Oct 13th, 2014


Building up hype for his latest project, the man behind Google’s lawn sculptures — Giovanni Calabrese — is teasing his latest project as he heads to Google’s HQ in San Francisco to perform some routine maintenance.

It’s no secret that Google is preparing to formally announce the actual dessert name behind their next version of Android, currently known as Android L. While we’re all left guessing as to what that name could possibly be, (Lollipop? Lemonheads? Laffy Taffy?), Mr. Calabrese seems to be under the impression it could be Licorice. In fact, he’s been teasing the name all over his Google+ page. But is it more like trolling?

While it’s entirely possible he knows exactly what the next Android version will named (he does need an adequate amount of time to complete the project in time for Android L and the Nexus 6 unveiling, rumored to arrive later this month) — there’s no way he would flat out reveal the name ahead of any formal announcement. Something tells us he’s just not that stupid.

The hyping of his arrival in California is likely nothing more than a way to drum up a few extra volunteers for his current project which involves the touching up of existing lawn sculptures with a fresh coat of paint (gotta get everything looking nice for all the photos/videos that will be taken once the new Android L statue is added to the mix).

If you’d like to help, Calabrese is looking for local volunteers who can commit to helping touch up the sculptures for 5 days. According to him, you’ll even get a sneak peek at his latest “secret” project which we think will be called anything but licorice.