Twitter begins rolling out Audio cards for in-line audio playback


twitter audio cards

Twitter has started to roll out an interesting new feature for folks who hate being kicked out of the app to listen to audio. Twitter Audio Cards is the name, and should someone you follow post a link to an audio file for playback on a specific site, Twitter will allow you to open and play the file in-line without you having to exit your Twitter app.

The feature (illustrated on the iPhone version of Twitter in the photo above) has to be implemented on a site by site basis, so there are only a couple of services supported to start — SoundCloud and iTunes. Twitter is obviously working on adding more for folks who don’t fancy those services so we’ll have to wait a while yet for more of our favorites to pop up.

Of course, you probably won’t be able to play audio that is shared from services which are only accessible with premium subscriptions, but there are a ton of free sites out there that we wouldn’t mind seeing pop up in the weeks or months to come.

[via Twitter]

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  1. Whys it demonstrated on a 5s? It’s an iPhone and it’s an old model. Gross.

  2. Twitter should have a full in app browser and not depend on anyone.

  3. Got the update…. now my feeds will not refresh on my m8.

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