First official Oppo N3 render shows possible return of the swiveling camera



Oppo is ramping up teasers of their upcoming flagship for late 2014. It’s the Oppo N3, and we’ve gotten our first official look at a render of the device thanks to a post on the company’s Weibo account.

The photo doesn’t tell us much, though though the clear separation of the camera module from the rest of the phone’s chassis indicates we could be seeing the return of the swiveling camera as featured on the Oppo N1. That particular phone used a swiveling mechanism to allow you to take rear or front-facing photos with the same high quality sensor, and for its time it was one of the few phones that emphasized high quality photos on both sides of the device (the HTC Desire EYE brings a lot more heat to that category these days, though).

Bringing more attention to that camera module is what appears to be a leather or faux leather material placed around the sensor and LED flash. It’s clear Oppo is proud of the work they’ve on this line’s camera and they want to continue to place importance on it in marketing.

Rumored specs for the device include a 5.9-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM and a 13 megapixel camera sensor (which could be of the Sony variety if the N1 is anything to go by). Oppo has a history of loading their flagships up with impressive specs so it’s not hard to believe it’ll have such a stout set of internals.

The device will be offered in either stainless steel or an aluminum lithium material according to previous rumors. Some have suggested Oppo will offer both of the models in separate packages, though until we get official information from the horse’s mouth we won’t be making too many assumptions. Oppo has an October 29th event planned for Singapore where they’re sure to unveil everything we need to know about their latest creation.

oppo n3

[via GforGames]

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  1. Aluminum Lithium? Hopefully it’s not actual Lithium, or your phone’s death-by-water will be MUCH more dramatic than usual.

      1. I know it’s an alloy. I was making a joke that if they made it of actual Lithium, not an alloy.

        1. You can’t make a joke like that around so many nerds here. You should’ve seen that coming ;)

          1. In retrospect, it was a stupid joke

          2. To be honest, most jokes are stupid in retrospect.

  2. 5.9″… This is the next Nexus? /s So now 5.9″ will be the new standard apparently.

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