Always make sure sex is consensual with the Good2Go app, now available for Android [VIDEO]


Good2Go consensual sex app

What happens when you have a room filled filled college kids who’s hormones are practically dripping out of their young, tight, hot little bodies? Having heard stories and seen enough movies from the comfort of my parents’ basement, I can tell you there will be sex. Which is totally cool. You know, as long as it’s consensual. Of course, when you add alcohol to the mix, lines get blurred and sometimes a wing man in necessary to help steer you in the right direction.

But as a male a fully developed young male, how can you possibly decipher all of her mixed signals while avoiding the possibility of sexual assault? You get to her to download an app. Yes, we’re totally serious.

Good2Go app for Android

That’s the idea behind Good2Go, a new app now available on Android and iOS that looks to reduce the number of regretted sexual encounters. The app looks to take the awkwardness out of waking up next to a complete stranger by moving all that weirdness to the very first interaction — before any funny business.

Basically, when you find someone at a kegger or local house party you’d like to hook up with, you ask them if they’re “Good2Go?” by handing them your phone with the app open and roaring to go. The recipient then knows exactly what you’re intentions are and can respond accordingly.

If they are, in fact, “Good2Go” a follow up question will be asked to gauge their level of intoxication. Any answer will require the recipient enter a password to confirm their identity and the response is confidentially recorded. Answering “pretty wasted” option will prompt a warning from the app that the user is in no position to consent to anything. According to the app’s developers, the recipients information is completely private and not viewable by the owner of the phone. It’s like the ultimate wing app.

To be fair, we totally get what the app is trying to accomplish and getting our nation’s young people to make responsible sexual decisions (and avoid date rape) is admirable. There’s just something about having someone fill out a survey before agreeing to coitus that, not only sounds like it would kill the mood, but incredibly unrealistic no matter how tech savvy the kids are nowadays.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. ya, ok. Whatever!!

    1. So are you saying we’re good 2 go……? O_o

      1. Only if I’m not having to agree to a prenup. :P

      2. I can’t stop laughing Chris. The O_o was the icing on the cake. Well played sir.

  2. This app has the practical uselessness of the Yo app and makes a potentially awkward situation even more awkward and possibly terrifying. The creators of this app must be truly desperate to try and money from this.

  3. It’s sad that something like this is needed.

    1. It’ll be even worse when you have to use this app to kiss your partner, or risk being left exposed to a “sexual assault” accusation… I’m still waiting to see if this is a joke app from The Onion.

    2. It’s not needed.

    3. No, it’s sad that the App and Play stores allowed this pitiful excuse for an app to be allowed into the stores.

  4. I think it’s brilliant!

  5. “hormones are practically dripping out of their and tight, hot, young little bodies”
    I knew Chris posted this as soon as I read this sentence haha xD

  6. yeah oky, now i need an app to tell me when/how/where i can take a dump

    1. ACTUALLY, one of my friends is developing an app that shows all public restrooms in a neighborhood along with the best times to use those bathrooms.

      Not sure if it’s out, but it’s definitely something you’d be interested in ;)

      1. The thought of this being such a life barrier that your friend decided to think up and put time into the app has me picturing him (or her) as Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly after the Indian restaurant.

        1. Most men’s public restrooms are a horrible, disgusting mess. You really, really want to use one of the few that aren’t if at all possible.

        2. Haha yeah I didn’t really think it was weird until now. Then again, I believe he helped with the RunPee app also and that really took off. Maybe he has some infatuation with knowing EXACTLY when and where his urine is leaving.

      2. This is so perfect for me. I hate walking into a restaurant and it’s all like, “You gotta pay to use the restroom.” I be havin’ to go to Walmart and stuff. Don’t nobody wanna go to no Walmart.

  7. Not a bad idea. If you are sober enough to go through all of that then you should have enough sense about you to participate willingly. Of course once you do all the steps the other person can still say no and you still get arrested. Best idea is if they is any chance of it being perceived as nonconsensual is just walk away. 5 minutes in the bathroom alone is better than 5 years in jail

  8. Bottom line, you drink around other people you are putting yourself in the situation. If a woman wants to avoid having sex with a stranger then simply don’t drink. Take responsibility of your own action

    1. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. There’s a very vocal section of people that go by the idea that all men are rapists and therefore always at fault. It’s a women’s prerogative to decide it was nonconsensual at any time.

      It’s in no way the truth but it’s becoming the politically correct answer it seems.

    2. I’ll jump in as token woman here (I know there’s a few but obviously the minority in the comments in general). BOTH parties are responsible. Everyone should drink only so much as they can handle, which is completely subjective for tolerance and what you’re willing to risk. If someone is more coherent (male or female) than the other party and sees their judgement is poor, then they should rethink taking advantage of it if they believe the person wouldn’t be ok with the same if they were sober. Bottom line is, is sex really that good when someone is sloppy drunk? No. So why is this such a problem in society and a guy/girl debate? I have no idea. I don’t want someone that has 0 coordination and may in fact vomit on me as a hookup. Personal preference, so uhhh to each their own on that one I suppose.

    3. That’s the biggest load of bullshit I’ve read anywhere on this site. Ever.

      You just said that a woman should not drink if she doesn’t want to be in a position to have sex which is not consensual.

      How about the d-bags who take advantage of drunk woman shouldn’t drink so they don’t put themselves in a position to take advantage of a drunk woman. That would be taking responsibility for your own actions.

      1. I never understood this mentality… you would have to be drunk enough not be able to have sex (at least participate) to not realize that you really don’t want to do it to begin with. Even when I’m pretty drunk, I know if I want to have sex or not, unless I’m stumbling over myself (that almost never happens)… but then I don’t think I’d be able to do anything resembling sex anyway :/
        I’m not downplaying actual rape/date-rape in any way, those are horrible things that deserve a special form of punishment… but unless you were forced, drugged without your knowledge, or were too drunk to actually participate, it most likely wasn’t rape. Just because you suppressed your slut the next morning and regret what you did, doesn’t mean you should ruin someone’s life over it.
        *just because I know that last sentence will be taken the wrong way – men are sluts, including myself… nothing wrong with it, I love women and sex and wouldn’t have it any other way. Own up to it.

        1. Thank you. My gosh!! Women make it seem like they can get drunk and rub all over us, then be all like, “I was drunk.” Outta line. I should sue you for harassing me.

    4. Men with your views need to be awoken in the middle of the night after a party by a much stronger/bigger guy having a party in their rear department.

  9. Lol well its not a law on Florida.

  10. Stop the ride… I want off.

  11. if you’re not sure if it’s consensual, you’re doing it wrong…

    1. Penetration = Consent. =p

  12. It is about time.

    An app like this is badly needed so that a cloud database can be maintained of who hooks up with who. After all, everything else about our private lives is monitored. It could probably be inferred already from two phones getting together in a bedroom for a certain length of time. But this app augments the cloud hookup database with positive confirmation.


    Proposed new feature: camera to record the event in case there is later a question of whether it was consensual.


  13. Bottom line, this won’t get used. The best way to make sure you have recorded consent is to start a voice recorder and let it run throughout the event. I know it sounds creepy, but that way you have documentation without actually recording porn without consent.

    I’m all for making sure there is consent, and I’m also all for protecting ourselves from false accusations.

  14. Didn’t we have this in elementary school?



  15. yes means yes

    1. Unless it means no.

  16. “Good2Go” cause “Hey you, wanna F*CK???” Just didn’t have the right ring to it LOL.

  17. Chappelle covered this years ago:

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