It’s not just you: Google Drive is down for some


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Having issues connecting to Google Drive today? Don’t fret — it’s not your internet, so don’t go on a customer service shout fest with your service provider. It’s actually an issue on Google’s end. While the company hasn’t detailed the issue, they have told us that Drive’s status is intermittent and may throw you a “500 error” or could cause latency issues.

It isn’t clear how many are affected. I have personally been able to connect to and use Google Drive just fine, though loading times definitely aren’t what they usually are. Some can’t access it completely, while others are seeing normal usage.

Google’s latest status update is that they’re still investigating the issue, but there’s no estimate on when a fix will arrive like a knight in shining armor. Hang in there, folks, and break out the good ol’ notepad if you need to jot some notes down in the meantime. We’ll be sure to upgrade this post once Google releases more details or fixes the issue.

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’ve been having issues – Google Doc access issues mind you – since this morning.

  2. It’s so slow anyway I wouldn’t even notice any difference.

    1. I use it daily for personal use and collaboration on work.. never noticed a speed issue. As a matter of fact, I often watch real time edits second by second made by people all over the world.

  3. This is why I use Dropbox for the stuff I REALLY need.

    I remember finding out that Google Drive’s sync was hit and miss for the first 6 months of it’s existence and nobody seemed too worried about it….

    1. I use it daily for personal use and collaboration on work and I have, literally, 100 docs in in Docs of all kinds and never had “hit or miss” sync issues.

      The only issues I have had in the past, like today, is some outages. But really, anything on the web/in the cloud is susceptible to that.

      1. I’m sure they’ve fixed it now – but as I said the first 6 months, I had 3 machines (2 PCs and a Mac) and every one had problems at some point with files being out of date.

        I gave up on it at that point and now only use the Google Docs functionality – via Chrome.

    2. Because Dropbox could never have an outage?

      1. For a cloud sync service – outages are far less important that actually syncing the files properly. When dropbox have an outage, at least I know that the files on my Macbook are the same as the ones on my PC at home.

  4. Google is normally pretty reliable, but I backup everything using Syncdocs which converts Google Docs to Microsoft Office files in the backup. Syncdocs is nice to have in case Google ever goes down.

    1. Syncdocs.. going to have to check that out. thanks.

  5. Sitting here writing an important report in docs to be handed in tomorrow. Four of us are working in the same document without problems as of now. Earlier today however, the panic was real!

    1. I literally never use Google Drive until someone insist that we work together using it. This is one of those times and my damn project is due today. Ugh Why cant people just be smart and use DropBox like me.

      1. Well, the only thing with dropbox is that you can’t work in the same document at the same time :/ Hope it works out for you.

  6. Here is one of the issues when you put your fate in other peoples hands. What if it totally collapsed with out a back up for the last 48 hours etc.. What if you needed what was left on the cloud now and could not wait. Da Cloud

    1. Fortunately, everything on Drive is just a mirror of my hard disk in case of failure.

  7. It was down almost all day at my school yesterday, but there were times when people could get on it…

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