Did @evleaks just leak an official render of the Nexus 6?


nexus 6 render leak

In case you haven’t heard, ex-leakster Evan Blass (also known as @evleaks) has been going through tough times, so he cheered himself up by doing the one thing that used to make him happy — leaking a hot new device! This time he gives us our first look at an official render for the Nexus 6, a Motorola-made entry into Google’s longstanding pure Android series.

The render doesn’t reveal a whole lot, though this is the first time we’ve gotten a clear look at the front-facing stereo speakers expected to be built into the device. The render also shows the lowered power and volume buttons we’ve been hearing about. The design choice was made to make the buttons easier to reach on that massive 6-inch form factor.

Nothing else about the hardware stands out, though we do see a front-facing camera on the upper right and what looks to be a microUSB port on the bottom. The bottom doesn’t show a hole for a 3.5mm headphone jack which lines up with previous rumors that the port sits on the top of the device.

For software the render shows a clean Android L home screen, though it’s nothing we haven’t already seen from the Android L developer preview loaded up onto Nexus 5 units. And that’s about all. Rumors suggest Google is going to be revealing their Nexus 6 as early as tomorrow so be sure to circle back in case those rumors turn out to be dead on.

[via @evleaks]

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  1. There’s something off about this render – the jagged bottom of the screen, the heavy blue tint on the aluminium, the incorrect Play Store icon, the awkward positioning of the Google and Create icons… whether it’s fake or not, I don’t think it’s “official”.

    1. It is a render mind you, albeit a really bad Photochopped one, so just some stuff someone came up with on their own with the info they think they have. But yeah, it’s proportions seem way off. Stuff like this makes you wonder… pretty much anyone could crank out a “render” and claim it as anything they want really. But this one is particularly poor when you look close.

      1. Yup and not to mention the angle of the bottom part of the screen compared to the speaker.

    2. The blue on the sides most likely means the previous leak of colored backs and customization is true, and as for the icon folders as boobs, the jagged edge, and a different Play Store icon all suggest that this is an early and not final render as with most leaks of this nature.

      1. I think the tint is just off. The gunmetal black Motorola uses reflects a lot of light and looks different based on lighting conditions. There may be colored backs, but not colored aluminum frames.

      2. Haha just saw the boobies. Yes, I’m a child.

    3. The Play Store icon is not correct. It was the previous 5.0 icon. Google changed it.

  2. my google wallet is at the ready.

  3. I’m buying that note/6plus killer day one.

    1. Hopefully there isn’t a battery-draining or camera bug or something else majorly wrong with it.

    2. Provided that the camera and battery life are good….

      1. 3200 seems big enough for all day use. and i never had the battery drain issue with the camera on my Nexus 4 or Nexus 5

        1. We will see since it is rumored to have a QHD screen. My G3 should’ve received a Snapdragon 805 to help with energy efficiency.

  4. Well I have been following Evan for years and he has for the most part been right on with leaks. The author forgot to mention the antenna found around the trim of the phone that dynamically changes based on obstruction which is a feature I am excited to see in this Nexus as Nexus are prone to not have the best reception in comparison to other Flagships in the past.

    1. Don’t know if troll or genuine weird speculation.

  5. =.O

    HTC, step aside.

    1. What’s OHTO?

      1. OHTO? Did I miss your joke?

        1. My apologies. I couldn’t see your comment because the profile pic quite often obscures the first part of comments.

  6. Let me sum up the inevitable comments:

    – “It’s fake!”
    – “It’s too big!”
    – “PLEEAAASSSSEEEEE come to Verizon!”
    – “Shut up and take my money [insert Fry meme here]”
    – “No IR blaster? Pfffft, this is gonna fail so hard”

    1. I forget to use my IR blaster on my phone. LoL!!

      1. Ir file transfer baby Oh yes like 2006.

      1. Aaaaaaand that’s now my favorite “Deal with it” gif.

  7. I wish the next headline we read on Phandroid would be “Invitation For Nexus Event Received”

    1. I hate to say it, but I’ve heard there’s no event. I’ve heard we’ll just see a blog post like the past two years. Which seems kind of odd after seeing the new Android commercials, suggesting a marketing blitz.

      1. The only thing that makes me happy about that is that it keeps alive my hope for the device launching tomorrow as has been rumored.

        1. Keep hoping. Like, really hard. I don’t think we’ll be able to order just yet.

          1. I don’t know if you can see this but I’m hoping as hard as I can.

  8. Hope it has wireless charging.

  9. Nexus 5 it is.

  10. The software render looks sweet. It just feels more modern than iOS or any Android OEM skins. Material is one heck of a feature in Android L.

  11. The suspense is killing me

  12. I may be in the minority when I say this but that render looks cheap as hell. It basically looks like a budget phone at best.

    1. Um, at prices close to half of other flagships, aren’t ALL Nexus phones “budget phones?”

      1. Ok let me be a little bit more specific then. Specs aside, the design of this looks horrible compared to the nexus 4 and the nexus 5. Actually out of the entire nexus line this particular device easily looks the worst.

        1. You’ll have to hold it to see for yourself. The Moto X (2014) is one of the more premium feeling/looking Android devices IRL.

        2. Different strokes for different folks. I’ve always found the blocky Nexus 4 with it’s sparlky Matrix glass back to be unattractive. Not sure what from this pic of the front you find so horrifically terrible. It looks like every other black slap phone, but with speaker grills.

  13. Tl;dr – yes, he did just leak an official render of the Nexus 6.

  14. Tomorrow? I really hope I’m not in a meeting when it drops.

  15. awesome, can’t wait for the reveal!
    5.9″ seems too big though, might just stick with my Nexus 5 and get the android L update

    1. If its 5.9 I’ll be looking at moto x or z3

  16. White, 64 GB , Wireless charging. Take my money under 500$ Please I’ll take two wireless charging pads #Please #PhoneGod’s

    1. A white Nexus device is pointless, with s black front.

  17. It’d be great if the aspect ratio was different.

    I wouldn’t mind a 6″ screen if it’s taller than wider.

  18. 5.2″ with tmo volte wifi calling and band 12?

    1. Nope, maybe, and don’t know much about bands.

      1. “bands will make her dance” silly! everyone knows that.

    2. We can only hope, I don’t believe Nexus devices ever included Wifi calling.

      1. Just announced no mention of it

      2. It will next year

        Wish it was 5.2 in with g2 band12 and volte

  19. Evleaks is also the guy who said there would be NO Nexus 6, that the Nexus program was CANCELLED. And last year he posted all sorts of gibberish about the Nexus 5. Until now he’s always been wrong about the Nexus smartphones.

    1. Oh stop being dramatic. Take your beef with the guy somewhere else.

      1. Where do you suggest he takes it? I mean it has to go somewhere.

        1. To the meat market. Best place for beef.

          1. LoL!! I’m mad you said that.

        2. Up his own butt would be nice. We don’t need excessive hate here.

      2. He can complain if he wants! See.. just look.. http://i.imgur.com/KEC93yE.jpg

  20. That’s quite an ICONic bra she has there.

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