Motorola posts Lollipop tracking page, see which devices are getting an Android 5.0 and when


Motorola Lollipop Tracker page

After Android 5.0 Lollipop was officially revealed 2 weeks ago, OEMs like Motorola were quick voice their support for the upcoming update. In fact, Motorola went on the record saying they’d bring the update to their full lineup of high, mid-range, and low-end smartphones “in the coming months.”

Now, to better serve you and in an effort to provide greater transparency, Motorola has just posted their official Android 5.0 Lollipop tracking page. The page shows exactly which of their devices is scheduled to receive Android 5.0 and although it doesn’t provide any dates just yet (Motorola barely got their hands on Lollipop source code), Motorola says they’ll be providing those in the future.


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  1. The Turbo?

    1. They have to announce/launch it first. That’s tomorrow at 12pm CST.

      1. They “have” to announce it? Not like the FCC document, the photos and the leaked specs and manual are not already out there. Plus you know about it. I know it. They know it. The Android world knows it. Just go ahead and put it up on the site now guys. No hiding it.

        Edit: now we even have videos of it in use

        1. Name one time they’ve ever done something like that before it was announced. All those things you’re talking about come from unofficial leaks. Putting it up on here would make it official, and they’re not going to do that until it is officially official. That’s like saying why couldn’t we buy it a month ago since we all knew about it. Unofficially we know about it, not officially. It’s no different with any other company or device.

          1. Nothing unofficial about “confirmed” photos, a Twitter account dedicated to the Turbo, videos of it released within the last hour of it in use by a major movie star, spec sheets and such with VZW branding. At this stage, today, when this posting was made, there is nothing “unofficial” about the Turbo in terms of it coming or not. It’s coming.

            Anyway.. my OP was partially in jest so people are taking it way to serious.

          2. But none of that stuff is coming from Motorola or Verizon, so no matter how “confirmed” the photos are, they are not from official sources, hence not official. The twitter feed has not said it’s called the Turbo, only that a new Droid phone is incoming.

          3. Well you better not ever jest with me again. I’ll come hunt you down and I’ll have a new Droid Turbo with me so you’ll never see me coming.
            Cuz its fast.

          4. he is just trolling. don’t take him seriously.

  2. I was hoping my Xoom would be on the list. :)

    1. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  3. Won’t this update just slow down your phone?

    1. My experience with a Nexus 5 running the latest L developer preview does have hiccups here and there (home screen refresh coming back from an app), but overall I would rate it the same or faster.

    2. Why? ART is generally faster than Dalvik.

      1. Yep, “technically” speaking, there should be performance improvements just from the switch to ART alone.

      2. It may be, but in my experience after switching it seems the same, not necessarily faster or slower than dalvik.

        1. Yeah, but are you not doing it on older phones and tablets not actually designed to run in ART? I have a ROM on my old Asus tablet and ART is not that stable. But, it was also not designed for it. So, the point is, I wonder if those of us testing ART prior to L on phones and tablets not designed to manage ART are having questionable results… but that does not mean proper ART prepped phones and tablets will.

          1. I’m running it on a Droid Maxx, a 2013 Moto X, and a 2013 Nexus 7. Other than the Nexus 6 or 9, no phones or tablets are designed to run in ART, unless they shipped with it in lieu of dalvik. They are all capable of running it, but none have been designed for it, and there probably won’t be until devices start shipping with L.

          2. ART on KitKat is very different from ART on Lollipop.

          3. OK, but how can you compare the speed between the two, since IIRC Lollipop doesn’t run dalvik?

          4. You can see all of the changes and performance boosts compared to Dalvik right here:

            It also gives some solid technical explanations as to how it works. I highly recommend reading it the whole way through.

          5. But it’s not like we haven’t been promised huge performance strides before, only to have them fall short of claims and/or expectations. Project Butter didn’t deliver on the hype it had, it wasn’t a night and day difference. Even when they introduced the JIT compiler, I was hard pressed to notice a difference from before to after. At least in terms of everyday use it didn’t seem like a noticeable difference. And that’s what I fear will happen here as well. I hope I’m wrong.

          6. I’ve also noticed all these promised ‘speed increases’ from android over the years haven’t been any faster than the previous iteration.

            I think any performance improvements were generally down to more powerful hardware.

            Project butter was a farce. No faster than ice cream sandwich from what I saw.

  4. My guess is the Droid Turbo will be the last updated each time because Verizon has to mangle it first.

    1. That would also be true for the Droid Maxx, Ultra, Mini, and any other Droid model that may be updated.

      1. Are Droids just a Verizon thing? I thought they were on other carriers and other manufacturers.

        1. They’re a Verizon exclusive. People often mistake Droids for all Androids, most likely due to the Motorola Droid being the breakout Android device. All Droids are Android, but not all Androids are Droids.

          1. OK, but I know people often mistake Droids for Androids, I often correct people about that, and that wasn’t the issue anyways. I didn’t need an explanation of the difference. Thank you Mr. Over-Explaining Internet. Your first sentence was adequate.

  5. Shows the Maxx getting the upgrade pending carrier approval.

    1. “pending carrier approval” – and therein is their way out for nearly anything really as I suspect, some carriers will opt out.

  6. Just so you know, the page you’re speaking of has been up since Motorola’s initial blog announcement about the upgrades 2 weeks ago. :-)

    1. Yeah, I was all excited like there was something new they just announced, and then I was like awwww.

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