LG G Watch on sale for $160 new, or $70 used through Best Buy [DEAL]


LG G Watch Android Wear DSC06104

This is a pretty good deal for those who’ve been wanting to try out Android Wear but didn’t fancy dropping a minimum of $200 on a first generation smart watch. Best Buy has the LG G Watch on sale for a cool $160. That’ll get you a brand new watch that’s never been touched before so you don’t have to worry about quality issues.

Want one for $70? That sounds even better, though you’ll have to put up with the fact that someone has owned it before. That particular deal is going on through Best Buy’s Cowboom, a daily deals site that’s delivered some pretty decent deals over its short life thus far. Unfortunately this isn’t a factory refurbished item, so Best Buy can only guarantee that the condition of the item is “satisfactory.” We imagine they wouldn’t ship something out that didn’t work or had a broken display, but don’t be surprised if you see some wear and tear on the thing once it arrives.

The timing of the sales are quite interesting as we know LG is planning to launch their round G Watch R as early as today in South Korea. Could be that Best Buy is preparing to make some room on store shelves by offloading inventory of the original LG G Watch, though LG has yet to announce any specific launch plans for the new smart watch outside of their home territory. Let us know if you’ll be taking advantage of the deals in the comments below.

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  1. My finger is itching to press buy.

  2. $60 used, Sold out.

  3. Cowboom, Sold out.

    1. Got it no problem $69.99. This will be a good test to see if I even like a smart watch. If I like it, I will probably go for LG R after the holidays.

  4. Hey seriously who cares

  5. So at first it didn’t show used one as sold out. Created an account to plug in a coupon code, THEN it shows sold out.

    If only I wasn’t off work today I would have been up early and buying. It was a good deal.

    1. It’s just being glitchy, it showed sold out, then I refreshed a few minutes later and bought one, then it showed as sold out again. Just refreshed a minute ago, back in stock. Good luck!

  6. Keep refreshing, it showed sold out to me at first and then I bought one a few minutes later (as of 7:14AM PST)

  7. 150 at best buy Saturday.

  8. got mine ordered kept refreshing when it said sold out and finally was able to add and checkout.

    1. Glad I passed on the $150 deal Saturday.
      Had to use PayPal to check out, AMAZON’s checkout wasn’t working.

      1. I know I almost bought it when I got my G3 would have been 50% off which was still a good deal but figured I would hold off now I can try it before just buying the LG G Watch R

        1. Just got the shipping notice from COWBOOM w/a UPS tracking number.
          No other information/ETA,etc. yet.

          1. Yeah so excited started getting worried might get canceled but just got my tracking also

          2. Order was just scanned/arrived @UPS’ main hub in Louisville, KY.
            Shouldn’t be too long now…..

          3. I’ll have it today already in Chicago let’s go

  9. Bought mine for $110 on eBay almost prefect condition. It was a reserve listing which ended $106, but for $4 more seller let me have it.

  10. Patiently awaits moto 360 second generation

  11. Thanks for the tip on hitting refresh. I got one ordered even though it initially said sold out. This is a great deal!

  12. no more:( They replaced it with sony smartwatch 2.

  13. Almost pulled the trigger on the the Sony smartwatch by mistake!

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