New Chromecast SKU hits FCC, but your current one is not being replaced


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You may come across news today that a new Chromecast model has found its way to the FCC, but that isn’t cause to put yours up on Craigslist or eBay in preparation for a new one. A Googler was questioned about the device’s appearance at the FCC in a recent Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, and he suggests this new model won’t be anything to sing to high heaven about:

We’re always working to update Chromecast with the the latest software and hardware components, but we don’t have any new user-facing features planned for this device.

He continues:

No plans for big announcement on this one. Mostly because it will have the same features as the original and most users won’t notice a difference. Sorry–I can’t say more about this topic.

So there’s that. He says “most” users won’t notice a difference, though we’re not exactly sure what he considers “most” to be, nor does he go into any detail about what the difference might bring. Smoother performance might sit atop the list for anyone who thinks the current model is a bit too slow, but I’m sure that’s something we’d all notice if we were using them side-by-side.

There really shouldn’t be anything to worry about, though. Set-top boxes, consoles and the like have long been updated with more efficient internals without most users noticing the difference. The original Xbox 360 comes to mind, with the jumps to Jasper and Falcon chipsets that offered the same processing and graphics performance, but cut down on excessive heat and lowered the failure rate.

For Chromecast, this could just be a case of Google using better internals, more affordable internals or simply rewiring a couple of things to ensure long-term use without issues. All of that is to say if you were planning to get a Chromecast then there probably is no use in waiting to pull the trigger.

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  1. He probably means most, as in those that don’t have 3rd party firmware running on their chromecast, or take them apart. Since it’s probably some sort of hardware change, it will have a different rom and probably not be rootable in the same way as the others were.

  2. It would be nice if the Chromecast offered Dolby Digital one of these days.

    1. It does, only for netflix and google movies. Everything else gets decoded to multichannel PCM, or stereo.

      1. I know for a fact that Chromecast won’t handle DTS as I had to add Bubbleupnp ontop of my DLNA server to allow for Audio playback via the Chromecast.

  3. Probably a more efficient SOC to lower heat output. I notice my CC gets pretty toasty.

    1. What about a lower power core for auto on feature? I always leave mine plugged in to tv instead of external because saving that one second isn’t worth rubbing at full power 24/7 wasting electricity. Would also work if you were using it for input switching. Would basically be the same as ok google core that moto x gen 1 used, and snapdragons use. It wouldn’t technically be a new feature just better execution of existing.

  4. Hopefully better security. I hate the fact that anybody can tap into my Chromecast and connect it to their wifi and proceed to show porn on my chromecast connected tv. It happened to me by my neighbor playing a joke on me. Luckily the fam was not home. lol

    1. How did they manage to do that? Once you connect your Chromecast to your personal network can someone still mess with your Chromecast if they don’t have your WiFi password ?

      1. They used the chromecast app and searched for nearby chromecasts and your Chromecast is constantly putting out a signal so they connected my Chromecast to their WiFi using the app and began to play movies on it. Its quite simple to do.

        1. Yes he’s wrong and should secure his Wi-Fi, but there are other use issues with security. For instance at a school that students&teachers have access to Wi-Fi, purposely or accidentally they can access all available cc’s. Although this might be solved by using android tv instead for a slightly added cost?

          1. My WiFi is secured sir. I’m not some dumb guy. I know tec . I know networking. As that is my job. There was a flaw in the system and was exploited by my friend. Really what dumb ass don’t secure their home network? So sorry try again….

          2. My bad I was thinking your neighbor would need top enter the on screen code but I forgot it asks you if your on screen choose is correct and shows you the code, if Google made you type the code instead, this works solve it. Although the Initial setup is also supposed too be limited to 30 feet Wi-Fi direct mode , and mine Defintly was ever less than that, could moving Chromecast to a Hdmi extender cable maybe work as a temporary fix? Our once you have it on a network does it expand the discoverable range even for people not on your network?

          3. That would def solve the issue. And that would only be a code change in the app itself.. That particular solution never crossed my mind. Lol as far as the network range I have no idea… Never tested it. Luckily its just his house and mine in the area. But I will def test that today to see how far the discoverable range is.

          4. dude, you really gotta’ secure your WiFi.
            (am I the only person who read this and saw him say at the beginning that he DID Secure his WiFi? Lmao.)

        2. That’s stupid. Now I agree with you. Once your Chromecast is on your network it should be locked and invisible to anyone off of your network

    2. You need to secure your network.

      1. Its secured… I’m not some dumb ass that don’t know tech. Its a flaw in the syste . I haven’t tested it lately as this was when I first got my Chromecast when it came out. But it was def a flaw….

    3. That will only happen if you have an unsecured network. Its your fault, not Google.

      1. Huh. No it doesn’t. My network is secured. I always secure my network. They arent tapping into my home network. They are tapping into my Chromecast showing up through the Chromecast app… The same process as if youre trying to connect your Chromecast to the WiFi network you use the Chromecast app. Well it doesn’t prevent anybody from connecting your Chromecast to their network through the Chromecast app.

    4. Oh you have great neighbors. LoL!!

    5. You’re absolutely right of course. It’s a flaw in the chromecast. Any random person can start broadcasting on your chromecast. That needs to be fixed.

    6. You just got porn-trolled. Have a nice day!

  5. It is 5k WiFi so it will improve streaming for those who have routers broadcasting 5k.

    1. I thought it was odd mine only connects to my 2.5ghz band. I could really enjoy my 5ghz ac connection!

      Time to buy a new one and take the old back for a refund. Hehehe

    2. 5Ghz, 5khz would be really slow.

      1. ahh … so you’re the point out typos guy. Thanks.

        1. I am far more pedantic than that.
          A typo is when you press the wrong key by mistake, G and K are not close enough for that to apply.

          1. So just a massive douche bag then. Got it. Thanks again.

          2. Looks like someone else pointed out your mistake too. Are you going to try to fling personal attacks and shift attention to him as well?

    3. 5k doesn’t exist. 4k is out, though. Enjoy streaming that.

  6. If its adding wifi-n or better, then it should certainly be mentioned. Let the consumer decide if they want to replace.

    1. Chromecast already supports wireless-n only 2.4ghz not 5ghz. And it supports 5ghz for the connection from laptop to router/ap.

  7. Love my chromecast one of the best bangs for the buck in a long time!

  8. glad i won’t miss out–i just barely added 2 [referb] chromecasts bought from groupon for ~$16 each so i have three in the house now. i still wonder what i may miss out on with a new chromecast and now a nexus player…. hmm.

  9. I smell a glitch or security breach getting patched up. And not mentioned by Google.

  10. Bad assumption.The Googler you quote is not a he, which you would have found out if you had clicked her name on one of her AMA posts.

  11. Once they are set up and connected, Chromecasts are NOT visible off-network. When a Chromecast is not connected to a WiFi network it goes into setup mode and is open to an ad-hoc connection as “Chromecast”.

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