Microsoft Office 365 subscribers get unlimited OneDrive storage at no extra cost



Microsoft is bringing the goods for anyone forking over money for an Office 365 subscription. In addition to all the documents editing tools and email services 365 enables, your OneDrive cloud storage account will afford you unlimited storage space for Home, Personal, and University customers. That’s for $6.99 per month. To compare, a $9.99 per month plan on Google Drive or Dropbox only gets you 1TB.

Microsoft found themselves needing to add a ton of value to an Office 365 subscription considering competitors are offering many of its features for free. Google Drive and all the document editing tools that come with it can be had without paying a dime.

We’d say adding unlimited cloud storage is one way to win folks over who weren’t convinced that paid solutions weren’t any better than the freebies. Not a bad reason to switch over to OneDrive and Office 365 if you need massive cloud storage. Current 365 customers can head here to request access to your unlimited storage early. Otherwise, Microsoft’s only promise is that the plan changes will be rolling out “in the coming months.”

[via Microsoft]

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  1. Well, I already had 10TB free from Tencent WeiYun, 3TB on my local PC, 1TB on my own remote FTP server and now unlimited storage from my Office 365 subscription. Nice.

    1. The upload speed to WeiYun is woeful even on FIOS. Am I missing something?

      1. Does the job. Where do you need to hurry if you get free 10TB of cloud storage?!

        1. But uploading 10tb can take forever.
          What’s up U/D speed?

  2. At the risk of
    1) asking a stupid question, and
    2) being labelled a heretic
    can anyone confirm that all Office 365 features are available from a Linux desktop?

    Not interested in subscribing, but I am curious.

    1. What distro are you using? Just curious

      1. Debian stable (wheezy)

        1. Cool. I doubt that you’ll be able to access anything as MS wount even let Linux users download the dang thing.

          1. You have to download something to use it? It’s not a true cloud application like Google Docs?

            If so, that sucks.

          2. No, its cloud. I was refering to the fact that it will not allow me to download the actual MS Office programs such as word or powerpoint.

  3. Last I checked onedrive had file size and number limitations. Has this changed?

    1. No just checked now still has 2 gig file size sync limitation. This is a no deal for me and I have a 365 sb account. Still have to use media fire. I got in good with 1 tb for 2.50 a month. Hopefull Microsoft changes this limitation.

      EDIT: looked at an email i got late end of September –

      We’re excited to announce that you can now upload files up to 10 GB from desktop, mobile, and the web! Our goal with OneDrive is to provide a single place for all your files, and we don’t want you to be limited by file size.


      The OneDrive Team

  4. Let the cloud storage price war begin!!

  5. “Microsoft announces unlimited cloud storage for Office 365 subscribers”

    (evil laughter eminates from NSA offices)

  6. Did you say UNLIMITED?

  7. I wonder if this is in response to Google giving unlimited storage to EDU customers a couple weeks ago.

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