Motorola Droid Turbo will come equipped with a massive 3,900mAh battery


Motorola EQ40 Droid Turbo battery

Earlier this week, a mysterious Motorola device tried to sneakily make its way past the FCC undetected. While initially thought to be the Motorola Nexus 6, its reported size hinted more towards the rumored (now leaked) Motorola Droid Turbo. Inside the FCC filing we found the typical tests and paperwork, but there was also mention of an accessory list which, in addition to revealing the device coming with Motorola’s Turbo Charger, listed the part number for the device’s battery (EQ40).

As many of you saw, yesterday, the Motorola Droid Turbo was finally exposed thanks to its leaked user manual, giving us an early look at its relatively uninspired 2010 design. While the user manual was a great resource for us, it didn’t actual specify the exact battery capacity, only saying it would have a “high capacity long lasting battery.”

Fast forward to today where a resourceful young man tweeted out a battery for the Motorola Droid Turbo on a Chinese parts website — the same EQ40 model number from the FCC filing — and you wont believe its reported size: 3,900mAh. Sweet, Jehoshaphat.

While a higher resolution 2K display is sure to take a toll on battery life, we were confident the Droid Turbo would, at the very minimum, match the 3,500mAh battery of last year’s Motorola Droid Maxx. Maybe a 200mAh more — tops. But this? This is madness. Just as a quick comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a nice sized 2,800mAh battery, topped by the Sony Xperia Z3 at 3,100mAh.

With Project Volta arriving with Android L and the Motorola Droid Turbo likely one of the first devices to receive it (if it not launch with Android L), expect a phone that could outlive any other. How’s that for a killer feature?


Chris Chavez
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  2. Yeah, but it probably has a Verizon logo on the front so nobody wants this phone.

    1. Good point, after all last year’s Droids had the logo on the front…oh wait, no they didn’t. I guess you’re just an idiot.

  3. I still talk to a lot of people who ask me, “What phones should I buy” and when I ask them, “what features are important to you?” they’ll say “battery life”. There aren’t a lot of great phones that focus on battery life as a priority, so I usually tell people to get a phone with a removal battery and then buy an extended battery.

    It’d be much easier to just tell people, “Motorola Droid Turbo is best if you’re looking for great battery life.”

    As mentioned on the podcast, Verizon has kind of outdone themselves on the “Droid” name and Motorola doesn’t particularly seem to like it either. Why not just have a couple “Droid” phones that get updates every year and keep a consistent name?

    There is definitely a place for a phone that focuses on battery and 3900 mAh is pretty beastly.

    1. Who knows, maybe they invested in rapid charging because the 2K screen chews up battery life. Only time will tell.

    2. I have a feeling instead of releasing a droid ulta/droid maxx/droid mini…their just going to release the moto droid…and itll be this phone one phone to stomp them all…i truly doubt this phone will be called the droid turbo

      1. It is indeed terribly named the Turbo. User manual was leaked yesterday confirming it.


    ok, I’ve picked myself up, I’ve stopped the kicking and screaming, and will now sob quietly in the corner :-(

    1. LOL great question. That would’ve have been absolutely awesome! Would’ve cost too much? I dunno..

    2. Maybe, just MAYBE…. Google will blind side everyone and launch this as the Nexus 5 (2014)? Eh? Ehhhhh?

      1. That would be amazing, but it’s kind of like dreaming I have the winning Powerball ticket. I can dream how cool it would be, but I know it’s never going to happen.

    3. Let’s hope for a 5.2″ to 5.5″ screen smaller Nexus with this phone as template. The space occupied by the capacitive buttons could provide more screen space on a device with onscreen keys.
      Seriously if given a choice of which device to use as template for the new Nexus (the bigger Moto X or the Droid Turbo)…i will go with the Droid Turbo with its 21 MP back camera, 5.2″ screen and that 3900mAh battery. This would’ve been the perfect scenario/template for the Nexus 6(X)

      Or Motorola should make an unlocked version without those capacitive buttons, but probably with a little more screen space, multi-mode Global bands and unleash this beast to all and everyone who wants one. I hope Google has a nice surprise for us with a 5.2″ screen Nexus akin to this device. Fingers crossed.

  5. Well I originally thought Motorola just couldn’t fit a nice battery in there. Why the Motto X only has 2300 Mah? Why? Why?

    Phone is too perfect

  6. this should have been the motox !! The screen resolution is overkill though. I dare anyone to put a 1080p phone next to a 1440p(2.5k) phone and tell me if there is a big difference

    1. a difference would be noticeable if displaying 2k content. however, content is hardly ever of the 2k variety.

      1. …unless you’re building a Google Cardboard setup around it. When it’s 2″ from your face you may notice a difference.

        1. you’d be able to notice at around 8 inches away as well… which is about how far i hold my cell phone. I can notice the difference in 1080p wall paper and 2k wall paper. It’s not THAT much of a difference worth the hit on battery life, but a difference does exist.

  7. If anything kills the iPhone it will be the option to have these huge batteries. I have a Z Ultra and an iPhone 6 and the Ultra kicks the crap out of the 6 on battery life, despite a 6.4″ screen.

  8. I want this phone unlocked to use on att

    1. If it keeps up with how Verizon does their phones, you should be able to get an unlocked one for GSM use.

    2. You don’t need to unlock it. It will come factory UNLOCKED. Both T-Mobile and AT&T will get LTE.

  9. my OG Moto G can easily go for 2 days on its 2070 mah battery so I’m betting that this will also. Motorola seems to have really done a good job on power consumption with their latest phones. Will be interesting to see how the 5.2″ 2K screen affects battery life but with a 3900mah battery I’m guessing it’ll go 2 days easy also.

  10. If only the front looked like the Droid HD…i would loveeeee this phone…i hate the fact it has physical buttons and that droid bionic front look meh

  11. this phones going to be a monster though…i honestly wanna play with it and figure out how to finagle and get one lol

  12. This battery should be in my G3. 3000mAh is not enough for that screen.

  13. Sick and tired of Verizon getting all the battery life for their network and makes the X phone is just plan shitty looking

  14. They win. The holidays are theirs.

  15. Warming up the $!

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