Verizon’s Xperia Z3v is a souped up version of Sony’s flagship, arrives October 23rd [VIDEO]


Sony Xperia Z3v Verizon Wireless

After rumors hinted as much, Verizon is here to finally make the Sony Xperia Z3v official. The phone, which is an exclusive version for their network, packs all the things you loved about the regular Z3, only brings a few additional hardware improvements to the table.

Most notably, Verizon’s version of the Z3 comes equipped with wireless charging and a slightly larger 3,200mAh battery (oddly enough, Sony says it’s still 3,100mAh). Everything else is your standard Xperia Z3 with a 5.2-inch 1080p display, 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB of internal storage, micro SD card slot, 20.7MP camera, and Sony’s trademark water resistance. Weird thing is, looking over the press images, it seems the body is actually the Xperia Z2 (no rounded edges) — the same one we saw leaked many moons ago.

Verizon says they plan to launch the phone on October 23rd for $200 with a 2-year agreement with the Sony SmartWatch 3 also joining the device later this month.


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  1. But what about a release date for T-Mobile?

  2. Helloooooo my next phone!

  3. Wow, I might buy this over the Note 4

    1. This is the debate I’m having right now. I love the waterproofing but I love the size and screen of the note 4.

  4. This would have been my next phone, if not for that hideous carrier branding on the front. Sorry, the way the front of my phone looks is important, and I know I’m not alone. This phone will be a flop. Too bad, since I’ve been waiting to see what they’d do with it.

    1. Wow. Sounds like something a chik would say…you’re not a chik are you? :)

    2. damn near all Verizon phones have carrier branding on the front… grow up or leave them.

      1. The G3, Windows phones, and the feature phones are the only ones with front Verizon labeling. That’s it. And even the G3s labeling is not as obnoxious. Everything other phone is free of the front labeling.

        And it does completely ruin the look of the phone. Admit it. If your ok with it, than good for you. BTW, Im not a chick, I’m just not going to renew my contract and spend $200 for something that will bug me until I get a new phone. I think any average Joe will compare this phone and the HTC One, the Note 4 and the Moto X (all front branded free) and feel the same way. For that reason, this phone is dead on arrival.

        1. Average Joe? No, you mean Borderline OCD Joe.

        2. quit your whining, that’s Verizon’s thing. deal with it

        3. You seem to be the sort of person that places undue importance on looks than what lies inside.

      2. I’ve got a Droid Maxx and a 2013 Verizon Moto X and neither have Verizon branding on the front panel.

    3. I’m so glad I don’t think this way.

    4. Verizon’s branding on devices and it’s penny-grabbing practices are freakin’ ridiculous. They are the scourge of mobile service providers in the U.S.

  5. Come to me my precious, beautiful phone……

  6. i hope sony xperia fails, infact i hope they fail as a mobile platform……………………………………………………..how in the HECK, you offer something as sexy as this, and only allow it to be sold as a verizon exclusive, dam i hope yall stop the BS and offer other places, Like AT&T perhaps

    1. hey you idiot, if you have at&t how’s about you buy one unlocked?

      1. I lol’d


    2. It’ll be on Tmo too… and you can always buy it unlocked for ATT like I did for the Z1C

  7. The T-Mobile is better IMHO.

  8. where the f— is the z3 compact!?

    1. VZW no getting. Real, real bummer.

    2. You get no choice. You gotta buy a big phone.

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  9. microSD (yay!). Dedicated camera button FTW!
    No more low-res selfies or couples shots.

    I do wish they’d stop putting the headphone and charger ports on opposite sides (top & bottom). Makes using it in the car more difficult when you can’t use a cup/phone holder. My GNex doesn’t have this problem.

    1. That is the single complaint I have about this device, it’s still a beauty!

      1. Yea, I’m totally getting this. I’ve been saving an alternate upgrade, so I can keep my unlimited.

    2. I do agree with you. Only complaint on mine. I switched to a bluetooth receiver for my car relatively cheaply and it was a great choice. Especially since it supports APTX it still sounds really good.

      1. My car (’10 Passat) doesn’t support bluetooth stereo (only phone) if you didn’t also buy the overpriced gps navigation package. I saw the “enable bluetooth audio” option in the stereo’s menu, so i truly got giped. When i asked about it later at my first free dealer oil change they called VW, which said it was a bug. The software option shoulda been removed in my package :(

        As for getting a 3rd party, I’ve found that the bass is pretty bad on bluetooth.

        1. Do you have the multiCD player on your Passat? I’ve got a 11 Jetta that has just the multiCD player and it supports the bluetooth audio (bought that previously mentioned adaptor before getting this car). It was super finicky to get working though, but it did indeed work. Not sure if that’s helpful or not (or if they even use the same radio).

          1. after 2010 VW usa changed the passat & jetta lines. they’re different cars than the 05-10 line.

          2. Well damn, sorry to hear that man. If you’re willing to give an adapter a try, the Kinivo BTC450 with APTX support got rid of the shitty bass that bluetooth usually has.

        2. Protip, connect your phone, start playing music and then click on the Bluetooth button for audio. For some reason I cant click bluetooth until my phone is playing music, it just stays grayed out.

  10. Now I am torn. Moto x, Droid turbo, or this? All have great pros and cons.

  11. Fucking massive VZW logos included, free of charge.

    *sigh* 12 months left ’til my upgrade.

    Also, Z3v Compact, please.

  12. I’ve been waiting so long for this confirmation and release date, somehow I’m disappointed. I like to think that I don’t care about the design, but honestly it’s a bummer for me to not have the new body. The Z3v is larger in every dimension than the T-Mo version.

    Phandroid editors note, Xperia.com lists the Z3v with the same 3100 mAh battery as the regular Z3. I guess the Qi charging is what made Sony use the different body? :( Not sure if worth it…

    1. I like the addition of the wireless charging a lot. You’ll prolong the life of that flap that helps to keep the phone waterproof. I think it’s a good sacrifice.

      1. strange since sony had the charging dock

        1. Sony charging dock is definitely nice. I just feel there are more options out there for wireless charging, especially if you use your phone with a case. Most wireless chargers will let you charge through the case. I imagine with the Sony dock, you’d have to take the case off in most instances in order for it to line up properly with the contacts.

          1. I case on an xperia? NOOOOOOO!!! j/k

          2. Haha..my thoughts exactly. I personally go caseless on a phone after the 1st month or so. I have a case just to baby the phone until i know the ins and outs of the phone better and feel comfortable with it.

    2. Weird about Sony’s site listing a 3,100mAh battery but it’s not the first time we’ve seen a typo on their site. Verizon says 3,200mAh though: http://www.verizonwireless.com/news/article/2014/10/sony-xperia-z3v-waterproof-playstation-4-gaming-with-remote-play-photography-and-verizon-4g-lte.html

      1. its most likely since it kept the same z2 body, they kept the battery the same as well. what are you going to do with the extra space in the device using the same body? thats just my personal thoughts however.

  13. I watched the entire 24 minute Cnet blog.

    Pumped this is coming.

    Bumned no compact. Also bummed they showed only black and white.. no copper, red, etc.

    I may end up passing as this “was” my dream phone for so many reasons. Now, with the modified body, massive logos, limited colors, no compact (I am not a fan of huge phones), meh.. might have lost me after all of my excited waiting.

    1. It’s missing the IR blaster as well

      1. sony phones tend to not be equipped with those

        1. I noticed :(

      2. Don’t most cable providers have apps for their STBs ?? mine does.

    2. You echo my thoughts! I might still get it, but now it’s a LOT closer contest with the Moto X (especially the extended-battery Droid version).

  14. When do the Z3 and Z3 Compact come out for AT&T and T-Mobile?

  15. I hope this phone flops and peopel are giving it away on ebay next year

    1. Why?

      1. So I can buy it cheap and use it on T-Mobile, people under value some phones on Verizon, hell bought a droid ultra for under 130 in august

        1. Would the Verizon version work on T-Mobile @ 0.o

          1. Vz world phones must be unlocked completely I used droid ultra and droid 3 on T-Mobile

  16. I just want to know why… why, Verizon… why??? With the old body? :'(

    If the reason is good enough, I can get over it and buy this phone.

    1. Is the old body style that horrible? I think it still looks great.

      1. Oh, the old body isn’t bad, it’s just that the NEW one is that much better! Smaller in every dimension but with the same screen, and lighter also. I’m sure it feels darn nice in the hand, also.

        It’s more about expectations – I was expecting the new body in the Verizon version (because why wouldn’t I?), and I didn’t get it.

        1. Maybe Verizon phones require more internal space or something. I agree it’s lame though.

        2. Could it be larger to accommodate wireless charging and a very slightly stronger battery? I actually think it looks great, I personally prefer the squared-off sides look, but also understand the disappointment. I am looking forward to that wireless charging!

      2. I own the Z2 and I love the more squared edges, but with that said they really shouldn’t be getting a pass on this. The specs are already so similar on each Xperia release that an improved body is one of the only upgrades. Imagine if LG just released the G2 again with very slightly upgraded internals and called it the G3. But it’s even worse because Sony DID release a new phone Verizon customers just aren’t getting it.

  17. Verizon’s hardware modems must be larger than typical GSM carriers or something for them not to get the compact.

    1. Nope. Other phones remain the same size with Verizon modems inside along with others for other carriers.

      1. Maybe they design the phones with Verizon in mind, so they allow extra space for the modem. Another thing that makes me think Verizon’s hardware modems must be bigger is because the OG Moto X was eventually released in 64 GB, but not for Verizon, perhaps not enough room for the extra 32GB?

        1. Unless they’re using 2 32GB memory chips to achieve 64GB (which I doubt) there would be no difference in size.

          1. Thats what I thought to, but I just find its odd they left Verizon out. I still think Verizons modem setup might be bigger than the other carriers. After all CDMA is the oddball, then you have to throw in a LTE radio as well. I dunno though.

  18. Son of a biscuit eater, don’t frigging believe it.
    Not April the first, what gives?
    VZW getting the Sony Z3, darn might have to give up “unlimited” data.

    1. buy it at full retail and you can keep unlimited data :)

      1. That option has crossed my mind.
        Fudge, decisions, decisions.

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