Nexus 6 to be made available on all 5 major carriers in the United States



Well, we sure didn’t see this one coming! Google announced the Nexus 6 (alongside the Nexus 9 and the Nexus Player) this morning, and we learned that you won’t need to do any carrier hopping to get your hands on one — it’s being made available at all five major United States carriers! That list includes AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular, in case you’re not in the know.

We were especially worried about seeing the device on CDMA-based carriers such as Verizon and Sprint. Verizon was especially one to be worried about considering their shoddy history with Nexus. It’s nice to know that no one on any of these carriers will have to lose sleep over migration plans in the weeks to come.

We still don’t have solid pricing or availability information just yet, but stick with us as we dig for more info on Google’s biggest phone yet (and we mean that in both the most literal and most figurative way possible). Let us know if you’ll be looking to grab one once it makes its way to your network of choice.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 available early November, first devices to run Android Lollipop

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  1. Motorola site lists $650 for the starting price on this.

  2. S5 going up for sale soon as I hear the date!

  3. I have been waiting for a big nexus that’s one of the reasons I didn’t get a nexus 4 or 5 my current phone HTC one max is the same size. I really hope the price is around $400 because I have been trying to figure to get this or the one plus if its over $400 I guess I will settle for the 1+1

    1. Motorola has already announced the price. $400 is not in the cards. The 5 was 350-400 so I would not have expected $400 for this one.

      1. Its $649

      2. Damn that sucks I just can’t see paying $650 for a phone that’s 3 car payments or 2 months of rent

        1. I *WISH* 3 car payments or 2 months of rent only cost me $650, lol

        2. Less than 1 month rent and $150 more than a car payment still more than I was expecting for a nexus but I want

        3. I can find rent for one month for $650 around here and it’ll land me 3 roommates and a room the size of a shoebox.

      3. Except that, y’know, they haven’t.

        1. Haven’t what? Announced the price? Moto already did in their blog posting. Which also agrees with the price announced by Tmo.

  4. “Nexus 9 is available in either black or white and comes in three configurations: 16GB for $399, 32GB for $479” Nexus 6 and 9 prices are both disappointment!

    1. Never mind, in line with all others. Damn it.

  5. Nexus 5 it is for me….

  6. I’m glad it’s on Verizon, I just hope Google actually gets to handle the updates this time!

  7. Okay, luckily Sprint will be selling this with their monthly payment Easy Pay system. One for me and one for the wife.

    Oh, and I’m surprised that the boob icons are still in effect on Google’s N6 page, lol.

  8. Oh, and according to Motorola’s site, this thing is Qi wireless charging compatible.

  9. So this has all the bands for all major US carriers?

  10. i’ve said before and i’ll say it again..

    cool, how much?

    1. 649

  11. Does this phone support VoLTE?

    1. On T-Mobile? It should. All their new devices for 2014 ought to support it. Band 12? Different story. VoLTE should work on XLTE w/ Verizon too.

      1. My understanding is that Verizon VoLTE isn’t “according to Hoyle” VoLTE, but rather something custom/different from Sprint and the GSM carriers. You can’t make a Verizon VoLTE call to someone in a 3G area or off-carrier, and there is no hand-off to 3G/CDMA. Not sure if the Nexus will support that or not.

        And according to the Motorola site, the N6 has Band 12.

        1. Yeah, Band 12 is on T-Mobile for now too since it’s lower spectrum that people read about and want LTE coverage in buildings. Verizon is teetering on losing market share because they are being outpriced and lack timely device updates. I feel like this is a trial for them since they need to prove they’re worthy of keeping the Nexus 6 or it’s no more for them since they really fubared the Galaxy Nexus.

  12. Wifi Calling on-board? That is my #1 consideration in deciding between this and a Note 4.

    1. Nope….

    2. their will be, t-mobile announced their will be an OTA to enable it, might not exist at launch.
      Wifi calling and Band 12, I’m on board myself

      1. That I can live with. So long as it will get wifi calling in a reasonable time-frame.

    3. Yes but Google will have to update in 2015

  13. Interesting. Moto website only lists one model for US. So does that mean that one phone will be compatible across all 4 carriers? Does that mean the Verizon version is the one to go for since it will most likely be unlocked out of the box.

    1. Yep, it’s looking like there will be one model compatible with all carriers.

      1. One model to rule them all… (sorry couldn’t help myself)

  14. Any word on if the carrier subsidized versions will still be pristine vanilla android? or will they come with pre-installed carrier bloatware that you can’t uninstall?
    Also, y’all think the AT&T version will keep Qi charging, or will they swap it out for PMA like they did the LG G3?

    1. I haven’t seen any rumors that they are changing their policies from the prior Nexuses… And the only hardware variations in the past were antenna.

  15. not sure if people know this but phone is water resistance, and has dual front face speakers, and wireless charging, optical image stabalization camera

    1. The only thing that bugs me is that it’ll likely lack a micro sd card slot. Not exactly a deal breaker for me, but I was kinda hoping I could finally ditch my iPod/iTunes when I finally upgraded from my Galaxy Nexus.

      1. Yup same here. I hate having to pay extra for more storage when I should have the option to increase it via SD cards… too bad. I’ll stick with Samsung for the SD card (and removable battery)

  16. TOO BIG.

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