Make it stop: #bendgate continues with new Galaxy Note 4 bend test [VIDEO]


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bendtest

After reports from users of Apple’s latest (and biggest) flagship falling victim to a pair of skinny jeans, the newest trend in tech was the bend test. Everything from the Moto X, HTC One M8, to the Galaxy Note 3 were subject to the new stress test. With a growing number of YouTubers brave crazy enough to destroy their smartphone for a handful of views, we even saw Samsung construct their own 200lb robot butt, smashing the Galaxy Note 4 repeatedly in a video to show off its durability.

The original iPhone 6 Plus video — which can be credited with sparking the worldwide #bendgate phenomenon — has seen over 50 million views since it went live and now the same guy (Unbox Therapy) is back yet again. Looking to cash in another check, he takes the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for a spin, putting it through his very scientific stress test which simply involves applying pressure with his thumbs until something breaks. Everybody’s gotta have a schtick. Fast forward to 2:37 to skip the lengthy commentary.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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    1. NOOOOOO, KEEP IT COMING. iPhone has an issue, so everyone must have one too?

      1. For iPhone its not an issue its a feature!

    2. Hey, It’s the “go kill yourself” guy. ;)

  2. Moral of the story: if you try to break something it will probably break.

    1. Fact or moral?

  3. lol it bent just like the iP+

    1. Rite!

    2. Great, now apple is going to sue Samsung for copying them

  4. So, you’re saying that #BendGate should get bent?

    /I’ll show myself out

  5. No my friends, go back and watch the iPhone bent video this guy did and notice he didn’t used this much force. Also notice that he specifically shifted to the same area where the volume button is in the N4, whereas he didn’t do so with the iPhone. Even with the heat he took from the iHerd, he didn’t come close to the damage he did with the iPhone 6+.

  6. There you have it folks.

    Premium metal isn’t premium after all (on any smartphone).

    Fantastic plastic ftw!

  7. What’s the heck – why maximize button doesn’t work on youtube player – trying to keep user on the same page …

  8. Click bait,I’ll pass…..

    1. ^^*watches it twice*

  9. not sure why you want to make it stop. same idea as a drop test. — test the durability.

  10. Hey Chris!
    Please tell me why Phandroid disables the full screen button in all the YouTube videos?
    That’s so annoying!

    1. they don’t. works fine for me.

  11. Finally a review in typical Phandroid fashion. It has been a while there was no bullet shot or dragging phones behind a car.

    1. This isn’t a review…

  12. With all the geeks in our community, is there anybody who’s done an actual scientific test with a machine to test the objective amount of force each phone needs before it gets damaged? I’d be really eager to see that. These silly placebo vids are as scientific as faith healers pounding the healing light of jesus into some poor moron in a megachurch.

    1. The obsession some atheists have with religion is so ironic.

      1. People who believe in talking snakes, virgin births, people living for 900 years, unicorns and magical zombies, who also control the government make me uncomfortable. Maybe reality makes you uncomfortable?

        1. Stop the hyperbole. Like every cultural convention or artefact to which we are exposed, each person will accept or reject different parts and have different interpretations of the subject in question. Hence, the existence of Muslims who both support and condemn the actions and beliefs of IS, for example. Everyone has a unique cultural background and responds to various influences in different ways accordingly. Anyway, I’m not here to have a debate on religion, I just found it funny how strongly some people feel the need to express their non-belief of something, even when it is completely impertinent.

          1. No more than theists feel the need to express their beliefs when it’s impertinent. Anyways godisafairytale made an analogy, something people do all the time by comparing things to random other things. People rarely take issue with that. You’re either the analogy police, or your beliefs have been offended, from what I can tell.

          2. A very long-winded one that seemed like more of a rant than anything.

      2. The obsession some doctors have with disease is ironic too, isn’t it?

      3. Athiests usually know more about religion than your average believer.

    2. Why is it wrong to make fun of all groups of people except Christians? There is an extremist portion of every group (even this web site). Make fun of Christians because no one does anything. Make fun of extremist Muslims and you either have your post removed or your head removed.

      1. No, it’s not wrong. Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Christians and New Age folks have equally silly beliefs. But thanks for judging.
        Did you have some feedback on the actual comment about objective flexibility testing?

      2. It’s ok to make fun of silly atheists. The masters of false analogies.

    3. So nobody’s going to address the actual issue? You’re just going to cry about how deeply my analogy offended your delicate sensibilities?
      It was an analogy. It worked in the context, I use dozens of analogies on this site and others to make a point; you guys just chose to be fake outraged at this one.

      Let’s talk about the issue. Scientific, measurable, repeatable, falsifiable, objective flexibility testing on phones – I would love to see this! We have some pretty exhaustive tests done by sites like ifixit (repairability/modularity), DisplayMate (displays), TechRax on Youtube (ridiculous torture tests, not terribly scientific) or Anandtech (everything else). I haven’t seen anyone do objective flexibility tests though…

  13. Apple is going to have these guys arrested for stealing company secrets. The iPhone 6 bends for a very specific reason. Apple was planning to take all the old iPhone 6 and 6+ leftover stock next year and bend them all and call it The new iPhone( the S model reservation has been removed for the cool (. The patent on the open parenthesis will look great next to their patent on rounded corners.

  14. Now apple is going to sue “iPhone was the first to bend”

  15. What a very UNscientific way of testing durability. This guy doesn’t even know how much force he’s using. And these aren’t steel bars that are unbendable by human force.

  16. You gotta love how his baby hands are nearly shaking at one point during his scientific “stress test”. This guy needs to get off unemployment and get a real job.

  17. Wow, this guy is famous! When will tickets go on sale so we can see him at Madison Square Garden?

  18. Truly, the old movie “Idiocracy” becomes a reality now. Why don’t they put their hands in the kitchen sink disposal machine and yell then post about #chopgate?

  19. He really had to stress that one specific area of the phone to make any real changes though. Doesn’t look like that would happen naturally.

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