Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact receive root and custom recovery



It hasn’t been long since the Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact’s debut, but the devices have already received root and a custom recovery for those looking to tinker with them. The former exploit can be applied to any handset with the official launch firmware and will enable you to use root apps and hacks. The custom recovery, which allows you to install custom after market ROMs once they start rolling in, requires an unlocked bootloader (though we hear that’s easy enough to obtain right now).

It’s not that surprising that the Z3 and Z3 Compact have gotten exploited so easily. Developers have had plenty of time to play round the the Xperia Z2, and we imagine Sony hasn’t changed much to the base framework of those devices for this new set of hardware.

Sony is also famously supportive of the development scene and they don’t tend to put the shackles on as tight as other companies might. XDA has all the goods for you here (Z3) and here (Z3 Compact) if you’re interested, but always know that you proceed at your own discretion and are responsible for what happens to your own device.

[via XperiaBlog]

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  1. And there is your answer to making sure your phone can always be up to date, or ahead actually, of any slow to be released updates by Sony. IF that is even an issue. The value of root is so strong, everyone should do it.

    Z3v Compact on VZW…. come on baby.. come to papa.

    1. im feeling ya but tmo

    2. Seems if it can be bootloader unlocked VZW is against anything of the sort, can’t have people de-blaoting and removing those oh so helpful VZW bloatware products we so need and love. (sarcasm)
      Trust me a VZW version would be nice, some of us would love to have a high end Sony hackable phone.

      1. Root is all that is needed to remove VZW bloatware. Now, unlocking a bootloader is needed for this first current root method, but I bet it will not be the final end results. I fully expect root, with unlocked bootloader not needed, in the near future. And when that happens, anything VZW does can be undone (except crappy not needed graphics all over the phone).

        To bad only tech savvy people can benefit from this, but root is often achieved so easily these days, when the final best method is determined and released, EVERYONE should root their phones. I root all of mine, my chicks and any of my friends and families phones that want to benefit from it.

  2. so your telling me that the xperia for tmobile is locked down because of tmobile? Although tmobile leaves all their other phones unlocked.

    1. The correct answer is, right now, we don’t know. I’m awaiting October 9th with eagerness.

  3. Where is a link to Root on the Z3/Z3c WITHOUT unlocking the bootloader?

    1. from what I have seen, not possible…… yet ;) it was just released, give the guys at XDA some time. I have already seen another dev mentioning a way they are working on to root and hopefully, sans unlocking bootloader – I bet just a matter of time.

      AND, for VZW users, given that weird update they are doing for voice and data after new phones are released, it might be best to wait to do anything until that comes IF this even comes to VZW. And so, by that time, I bet another root method will be had.

      1. I’ve been following on XDA and hope the Dev’s do get root with unlocking, but this article is going to mislead people. It states a “Custom Recover” requires an unlocked bootloader but as we know Root does as well….as of when this story was published. The story should be changed to reflect this and also mention the loss of DRM keys which will be lost forever at this point.

        1. I think it best that is deeply covered at the source BEFORE your root. Not so sure the deep details of root, bootloaders, recovery methods and options and DRM keys (and what their loss means to the user) need to be addressed here.

  4. Do you need to root if the phone is already unlocked?

  5. Can you believe that this device has only 16 gb of storage !!

    Ah yes there is an microSD card till 128 Gb fine but they don’t support apps 2 SD cards !!!!

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