New Android ad videos featuring Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 revealed


google android nexus 6 ad

Looks like Google has a cool new advertisement for Android starting to hit airwaves. A total of three ads showed up during The Walking Dead’s season premier last night. The theme is “be together, not the same” which is Google’s prideful way of showing how many different Android devices there are, and how even identical devices can be completely different depending on the user.

Two of the ads give us a nice little surprise — drawings of a Nexus 6-like phone and a Nexus 9-like tablet being used by a couple of the Androidified folks in the ad. The Nexus 6 comes in the Bus Stop spot, where the tiny guy’s phone happens to be a gigantic Nexus 6. We’re not sure if everyone was laughing with him or at him after seeing how ridiculously big his phone was, but that’s the idea behind it — what may seem like a funny, weird phone to you is the perfect phone for someone else!

The Nexus 9, on the other hand, shows up in a less prominent role during the road trip ad. You’ll notice a quick shot of it being used by a blonde bearded man rocking his head to some tunes inside the Winnebago. The third and final ad doesn’t show any phone or tablet in particular — it’s just fun, cool and embodies everything Android is about.

More than just the latest Nexus devices possibly being outed here, these ads could hint toward one other big change coming out of the Googleplex — actual advertisement for Android. Since the platform launched in 2008 Google has left it up to carriers and manufacturers to advertise their Android phones and tablets however they saw fit.

But somewhere along the way, Google became conscious of branding, marketing and the need to win mind share. We’re not sure if we’ll ever see these ads on TV, but their very existence shows Google could be ready to do more to get Android’s name out there than they ever have. Be sure to watch all of them above and below.

[Reddit, Google+ via Android Authority]

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Did @evleaks just leak an official render of the Nexus 6?

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  1. I saw these three adds last night while watching The Walking Dead via AMC’s website.

  2. They did not leak. They were aired during the ad break of Walking Dead Season 5.
    Phunky ads :P, Only 1 day to go! :D

    1. ah OK, didn’t realize they were already on TV. Thanks!

  3. These were fun ads. They had character and I love the tag line of “be together. not the same.”

    1. Damn straight. Truly an embodiment of Android’s greatest advantage. I’m hoping that these ads are only the beginning for Google to actually inform people about Android’s existence and amazing capabilities (and not just the “informed tech people”).

  4. Pretty cool Ads!

  5. Wait Goo(f)le isn’t making fun of a fruit company are they?

    1. No, that can’t be right. Surely a device and usage habit for many different people and viewpoints isnt in contrast to a fruit company?

  6. Did anyone else notice the nexus watch in the Winnebago ad?

  7. Are all these characters Canadians? ;)

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