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How do you turn $19 into a never-ending revenue stream? You invest that money in this Android fundamentals programming bundle.* Yes, for less than twenty bucks you can gain access to close to 10 hours of educational content, including over 105 lectures, that will help your learn and master everything you need to know to start publishing your own apps on the Google Play Store.

Learn & Master Android Programming Fundamentals – $19

What’s that, you say? You have absolutely zero programming experience? You won’t need it where we’re going. This set of lessons is designed for the absolute beginner and covers the ins and outs of creating and designing applications for Android in precise detail. The best part (other than the price)? You need only an internet-connected device and web browser to get started. Also included are working files so you can practice the concepts of each lesson as you go.

With these courses you will discover how to manipulate Android APIs, take advantage of system resources in your apps, and add animation and graphics. Concepts also include interfacing with device sensors, reading and writing to internal storage and SQLite databases, and more.

The total package would typically be valued at $99, but you’ll save 80% when buying through our deals site. For less than the price of dinner and a movie you will be well on your way to creating the next big app craze for Android. That’s a hard deal to turn down.

* no guarantee you will create the next Flappy Bird or otherwise earn boatloads of cash off of your app creations

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  1. I’ve always wanted to learn to code…even went as far as checking out code(dot)org to try out their little lessons on coding…I’m seriously considering this Android Programming deal…even if I don’t make the next Flappy Bird….

    1. Back in college (last year) our professor pointed us to “codecademy” to learn coding. I’ve toyed around with it but haven’t gone much further. Need to get deeper into it since my IT degree hasn’t gotten me a career yet…..

      1. Same here smdh!

      2. Had a friend going to school a few years back that didn’t know what they wanted to do with their degree program. I told them to look into programming/coding for mobile platforms. They laughed and asked me why they would want to do that. I guess they lacked foresight.

        1. You can learn for free if you have the time and a good will :

          First learn “java” , and after that, learn Android.

          1. Nice! Thanks for that! Already signed up for the Udemy course posted in comments and came across a free Java course at Udemy but more resources is good to have.

          2. Good luck.

          3. Thank you

          4. If you wish, there is a cool app on Android that you can program in various ways. I think it includes at least programming in Java and Android:
            AIDE –
            This way, you can develop Android apps inside Android.
            It’s quite slow though, at least on my device. Maybe it’s best to run it on a tablet.

          5. Cool! Thank you! I’ll put it on my wishlist for now until I get further along and can actually do something with it.

  2. Do these courses use the new Android Studio or Eclipse?

    1. Comments in the original are saying Eclipse.

  3. Just bought this!

  4. I just signed up to this one. Big discount and also uses Android Studio instead of Eclipse.

    Edit – A big discount is got through Udemy’s Android app. I paid $29

    1. If I buy this and learn, will I be behind the curve once L is released?

      1. I think you have to realise that programming is more than just the end product of design. There are fundamentals which you have to learn first. Learning to code isnt something that’ll take just a couple of weeks, so actually, you’ll always be behind the curve.

        1. I know this. Maybe let me be more specific… Will learning to code with an old SDK be worth it?

          1. I think if you’re just an iteration or two behind then it will be still worth to learn it. You can always refer to the Change Log/Feature list of the newly released versions to see what has changed and adapt to that if required. Basically, you have to start somewhere and you’ll surely find the way :-)

            Good luck!

    2. Thanks for this! Just signed up for this one instead of the one in the article after friends told me to just skip Eclipse and start out with AS.

  5. I guess this is useful for non-tech folks. But for folks that have bit of programming touch, I guess there are a ton of articles / tutorials on the net, let alone android site itself. A bit overwhelming.. But a good start.

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