LG confirms G Watch R launch for next week



In case the reports form Korean press didn’t convince you, perhaps official word from LG will. The company has recently confirmed that the LG G Watch R will, in fact, be launching in their home country of South Korea starting next week, October 14th. Unfortunately the company still hasn’t indicated when they’ll get around to bringing the thing to Europe, North America or other regions, though history tells us they want wait too long to deliver to to the rest of us.

With that, we also don’t get final word on pricing details, though we’re sure to gain a pretty good idea once it hits retailers’ store shelves next week. The LG G Watch R is the second circular Android Wear smart watch to hit the scene, and it’s gained a lot of attention due to its sporty looks and seemingly solid build quality. Whether that’s enough to pull people away from the mesmerizing Moto 360 remains to be seen, but we sure can’t wait to see how these two stack up to each other.

[via LG]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

[Update] Did the Nexus 6 just sneak into the FCC?

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  1. I only wish that new Samsung watch was android wear… I’d buy that in an instant

  2. I’d like to see this in Silver and with a metal band

  3. Considering that the Moto 360 isn’t even available outside of the United States, and is continuously out of stock, I may just pick up one of these instead.

    1. considering the price and the characteristics of the two smartwatches, I think the LG is greatly advantaged

      1. If 360 had a more modern lower power CPU/display I’d actually pay more for it, but am interested to see the reviews of LGs before deciding – I do want round/circular either way. If Moto is smart, they’ve already got a premium 2.0 watch in the works, ready to launch before Apple releases theirs. Would send a powerful message how behind Apple is.

  4. on Amazon the G Watch R is on preorder for 269€, but only on the .fr site… hope it arrives soon in Europe :) because if the price difference with the Moto 360 is only 10-20 euros, I think I’ll go for the LG, more powerful cpu and battery, no crack defects on the back plate, 100% compatible with 22mm watch bands, probably only the really huge dimensions will let me think 2 times on it…

  5. This is the first “circular” smart watch / Android Wear display. We can all agree that the Moto 360 is “round” or, at least, round-ish… but it’s not a circle.

    Give them credit for being first, even if you prefer the other one.

  6. IMHO this watch looks much better than the 360. The 360 is extremely round and odd looking. This looks more like a traditional watch and is more appealing to my taste (based on press photos). FWIW I bought a 360 and sold it after trying it on.

    1. I’m sorry but I highly doubt that.

  7. Pricing? Anyone know it?

    I’m to lazy to Google it. :)

  8. When in USA? That’s my question.

  9. I like the 360 but this has me interested in it very much cause it looks like a real watch. I want to see it in action,hope the bezel works too

  10. this lg g watch r will be amazing,, i always admire circular watches n dis 1 is an android wear,, amazing… check more about lg g watch r here

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