Oct 13th, 2014

Not many people are in need of a calculator more robust than that’s typically offered on their phones by default, but for those who do then this app should grab your attention. OneCalc is a full-featured calculator that has a large suite of functions, from basic calculations to support for graphing, unit conversion and a matrix calculator. That’s respectable enough for almost anyone who needs more than your typical addition and subtraction. It even has an RPN (reverse Polish notation) mode for those who prefer that sort of thing.


But more than that, this app is downright beautiful. The developer has worked to implement Material Design since the new design language was first revealed by Google at I/O. It’s clean and beautiful, and it’s all laid out in a very easy to use and view layout. It even has advanced Material Design animations, such as a ripple effect when touching buttons or switching calculator views and types, or a nice subtle pulsating animation when touching some of the app’s bigger buttons.

And above all that, it’s free. It certainly deserves a download if you’ve been looking for something like this, so head to Google Play and give it a shot on your phone or tablet.

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