all liars and whores according to you.” according to me zoe quinn really tried to sabotage a contest trying to push forward women in gaming, her sex life is a moot point to me. sarkeesian is a con-artist with a good message.

            Trolling is what it is, only as harmful as you let it be to you, never said it was harmless.

            and what the public knows has been fed to them, yet the movement is growing and working.

            no one on the side of gamergate has been seen on the news no major supporter, one narrative has been put forth. no opposing view points. some people see that and dig themselves.

            How is success failing?

            Also I haven’t lived in a basement since I was 17,

          6. Succuss is failing when all most people know about your movement is that you threaten and harass women.

          7. public opinion hardly matters in most things, it isnt a popularity contest. We have a goal and we are accomplishing that goal. people can have the wrong idea all they want, doesn’t change the goal or how successful. High school was a long time ago #gamergate isnt trying to be Prom King

          8. Your ability to accomplish your goals depends in large part on having the support of the public (or at least fellow gamers) on your side. Your tactics dictate that no one supports you, thus your successes will always be limited.

            And it isn’t a matter “trying to be Prom King.” It’s a matter of being decent human beings. If you threaten and harass people to accomplish your goals, you are not decent human beings. Period.

          9. If you threaten and harass people to accomplish your goals, you are not decent human beings. Period. good thing we don’t use those tactics

            “Your tactics dictate that no one supports you, thus your successes will always be limited.” The tactic of attacking the source and not supporting places we dont agree with to the point they are losing money and site traffic? what tactic should be employed

            “Your ability to accomplish your goals depends in large part on having the support of the public (or at least fellow gamers) on your side.”
            Good thing we have that in spades.

          10. “good thing we don’t use those tactics”

            Again, tell that to Zoe Quinn, Anita Saskeesian, Felicia Day, and anybody else you’ve doxxed and threatened.

            I had never heard of Zoe Quinn before gamergate, nor had I heard of her game. Because of this conversation, I’m seriously considering buying her game. Which is another example of your failures, you target (female) indie developers only, while not saying a peep the big game companies like EA and Activision that screw us over on a daily basis.

            Let’s look at you actual successes. You got a couple of gaming magazines to change their fraternization rules. Good, but a very minor thing. And you got Intel to drop advertising on a particular gaming site, not because of the site’s practices, but because they published an article critical of gamergate itself, which is exactly the kind of censorship you purport to be against. And by the way, Intel is reconsidering. Meanwhile, the big game companies continue to make billions, continue to buy good reviews, continue to release games filled with bugs, continue to layoff developers the second games are released, and continue to ask gamers to bend over and buy their latest craptastic games. And gamers continue to buy them. Meanwhile, you’re driving females who love gaming out of the industry and away from playing games. Real successful you are (sarcasm if you’re too dense).

          11. you probably won’t watch it but maybe you will. go ahead and buy it won’t make you a better or worst person. I never found it fun. feel free to attack me personally I don’t mind

          12. Hilarious video. Gamergate losers threaten, harass, and humiliate people they disagree with, then have the gall to say people who call them out for it can’t have a reasoned conversation (which is exactly what we’re doing by the way). In the video, they show a thing that says “I support gamergate”, “I condemn personal attacks” and “I support women in gaming”. Why aren’t you guys featuring that more prominantly, and actually doing something about your cohorts who engage in personal attacks and misogny? If you’re against personal attacks, why haven’t you stopped the personal attacks? If you support women in gaming, what are you doing to support women in gaming?

          13. its a movement without leaders, so its policed by our own morals, I can’t condemn the ones who are abusive anymore than I can we acknowledge they exsist and hope that isn’t all people see, what could we do? what can tea party members do about radicals rather than say that isn’t what we stand for. what can democrats do when a militant group gets loud besides saying that isn’t what we are about. femenist who have to deal with all men and sex is evil I’m their movement other than distance themselves. we do that. as for the support women in gaming Vivian James is the character /v/ created after it donated a great deal to crowd sourced project that goal was getting girls more interested in gaming
            plenty were upset they accepted the donation from the cathedral of mysongnist. females aren’t the only ones targeted gamergate not by a long shot everyone is who supports the corrupted system. I can tell by watching just that vid you have better idea of what it really is about. because now you aren’t telling me what I am you are asking me legit questions

          14. You are a member of a group (regardless of whether it has leaders) that advocates threats and violence. If you do not speak out against it, you are tacidly supporting it. If the group continues to behave immorally, it’s up to either change it from the inside or leave the group and find or start another that doesn’t use threat of violence to achieve its goals, if you don’t you are just as immoral as the group.

            As for Vivian James, yes it’s a good step. But it’s a long way from repairing the harm it has caused women in the gaming industry and women gamers. Felicia Day wrote about scary things have gotten (and didn’t mention gamergate specifically) and no gave no opinion of gamergate at all. How did you guys respond? She was doxxed and threatened. Just for saying she was scared (apparently she was right to be scared). I’ll let you in on why you’ve touched a nerve with me. The other day I was reading a news article that had nothing at all to do with games, on a news website that has nothing to do with games. In the comments, someone using the gamergate tag, posted a (heavily edited to make her look like an idiot) piece of Felcicia’s blog post, followed by her address and various other personal details. The responses to the comments (all with gamergate hashtags) were NOT “hey, that’s not cool” or “hey, that’s not what she said”, they were “she needs to raped” and “she needs to be maimed to the point that she’ll never act again”. That is what your cohorts are doing. If you’re not trying to stop it, you’re part of the problem. 50 Vivian James’ don’t undo that crap.

            As for the gaming press, why are you guys still reading that crap? As your video points out, most gamers (myself included) stopped reading gaming magazines years ago, for the very reason that their reviews are bought. If you stop reading them, they’ll cease to exist quickly enough. Start you own gaming news site with unbiased reviews and people will read it. Those are far better ways of solviing the problem than threats and harassment.

            I’ve leave you with this (corny but true): you’ll get further in life with love and respect than you ever will with hate and violence.

          15. I am glad you see this isn’t a hate movement against women, and maybe you can see on both side there is wickedness, on both sides smoke and mirrors . WE do speak out against the abuse as a group, we do condemn it, but no one is forced to do anything, people will be people. if you don’t see us condemning the abuses, you are looking in the wrong places. without a leader someone to be accountable for the group it means nothing to the anit GG crowd who is in control of the media and the narrative , we are all Spartacus we are all the leaders, we are all accountable for ourselves, Just read her blog post and it was about gamer gate and how it makes her afraid to walk the streets, which made her a target for trolls, I wonder if it can even be traced back to real gamergate supporters we could use some proof.

            I will refuse to dilute the goals of gamergate with my own personal narrative, sounds like the atheist+ movement we all know how that went

    2. I say we sit back and let 4chan and Anonymous sort these jerks out.

  4. That’s why I never started using the service to begin with, any time money is involved they’re gonna be cutting deals left and right. I’ll just use my trusty plastic and rack up my rewards points.

  5. If they pushed chips on credit and debit cards in the US like they have in Europe we’d all be better off anyway.

    I really dont mind lifting out my extremely heavy credit card and swiping the machine and tapping in a few numbers, it’s not exactly physically draining to me.

    1. Don’t quote me on it but I believe pin and chip cards willl be mandatory by October 2015.

      1. Yeah I think you’re right, but it’s close to 10 years too late. The Target and Home Depot card number P.O.S. fiascos would not have happened with them.

      2. I just got a letter from one of my credit card companies saying I’ll be getting a new card soon with the chip.

        1. I have bad news it’s not going to mandatory anytime in 2015 or soon. All my Cards have been in the last year due to various hacks. And they have been replaced with and signature cards, not pin and chip. It’s a bullshit stop gap half measure, because retailers don’t want to spend on pin and chip machines. plus I’ve yet to see a retailer that uses pins anyways. If you are sliding your card it’s not using the chip, chips only get used when you insert cards

          1. Almost every retailer arround here that i have looked to see if they can even take NFC, even if they don’t accept it, supports Chip and Pin. I live near Kansas City. Though Chip and pin is also broken.

          2. Never seen a retailer that doesn’t use pins. Wow. That’s f&$king shocking (not being sarcastic or trolling, btw).

      3. Nope. PIN and signature.

      4. Don’t quote me on it but I’m pretty sure the financial regulation in the US has messed up yet again by not making pin and chip cards mandatory way before Oct 2015.

  6. Nfc it’s the future, currentc companies will be on the wrong side of history of they stick with a qr based system

    1. Does it really matter?

  7. Far as I know Apple Pay (idk if Wallet) doesn’t allow the company to get customer information AND doesn’t give them some parts of the fees. Essentially it comes down to money. So in the end it’s good that Apple joined up and added some retail locations, but we’re losing a few in the process.

    1. Apple Pay and Google Wallet both work by using MasterCard’s PayPass. To the merchant, it looks like a MasterCard PayPass Debit card.

      The fees generally go to the card companies and processing companies, not the merchants, and that is what is driving the change to CurrentC. CurrentC only uses ACH or store-managed cards, so they don’t loose the 1 – 2.9% in transaction fees that they do with Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover/etc.

      1. And the customer loses all the consumer protections that come along with using a credit card. If a data breach means your checking account gets drained 2 days before your mortgage payment is due you are completely screwed unless your bank is merciful (they are so known for that)

    2. Apple Pay has not created any new NFC merchants…it’s the same shitty places as we’ve had for years.

  8. So if these retailers think I’m going to nix Wallet (which I use) in favor of another program they’re crazy. I’ll just pull out my card. They all already have membership numbers and cards as it is. I don’t need another form of payment pushed on me.

  9. “Apparently no one in the Merchant Customer Exchange realized 2008 has long passed us by and QR codes are no longer cool”
    Haha! Nailed it.
    I guess nobody there got the memo – customers will switch from credit cards when using their phone is actually easier. Not harder.

  10. Walgreens is just across the street here. Bye Bye CVS and Rite Aid.

  11. I know CVS already did it. I purchased something successfully last Tuesday with Google Wallet but it failed last night. I guess it’s off to Walgreens

  12. The CurrentC app in the Play Store (which is what cvs and rite aid will be using) has been flooded with 1 star reviews.
    As of a minute ago 1,050 out of 1,073 reviews are 1 star.

    1. That’s nothing to be proud of. It’s proof that the internet has created nacissistic assholes.

      1. It wasn’t the internet that did it. It only helped speed the process.

      2. The effects of the Internet in people’s online behaviour are irrelevant if the app really sucks and if it a rated accordingly.

        1. You don’t know if it sucks, it is invitation only to use it at this time. The people that have actually used it rated it well. Next.

          1. And you got invited, I’m guessing? Must be the first time you’ve been invited to do anything remotely enjoyable. Your wonderful “next” comment clearly shows that you get along with people very well.

  13. Uh so we are going to need like 20 different pay apps? 1 for each business? Yeah, like i am going to get a Chilis payment app. Please, the concept is borderline retarded.

    These companies are not tech companies. they need to stick to what they do and let a tech company make a singular ubiquitous payment app like Wallet and just get on board.

  14. This is one thing android and apple users can unite on.. Laughing our asses off when this crappy QR pay system flops.

    1. Its not even the qr that’s bad, its the whole system and how it works. Their system requires you to use a bank account or apply for one of their own cards so that they can track your purchases. Not to mention they want your social number and drivers license number. Its just not secure.

    2. Tech fans unite!

  15. I’m boycotting CVS and Rite Aid until they realize that their customers’ ease of shopping is more important than a few extra cents per CC transaction.

    1. Times that extra 2¢-3¢ by a million each day

      1. It’s not that we don’t want them to make money, it’s just that they can reconsider their position in order to avoid possible widescale customer backlash. You know, the way companies that actually realise their customers fork over money to them already do?

    2. Google wallet is the only reason I go to cvs. When I go on break at work cvs is right there and vons so I buy my drinks at cvs now I have no reason to go in there. Well I start my new job on Sunday any they have nfc vending machines so I should be good

    3. I was digging that CVS stopped selling tobacco products, but back to Walgreens I go. I have Google Wallet on my phone and it has NFC, I don’t use it (NFC is off, and no cards stored in GW) but wanted me to use their non existent payment system in lieu of that exists and works, is enough to show me that they just don’t want my business. Funny, I am not surprised to see Target on the list, I have refused to step inside a Target store for the past 14 years.

      1. Target is also supporting apple pay, they are doing both.

  16. When you go in just grab what you need and grab random stuff and throw it in the cart. Then when you go to check out tell them you want two separate transactions. The first one pay with credit/cash the second one with random stuff use your NFC payment. When they tell you they don’t accept it just tell them ok nevermind cancel. Grab your stuff and be on your way :D after a few thousand cancellations maybe they’ll realize it’s better to just accept the payment while they work on their technology then to try to punish everyone. Having had been someone in line who had to wait for someone to grab their wallet or cancel their items I can tell you it’s irritating as hell. Just accept the damn payment and be done with it.

    1. So…be an a-hole to the worker making $8/HR to make a point about a corporate decision they probably don’t even know about? Makes sense.

      Don’t be that guy.

      Speak with your wallet, don’t buy from them. Write the company, post on social media, tell all your friends etc. but don’t be that guy.

      1. There’s a reason why people complain about retail customer service. It’s because most of the people working in that field are paid breadcrumbs to put up with some of the worst aspects of humanity with very little hope of advancement or reward even if you try to do your job well. Bear that in mind next time anyone feels like telling a retail employee that he/she sucks and that the whole company sucks too. Bad management and indifference by a select few people in a company who can actually affect major changes for the better is the real problem.

        1. My same point? Not sure who you’re replying to here.

    2. That sounds like something a bratty iOS user would do. I guess assholes exist on both platforms.

  17. If anyone cares, I called CVS customer care and they also stopped ISIS payments, as well.

    1. Not ISIS!!

    2. They disabled their NFC readers.

    3. Yes, nfc stops everyone that has nfc payments.

    4. Well I am glad to hear that ISIS was finally stopped.

  18. This is not only selfish, but a moronic business decision in my opinion. The more options the customers have the better – customers want to use their current systems. These stores should have made a push on the back-end and negotiated something with Apple / Google. Instead of inconveniencing their customers.

  19. Enjoy NFC market suicide, fools.

  20. Because QR codes are securely encrypted, amirite? Unless I missed something obvious.

    1. They are supposedly 1-time codes/tokens, so if someone captures it remotely, they have to turn around and use it faster than you.

      1. Okay, I see now. Still, QR codes vs tap-to-pay. We’ll see how easy it is, I guess.

        1. The qr thing is not the point. Its the way that their qr system will work. Their system will require a bank account or one of their merchant cards to avoid any fees. On top of that they require your social security number and drivers license number and they can sell your shopping habits between each of the companies.

        2. Here is the main difference, qr codes work well except with the currentc system you have to unlock your phone if you lock it, open the app and enter your password or pin or whatever they will use and then either scan a qr code that the store shows you or let them scan your code of your phone, then you have to wait for confirmation that you have enough funds then it goes through. With nfc payments all you do is tap and either enter pin or scan fingerprint. Wait around 2 seconds and your’e done. not only that but the currentc system will then record all your purchases and store in their database to track your spending habits.

  21. Just what we need, different retailers using different, incompatible payment systems. Retailers shouldn’t be developing this stuff themselves at all, anyways, as their track record for security is abysmal.

  22. I’ll just pull out my wallet card

  23. Screw CVS and Rite Aid really don’t care, my wife’s a pharmacist and she fills my RX’s. While I never used Google Wallet a lot, its still nice that I should be able to use it if I so wish.

  24. If you do shop at CVS or Right Aid, then always use a credit card no matter how small the purchase. Even if you use a debit card, run it as a cedit card if you can, and smile knowing ther are getting hit with higher fees.

    1. And also hit with start-up costs of a payment system no one will use.

    2. Very good point. Although I will just walk across the corner and go to walgreens. They won’t be getting any of my money from now on. I used to go to cvs 99.9% of the time because of this. But it’s all good. I transferred my prescriptions to walgreens and I also get rhino propane there too and their tap and pay works perfectly.

    3. Yes yes, cause the corporation to lose alittle money in every transaction. In noway will that backfire like them raising their prices to make up for the lost profit.

  25. Meh…first world problems.
    I run all my card purchases as a credit card, but not for the third grade purpose of some sort of revenge prank. God how childish. Everyone should use their bank card as a credit card because of the much better purchase protections in place.
    Ok, gotta run down to CVS and pick up some items with…let’s see…how about some cash? Yeah, let’s pay with cash. (OMG he’s paying with cash! How obsolete!)
    Whatever works. It doesn’t even matter. Why? Because it’s just a freakin’ transaction! It doesn’t hurt my feelings if it takes 3 seconds more to fulfill.
    You can go back to whining now.

    1. Cash sucks, especially because when you use it you inevitably get change, f*#k change.

      As for paying with a credit or debit card, I just had to get new cards because I had previously used my cards at Home Depot, which meant I had to update my Amazon and other services that used that card.

      It used to be mostly a novelty but now I use Google Wallet everywhere I can, and preferentially shop at places where I can use it. Just because it’s safer.

      1. Back from CVS…gonna’ roll some change and turn all my ones the same direction in mah wallet.
        That’s a lowercase dubya, thar.

    2. Google Wallet is a lot more secure than a credit card. Even if someone steals my phone, they;d have to figure to my pin to unlock my phone and the pin for Wallet.
      And cash is less secure than anything. Have someone steal you wallet with whatever cash you have in it, then go to the bank and try to get that cash back.

      1. Fortunately I’ve never had to try that because I’ve never had anything stolen, especially my wallet. To reach it you have to lift up the Ruger on my belt, so it’s a little hard to get to. I’m good.
        My Google Wallet is the most secure, because nobody’s ever going to steal my phone. With all the people who apparently fondle their phones 24 hours a day, who lets their phone out of their grasp for that to happen, anyway?
        My phone is NFC-enabled, but I just don’t give a flip about it. The whole system, as we can all plainly see by this article, is only worth anything if companies play together…which they’re not obligated to do. So I don’t want to be dependent on a maybe-system.
        It’s not that important.

        1. There’s a first time for everything…but its true, if retailers don’t go along with Wallet and Apple Pay, they’ll be useless. I think there’s like 220,000 who have agreed to use it though, so I think we’re good.

          1. Baaaahahahaahaha!!! Well said!
            One truth in all of this…thank God for choices. Rock on with what works for you.

          2. Over half of that 220,000 locations are McDonald’s and Subway. You are far from good.

          3. You’re an idiot who’s always wrong, and apparently a stalker. Please go away and stop replying to everything I post.

          4. Always wrong? Do your research son. Google the number of locations for Subway and McDonald’s in the US, add them together, and see if it doesn’t equal more than 110,000. I have been using Google Wallet for years. I know how few places have NFC readers. Try again

        2. oh ok. since you’ve never lost your wallet it means you never will. Got it. I didn’t know that’s how it worked. And no one is talking about being dependent on any one system. It’s all about using a more secure system if it’s available. In the end it’s a matter of choice. I choose to have a safer transaction and some people just don’t care.

          1. You are right…it’s a matter of choice. Happy happy day to you!

    3. No one is whining, well at least i’m not. Not everyone carries cash for one reason or another. And using your debit card as a credit card stil leaves you open to fraud like all that stuff that happened to lets see, target,kmart,michaels,home depot and some other stores. Those that paid with tap and pay at home depot weren’t affected. I used tap and pay at home depot and weren’t affected but then i forgot that I had used my card at kmart and there you go. I now have to get a new debit card which by the way I ran as credit. So just because you have a car alarm doesn’t mean you go to worst part of town and park your car. You try to avoid situations like that. That is why tap and pay is a big deal.

      1. Hmmm. Thanks.

    4. “Everyone should use their bank card as a credit card because of the much better purchase protections in place.”

      Meh…first world problems. You can go back to whining now.

  26. Well, at least you gave me a comprehensive list of retailers to avoid. Thanks.

    1. Avoiding Walmart and Target? Good luck with that

      1. Eh, I don’t shop at either of those places. No need for them. (Not attacking you, just saying people don’t necessarily need them)

      2. Target is actually supporting both. They are on the list to support apple pay.

        1. You are incorrect. Only the Target app will support that part of Apple Pay. Target stores will not be supporting NFC.

          1. Well I was at target and my friend has an iphone 6 and he used apple pay with his iphone to check out. Maybe they’ll be turning it off also or maybe it was a trial at that store only.

          2. Yeah, Target has said no NFC. NFC is a novelty, but far from a requirement for quick pay.

          3. I think it was just one of those stores that tries things out. Of course it’s still a novelty. Many things are before they become mainstream. That matters because? Whether its novelty or not it’s still more secure. So if your paying with a cc anyway because you don’t have cash then why not use the most secure option available? If tap and pay was the only form of payment at target other than cash they would have never had any issues with hacking. Of course that would have never been the case but i’m just making a point.

      3. There’s this store called Safeway. They actually treat their employees like human beings (as opposed to Wal-Mart that could be considered the poster child of greedy corporations who treat and pay employees about as well as parents stereotypically treat a red-headed stepchild).

        1. I’m sure Safeway pays so much more than Walmart…

          1. And I’m sure your wonderful attitude and ignorance of a huge company like Wal-Mart’s borderline dictatorial practices in regards to employees has served you well. Just don’t pull that attitude with wrong employee at Wal-Mart. They might just pull one of the assault rifles off the shelf and show you how great guns in supermarkets really are (they’re really not).

          2. All corporations are like that.

          3. And because a terrible practice is commonplace it is okay. What a delightfully indifferent point of view.

          4. I shop when and where I choose to. I don’t let silliness dictate my decisions.

          5. Yes, because caring about people and things (and altering your habits and behaviour accordingly) is so silly. Forgive me. I didn’t realise I was dealing with one of those types who was born with his giving-a-sh%t switch turned off. Genetic lotteries – they suck sometimes, don’t they?

          6. I shop at Walmart. I shop at Target. I shop at Kroger. I shop at Whole Foods. I shop at Fresh Market. The people that work in all of those stores are there by choice. It is up to them to decide if they support the company or not. Would it be better if people didn’t shop there, and those people that choose to work there get laid off? Yeah, you have a big heart! Oh, and I’m a Vegan. I care about my health, and not killing innocent animals. Should I go around calling meat eaters murderers? Get off of your soap box

          7. Get off your soap box? That is probably one of the lamest expression I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. By the way, I know what it means (before you go off accusing me of not knowing). You automatically fail at life just for using that.

          8. If I fail at life, it is for reading and replying to your nonsense. Murderer!

          9. Nothing validates an opinion quite like name-calling. Well done.

          10. You have called me ignorant, genetically deficient, lame, and a failure at life. Did I miss any? Hypocrite!

      4. I haven’t purchased anything from Wal-Mart in more than 20 years and there’s one less than a half mile from my house.

        As for Target, I only go there about 3 times a year anyways and have only gone once since their big data breach.

        1. So where do you buy your toiletries and household items?

          1. Costco or online.

          2. Costco doesn’t even take credit cards, muvh less NFC.

          3. It is annoying that Costco only takes AmEx, Though we have an AmEx and only use it at Costco, so even if there;s a data breach at Costco that exposes my AmEx data the only thing it will impact is Costco,

      5. Toiletries, I lump them together and buy online since it’s much cheaper than Walmart or target or use Google express where the stuff will come from target anyway…. But I had read that target is not going along with this partly due to their recent security issues they view nfc as more secure. Of course there are no walmarts where I live since they’re banned in my city so that makes avoiding then easier.

        1. Target is a CurrentC partner and already said no NFC.

  27. For apple to avoid NFC and now embrace it,they aren’t too concerned with this qr thing.

  28. 7 day and Apple get nfc blocked. But that doesn’t stop Google wallet. You have the card. And loop pay I don’t ha e to worry check it out.

  29. Dang. That’s a good list. Google shoukd have locked them down…

  30. Seems to me that the credit card companies can nip this in the bud pretty quickly. Force the issuers to cancel their service. They can’t process ANY credit cards and they’ll see the light REAL quick.

  31. I don’t shop at any of those except Dunkin and Banana Republic. Gas stations? Do they sell stuff other than gas? /s

  32. listen to you guys; arguing back and forth, who cares which store carries what? they’ve got use guys sucked in already? if it ever gets that complicated or that serious, I’ll just reach into my pocket and retrieve my credit card, debit card or plain simple cash! But, if really you’re that concerned stop patronizing the businesses that don’t honor your payment preferences maybe then you can dictate their business practices.

  33. I could care less. I will just take my credit card out the old fashion way.

  34. So I know where not to shop at.. Thanks for the heads up.

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