[Update] Did the Nexus 6 just sneak into the FCC?


Motorola Shamu leak Nexus 6 X

A new Motorola-made device has popped up in the FCC, and if the accompanying documents are anything to go by it could be the Motorola-made Nexus 6 we’re expecting to see Google and company debut in the weeks or months to come.

The listing doesn’t tell us much that we didn’t already know, but we do get confirmation for which networks this specific version will support. The listing tells tales of LTE Cat 5, 4, 2, 7 and 17 radios, as well as GSM/WCDMA 850MHz and 1900MHz. That pretty much confirms full compatibility for both AT&T and T-Mobile, something we’ve always expected from unlocked Nexus devices. CDMA versions for Sprint and / or Verizon are still up in the air as this listing doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility of seeing other variants arrive through the FCC’s gates.

nexus 6 fcc dimensions

We also learn that the device will support NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi AC, though that stuff is usually par for the course in the land of Nexus. The dimensions listed in the device do seem to support rumors that we’ll be seeing a 5.9-inch handset, as 154.49mm diagonally translates to about 6.082 inches (add a bit of room for bezel and whatnot).

Another document within the listing shows where the FCC label might appear on the device. We’re not sure if this outline is to be taken as 100% true to form, but it does look an awful lot like the Nexus renders and leaks we’ve seen to date.

nexus 6 fcc label

Its arrival at the FCC may not foreshadow an immediate announcement or launch, but this is good indication that Google and Motorola are close to finalizing the product and will have something to share that they’re legally able to sell. Let’s just hope Halloween doesn’t come and go without word on its arrival.

[Update]: Looks like this could be a different Motorola device altogether. It appears this device shares the exact same dimensions with Verizon’s Motorola DROID Turbo that was spotted at the FCC a few weeks ago. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is the 6-inch diagonal form factor — the DROID Turbo is rumored to be coming with a 5.2-inch display (unless, of course, those previous benchmarks were just flat out fakes).

It’s possible this could be a GSM or worldwide variant of that same phone, or that the previous FCC leak was actually for a Verizon variant of the Nexus 6. Basically it all boils down to this — Motorola has a lot going on right now and they’re getting ready to shower us with the goods in a fair amount of time. We just hope it won’t take long to lay these guessing games to rest. [Thanks Defenestratus!]

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    1. Yep GSM Version

    2. Ah, that does make sense considering the identical dimensions. Thanks for the note! Updated.

      1. No need to thank me. Just passing along another possibility.

        I don’t think this is the GSM nexus and the one I linked to is the Verizon one because there’s no T-mobile band available on this one.

        The droid turbo is probably going to be like the old droids and have capacitive buttons instead of on-screen buttons so the dimensions of the overall device would be larger than what the screen size suggest.

    3. I don’t think so. I think this is the Nexus 6 and the Droid Turbo is the actual phone the Nexus 6 is based off of just like the Nexus 4 and 5 were based off of the G2 and G3. Just my guess.

      1. That’s also a possibility.

        1. At this point it’s all just a guessing game. We’ll know for sure soon enough.

  1. Sadly no band 12 for Tmo, if this the new Nexus, though I could imagine buying. I doubt it’s the GSM version of the droid turbo, since that’s a 5.2″ device.

  2. Just give me my Nexus 5 2014 !!!!

  3. no band 12??

  4. Give me a Nexus 4.7 2014!!!

  5. I just took a ruler to my droid maxx, the phone is almost 6″ diagonally and it only has a 5″ screen. The Turbo is supposed to have off screen buttons like the maxx, right? if so those dimensions sound on par for a very slight increase in overall foot print with smaller bezels and a larger screen.

    1. The dimensions shown are for the screen, not the phone.

      1. I see that now. Sorry for the confusion.

  6. I was hoping for a price leak today

    1. I’ve been wanting to replace my 2-year-old S3 with the Nexus 5 or Nexus 6 (assuming it’ll be available in Canada soon after the announcement and that it won’t be a ridiculously huge device overall). The waiting game is becoming a bit long, haha.

      1. Same boat. GS3 owner looking to upgrade….

        1. Neat. Anxiously awaiting some actual announcements and availability estimates.

      2. skip the N5, go straight for the N6, you won’t regret it.

  7. My guy at verizon said they will def have the nexus 6!! #waiting

  8. A phone with a 6″ display? Looks like another Nexus fail.

    First we have the Nexus 9 with a 4:3 display and now this, what the hell is wrong with Google? :S

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I am still crossing my fingers for a smaller Nexus 6 or a Nexus 5 2014. Also hoping that the Nexus 9 will look sleeker when we get som better pictures of it

  9. Just going to comment…if you take a very close look at the leaked photos of the Kevlar backed Motorola “Quark” phone from about 2 weeks ago, you will see etched at the bottom XT1254… just something to keep in mind as these FCC and spec leaks come out.
    Also, with capacative buttons for “Quark”, the body would have to be bigger than the usable screen.

  10. there is much “about” with three decimal places. 6.082 inches …. surely that’s about 6.1 inches

    1. Say what?

  11. May be this is a childish thought. But Nexus4: 4.7 inches, Nexus5: 5 inches, Nexus6: 6 inches? Maybe the Nexus line manager at Google is too superstitious and just play safe by following the pattern? I bet you that in 2030 (in 16 years), the Nexus 22 will have a screen somewhere close to a tiny 22 inches.

  12. Gotta say the nexus six sounds appetizing… I’m rocking a one plus right now and it’s an excellent phone but that said I really like nexus/stock android phones…I’d dig the six inch plus screen as well. To each their own. But this is my phone for the end of 2014 and I was considering the apple iPhone six and the note four as well. At the end L wins out.

  13. I was really hoping for a single North American SKU like the N5. The flexibility of the N5 allows the user to switch between carriers like Ting and T-Mobile. I have a Tab S 8.4 so I don’t personally need the screen size of this device.. I was planning on selling my N5 and Tab S 8.4 for the N6 and 9 but I don’t think it’s in the cards with these frequencies.

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