Oct 9th, 2014

Nexus 5 unboxing featured

If last year’s sudden Nexus 5 launch wasn’t a big enough clue for you, we’d say we’re not too far off from Google announcing a followup sometime this month as well. They didn’t give a specific date, but according to 3 sources out of The Wall Street Journal, Google is planning just that, with the Nexus 6 — Google’s new phablet — being made official any day now.

Running with Google’s recent naming scheme, the Nexus 6 is fixin’ to be an exceptionally large smartphone that will help Google compete in the phablet market, one currently dominated by the likes of Samsung and soon, Apple (if they can keep up with demand). There was no mention of pricing, but it’s interesting that recent Nexus 6 leaks show a phone identical to Motorola’s Moto X (2nd Gen), only larger and with the Nexus name on the back. Typically, Google contracts an OEM to build an entirely separate model (usually with cheaper parts to help keep costs down). It’ll be interesting to see if any corners were cut and if not, what the unlocked pricing will look like.

Apple is planning an October 16th event and with rumors of Google also announcing a Nexus 9 tablet along with the Nexus 6, it would make sense for Google to try and get a jump on Apple by announcing their new product portfolio a day before (or the day of?) the event. But that date is closing in fast and without hide or hair of any invites being sent out to press, expect another lowkey blog post for the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 like Google did with last year’s Nexus 5.

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