Samsung adds two more ads to their TV campaign as they delay UK launch


With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 worldwide launch scheduled to go down late next week, Samsung is loading up on more ads to make sure everyone knows about its arrival (you know, if the “our phone was big first” barrage against Apple wasn’t already enough). The ads are quite vanilla in nature, meaning they won’t make you laugh, smile, or attempt to market the phone using combative advertisement. They simply make you want the thing, and that’s about all we can ask for at this point.

This new crop of ads might make the wait for UK folks any longer. Samsung originally targeted an October 10th release date in that region, but the company had to delay their plans by a week. That’s not enough to put up a big stink about the issue, but I’m sure it does irk some folks who were planning to spend some personal time with the device over the weekend. Plans for other regions remain the same, though, including North America’s launch on the very same day.

note 4 ad still

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