OnePlus and JBL team up for new affordable headphones


oneplus one jbl e1 plus

A $40 pair of headphones isn’t the most exciting bit of news to be had on a Monday morning, but OnePlus seems to be quite excited about a new partnership with JBL. The two have come together to introduce the JBL E1+, an affordable pair of headphones designed to let the OnePlus name and signature color shine through.

This in-ear set of cans features 9mm drivers and a sound frequency range of 10hz through 22,000hz. OnePlus says it delivers booming base and crisp sound throughout the mid-high range. The in-line volume and music control buttons stand to be important features for folks who need to change or pause music at a moment’s notice, and the ability to snap a photo using the buttons doesn’t seem to hurt its tale of the tape.

oneplus one jbl e1 plus 2

Unfortunately we don’t know when the headphones are expected to launch as OnePlus only gives us a “coming soon” estimation. Be sure to check them out over at the OnePlus website right now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Will I need an invite to buy these too?

    1. You so funny man

  2. Considering the already great sound the OPO puts out with the equalizer, this will only make it better. Too bad they’re in ear, I don’t like those.

  3. does it require invite tooooooo???????

  4. Great… another pair of IEMS trying to mimic Beats with high bass and that red color…

    1. Yep and 1/4 of the price..JBL to hiphop beats. I will go with JBL any day

      1. The iBeats that these would be competing against are $99, not $160. But I agree, I’d take JBL over Beats any day.

  5. cool, if you need it.

    no invite required.

  6. Considering it is Oneplus delievering these, I would say availability will be in about 9 months…..

    1. Despite it being a nice Nexus replacement, I never understood the lure of OnePlus. Everyone I know has had issues with their OnePlus handsets in some fashion or another (a friend even had to replace their OnePlus… shelled out $150 just to get it fixed/replaced/delivered back to him). The fact they’ve canned the idea of the different themed backs, any accessories from them seem like something that’ll come out with the next handset or can be purchased separate for an insane fee.

      1. I agree. When it was first announced, it was a decent phone for the price – although certainly not a flagship killer as they touted. Soon after, the latest wave of flagship phones hit the market and were actually available. I ended up with a LG G3 for $99 on a 2 yr contract. Given the fact that the OPO is about $370 and I would have saved about $360 over the 2yr period by bringing my own device, the LG cost me $90 over the OPO. Not only is the better specs of the LG worth the $90 premium, I’ve had my phone for a couple months – all the while people have still had to deal with the invite system with OPO. Suckers! #Neversettle is exactly what I did by getting the G3!

        1. Not sure what you are smoking I have oneplus 64 gig if you get lg g3 its close to$700 or more. Beside screen resolution to one plus beats lg3 in all aspect. CyanogenMod is awesome and my phone has zero issues. I know grapes are sour but stop blatant lying. Posted from oneplus

          1. You can still get the G3 for $99 from BestBuy even today. Sure I’m on on contract for the next 2 years and I miss out on the $15/mo discount for bringing my own phone, but that was all explained in my post. PS – if you missed the news, the G3 just had it’s bootloader unlocked, so I’ll be enjoying the same CM experience that you are soon enough! Sucker……. ;)

          2. Oh yeah, I’m also getting a free 2nd battery and charger from LG too with their recent promotion. LG was very nice and allowed people who bought the phone prior to the offer date to participate as well. I just had to email and ask them. I’d recommend that you ask Oneplus for a spare battery, but as we all know, the OPO doesn’t have a removable battery!

          3. Also, you claim that the OPO is better than the L3 in all respects except for the screen resolution. That’s so far from the truth that I find it necessary to quote you, “I know grapes are sour, but stop blatant lying” LOL. Lets compare the two phones:

            Processor and RAM – both have same processor and ram (tie)

            Screen – both have 5.5″ screen, but G3 has higher resolution and DPI (G3)

            Overall size – G3 is smaller and lighter than OPO even with same size screen. (G3)

            Rear Camera – cameras have same resolution, but G3 has laser focusing and hardware image stabilization (G3)

            Front Camera – OPO has higher resolution (OPO)

            Storage – OPO comes in 64gb and no SD card, G3 has 32gb but with SD card slot with current support up to 128gb (G3)

            Battery – OPO has 3100 mAh battery vs G3 3000 mAh. The two stock batteries are so similar in size that phone performance will effect this more than size. So while you could argue the OPO has better battery life, the G3 has a replaceable battery. (tie)

            Wireless Charging – not available on OPO, available on G3 (G3)

            Operating System – OPO comes with CM stock, while G3 has an older bloated Android version (4.4.2) that actually works quite well. That being said, the G3 just had it’s bootloader unlocked, so if you really care about this, a fix will soon be available to any G3 user. (tie)

            So other than a higher resolution front facing camera, the OPO has nothing over the G3 spec wise. Still, I actually hope you enjoy your phone. At least you are one of the lucky ones that was actually able to buy one!


          4. Please backup your statement. lols.

          5. Please backup your statement..

  7. Ok.. So all they did was take an existing JBL headphones (probably a really cheap one) and slap it with the OnePlus red color, right?

  8. Probably better off buying a set of klipsch s4a’s on eBay for around the same price

  9. If anyone happens to have any invites…
    aleis38 (@) gmail

  10. Let the begging for invites begin…

  11. Bass. Not base.

  12. Just get a pair of Klispch image S3s on Sale. Affordable with good base and treble.

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