Someone carved a Nexus 6 out of wood and compared against the Nexus 4 and 7



It’s probably the last thing we thought we’d see today, but after taking a look at a mockup of the Nexus 6 from the other day, one resourceful Redditor took to making his own. Out of wood. He carved a Nexus 6 out of wood. Yup.

Taking the measurements of its rumored 5.9-inch display and using the carefully crafted mockup, he was able to punch in the measurements into a DPI calculator to come up with a 73.5mm by 13.06mm display. He then printed it out, and began carving out a 3D mockup made out of wood. Excessive? A bit. But it’s also damn cool and we applaud the man for it.

Nexus 6 mockup wood 4aPuZHS

Putting it up against his Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, we get a better idea of exactly the kinda size we’re talking about here with the phone dwarfing the Nexus 4, but not coming anywhere near the gargantuan size of the Nexus 7. Seems the phone will definitely be big, but not stupid big. For one last illustration, you can see the phone in reference to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus with the Nexus 6 size calculated using the same method above. The small bezels help keep the overall size down, measuring in just a hair smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus.

What do you think? Seems this year’s Nexus could be targeting a smaller niche market of phablet enthusiasts. If so (and Google doesn’t come out of left field with a Nexus 5 2014 model), we could be passing on this year’s Nexus for the first time in forever and sticking it out with the new Moto X (2nd Gen) Pure Edition.

Nexus 6 mockup vs iPhone 6 Plus Galaxy Note 4

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  1. Eh?

  2. Not only will I be passing on this Nexus phablet (also for the first time), but Moto X 2014 is no go either… still a bit too big and missing wireless charging. After having it in my last 2 phones, sure I can live without it but why should I? What kind of “upgrade” is that?

    1. The battery size and lack of Qi in the Moto X is a huge disappointment for what is probably the best smartphone on the market right now.

  3. a paper printout would have been just as illustrative and a lot less work.

    1. But wood is, you know…. more premium.

      1. Next up, the Apple iWood for those who love, well wood

      2. You didn’t think you’d get out of here without a “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID”……….

    2. How would a paper printout help with determining how it feels in your hand? Thickness has a lot to do with how easy it is to use one hand to operate a phone. This also helps him figure out how it fits in his pocket.

  4. Facepalm because he doesn’t have a Nexus 5

  5. I’m still up in the air, but seeing the size comparisons here and those that people posted, I think I could live with it. We’ll see.

  6. Haha this would be the one year I’d actually buy a Nexus device since the OG Nexus One if these dimensions are true.

  7. Well, he could have put it next to a Nexus 5 though.

  8. he carved it out of wood? AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!!!

    1. He got himself a cold pop

  9. The “phablet” market is far greater than the Nexus market.

  10. So sick of hearing “This will be the first nexus that I pass on.” For every person that says this, there’s probably another, like me, who says “This is the first nexus that appeals to me”.

    1. The minority always tend to be more vocal than the majority.

      1. The irony. The parent comment being the most popular. :)

  11. That last picture has made me fall in love with the screen real estate.

    1. I agree, 5.9″ sounds unmanageable, but in that mock-up next to comparable devices. It downright sells it for me

  12. This guy is MY HERO!

  13. IF IN FACT it turns out to be THAT big, they’ve lost a lot of customers.
    My mom loves her Nexus 4 and after letting her use my note 2 for two months, she was very clear that it was TOO big – and I would agree. I thought the 5″ was perfect!? What happened?

    1. Can you believe that 3-4 years ago we all laughed our aces off at people placing calls on their Dell phone. Forgot what it was, but strangely enough it was about this size.

      1. I still laugh at them.

    2. And wasn’t 3.5″ the perfect size?

      1. Who said it was the perfect size other than Apple executives? 3.5″ is too small and 5.5″ is too big. If my Moto X 2013 had a better camera and screen I would use it as my daily driver instead of my Nexus 5.

  14. The width is most concerning. Looks a good bit wider than the Note.

  15. The hand in the picture must be able to palm a truck tire. It doesn’t even look big except next to the tablet oddly.

    1. I can easily palm an N7 2014. That’s the beauty of 7″. And it fits in the pants nicely too, I mean pants pocket.
      I’ll give this beast a try, I’ve been dreaming of Moto Nexus for almost 3 years now, ever since RAZR.

    2. I just thought – anyone who’s able to carve a phone out of wood, should have hands like that ;)

  16. It is too big, no matter how many times people try to say it isn’t

    1. Its not too big. Clearly people are willing to buy devices this large. Hell the iPhone 6+ sold buhjillions already and has a significantly smaller screen and a LARGER device footprint.

      I’m so happy that I’m not stuck with a Samsung device for once in the large screen space. It’s been hell living with touchwiz on my Note 3 after living in nearly stock google bliss on my Galaxy Nexus.

      1. Overcompensate much?

      2. We don’t know how many iPhone 6 pluses were sold and I don’t think it was much.

      3. Yes people are willing to buy large devices, there is nothing wrong with that, what is wrong though is people trying to justify their purchase by saying that this device is not big, this thing is huge, and this is a fact that cannot be changed, if you want it, go right ahead, but for a company that releases one device per year, this is toooooooo big

        1. Yes people are willing to buy small devices, there is nothing wrong with that, what is wrong though is people trying to justify their purchase by saying that this device is not too small, this thing is small, and this is a fact that cannot be changed, if you want it, go right ahead, but for a company that releases one device per year, this is toooooooo small.

          -All Nexus buyers, circa 2012 and 2013, who desire a larger Nexus phone.

          You detractors have had the “perfect size” Nexus for two years now. Quit bellyaching now that those of us who have been hoping for a larger Nexus are finally getting it.

        2. Saying this device is “huge” and “too big to just be called a phone” is silly to me. Is a phone with a 4.3″ huge? It sure seemed that way when I first got my Droid X, but it doesn’t seem that way today. What about 4.65″? The Galaxy Nexus once again seemed so much bigger than any other phone I’d ever owned when I got it. I bet your phone size is something that was considered “huge” or “too big” by many people just a few years ago. It’s all about what you’re used to and how you perceive things. A phone with a 6 inch screen is tiny compared to a cruise ship, the space station, a SMART car (which most people consider tiny), or even a Sony Xperia Z Ultra. This is still a smartphone, no matter how many other labels you try to attach to it.

          1. Again, just more excuses, when is a phone too big? Never? when you can answer that honestly to yourself, then you are ready to talk, not before

            A few years ago doesn’t really matter, we are talking about October 2014, and by today’s standards, this is a phablet, and it is called a phablet because it has left the phone category, and it has left the phone category because of the size, do you follow????

            No one is denying it is a smartphone or not, this is about the size, stop drinking the kool-aid and recognize that the thing is huge, small hands, big hands, compared to a Galaxy Nexus or a Nexus 5, whether it’s the perceptions of me or of someone else, the size remains the same, it is a darn big phone, what is wrong with you people, lmao

          2. OK. It is a “darn big phone”. You won your first internet argument.

    2. Subjective no matter how many times people say it.

      At least for me it doesn’t seem too large. It’s right in between the OnePlus One and 6+. I have both and honestly they seem like they’re about the same size so I wouldn’t complain with a Nexus 6.

      1. This is an excuse really, subjectivity will determine if one buys this or not, and there is nothing wrong with wanting a big device, objectively though, there comes a time when a device is too big to just be called a phone, that’s why we invent terms like phablet, and people will call a 5.5 inch device a phablet and this falls squarely in that category, it’s at the upper end actually

        1. Call it Rumplestiltskin if you want to… who gives a crap? Objectively, there comes a time when you should at least attempt to realize that you’re spouting opinion and trying to get others to agree with your arbitrary definitions. It’s just not going to happen, and the more you defend it, the more desperate it looks.

          I understand that you’re miffed that your annual upgrade cycle is broken. I “get it,” I really do. But you know what? All hope is not completely lost. The Moto X Pure Edition is about as damn close to a Nexus as you can get, and in truth, I think I’d still rather have the X than the Nexus were the two identical in size. Moto’s software tweaks are quite cool.

          1. No it is not an opinion, and I don’t need anyone to agree with me, the phone is too big at 5.9 inches, everyone wants to make excuses for their own choices and that’s the problem here

            As I said before, this is a phablet, do you know what that means, it means that it has gone past the size to be considered just a phone by normal societal standards, phablets are niche and considerably less people buy them based on ONE thing, the size, and guess what, there are people who would buy this phone based on one thing, the size, that means the size here is a big factor, now if you want to deny that, no problem by me, but it still is too big for most, that is not even debatable really

          2. Okay.

  17. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I wish Google followed Apple’s lead and introduced 2 sized devices. The 6 is too big for me, Z3 compact may be the way to go for me.

    1. I’m too waiting on the Z3 compact..every hour or so I look for updates on the availability on T-Mobile. It seems as the Z3 will be supported by carriers while the Z3 compact will be available in the U.S. but unlocked… God I hope I’m wrong.

      1. On the bright side…. The compact is cheaper. 350 euros is what I have seen people paying.

      2. Sony’s press conference is October 9th, so we should know more by then. Maybe the Compact will be available directly through Sony?

    2. Actually, I do believe that Motorola might of stated something about there being the possible “mini” this time around for the Nexus line. If that is true then all bets are off.

      1. 1) Delete Moto software tweaks from device image, effectively loading AOSP image.
        2) Create new listing on Play store.
        3) ???
        4) PROFIT!

        Yeah, that doesn’t add the “NEXUS” branding that I think most believe will be on the Nexus 6, but otherwise, you’re there. Really, I’d rather they just leave the NEXUS embossing off of it if it’s also going to have the Moto “dot” on the back. The render being floated now just looks clunky with all that on the back, IMO.

        1. Don’t know for sure, but I am guessing that the Nexus will be priced lower than the Moto X Pure.

          1. Then Step 4 certainly applies for Motorola. LOL

    3. You could get a pure moto x 2014

  18. I wonder if he used wood from a Lemon tree? O.o

  19. [Insert perverse joke about wood and the size of the phone here]
    On a more serious “Note” that phone is pretty massive but looks a bit smaller then I expected.

    1. Even in the “more serious” part you included a pun.
      God I love the Internet.

      1. I said more serious not completely serious. And I like the internet as well it lets me run wild!

  20. That’s flipping huge! I guess moto only wants to sell like 1-5k of them, lol.

    1. Just because you hate the size, doesn’t mean the market does. Fun fact: The reason they’re getting bigger and bigger? Because that’s what the market keeps buying!

      Go and try an iPhone 6 Plus to make up your mind about the size. The Plus and N6 are nearly the same width.

      1. The iPhone 6 plus is gigantic. It’s not a phone for regular consumers.

        1. and based on these renders and size comparison mock-ups the N6 with a larger screen is smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus. I think Moto is doing it right!

          1. Why would I care that it’s slightly smaller than a gigantic phone?

      2. I’ve held a Note… I know the size dude. Too damn big for me.

    2. No, the iPhone 6+ is flipping huge!

  21. This will be my first Nexxus! Coming from a Note 3, prior Note 2 that have been awesome devices. But bigger is better, in this case. it is about time that it tops all other devices out there. Motorola is back !!(even though they got bought) I hope the build quality is as good as the old droid 1 and droid x was. Not bendy like the huge small screened iphone 6+

  22. “Wood” be an interesting chassis material choice but it might work well. no flexing, rugged, and depending on the wood used lightweight

  23. Think about that for a minute. A device with a 5.9″ display is actually smaller than a device with a 5.5″ display.

    1. this has been my same thought!

      1. Mine too, once I saw the specs in comparison.

  24. Oh lawd Jesus. This makes my cardboard Note II back in the day look effing sane by comparison.

    1. I made a cardstock Sony Xperia Z ultra once just to see how large it actually was.

  25. Really, really hope it turns out like this. Then I’m sold.

  26. given it’s footprint, if it has a large enough battery this might be an instant sell for me.

  27. It needs more than 3’500 mah to be an eligible phone for me. It is about the same size as the g flex (which is my current phone), but if the battery is weaker the battery life will be unacceptable. The screen will be more power hungry, if it is a qhd display. And the G flex is not as great as I hoped for. But maybe Android L will be demanding less from the battery.

    Personally I am looking forward to the new nexus. It has the size I like, and since it’s a nexus it will probably have a fair price.

    1. More efficient processor + Android L = better battery life. I’m feeling confident this will last much longer than any other Nexus has.

  28. Where’s the Nexus 5?

    1. On the play store and probably still available through the four major carriers.

  29. I’m curious to know what their final sales figures will be with this phone.

    1. I’ve never heard of any sales figures for any of their devices. But since we talking about Google, I’m pretty sure sales is not what drives the Nexus phones success. Its consumers and industry analysts acknowledging that this is the best android device out their for the purists and non purists alike.

  30. Looks good but will the bezels be that small. Looks easy enough to handle if it’s note 4 size.

  31. I have the nexus 5 and I just want too upgrade to a better mic, at least a day worth of battery, better low light pictures (and better selfie pictures lol) and a better speaker. other than that the nexus 5 is a great phone.

    1. I think HTC has a phone for you.

      1. Oneplus One?

    2. Just wait for her new HTC phone. It will be the answer to every android wish list.

  32. See here, it says “Nexus 6 will be just like Moto X”

  33. The Nexus 5 is already too big. I’m still sticking with my Nexus 4.

  34. These comments are funny. Too big. Lol. I’ve been using a nexus 7 as my phone.

  35. Seems too thick, hope it is thinner in reality

  36. I’m really excited about the larger screen. I use my phone as a phone less and less, and more like a browser, photo editor, and email tool.

    The extra real estate is very appealing to me.

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