OnePlus 2 confirmed for Q2 or Q3 2015; OnePlus says they’re thinking about a smaller form factor


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While the OnePlus One is still considered to be in its infancy and there are many upgrades and improvements to be made, the company has confirmed that they are already thinking about its sequel. Carl Pei confirmed in an Ask Me Almost Anything on Reddit that the OnePlus 2 is most certainly in the works, and that they’re targeting a Q2 or Q3 release in 2015. We’re not surprised that they’re already looking into their next project, but it’s always nice to get official confirmation.

Even more interesting is the second part of their response — they say they hear all the suggestions of going with a small form factor for the next device, and that they’re “thinking about it.” That doesn’t necessarily tell us they will look to break out of the phablet space with the next release, but it at least shows us they’re willing to explore all form factors.

The OnePlus One launched to rave reviews, though much frustration was bred from the company’s invite system. A couple of early technical issues — such as yellowish displays and undelivered software features — have also contributed to the shaky launch, though many of those issues have already been cleared up.

With OnePlus looking to ditch the invite system and go with a traditional pre-order system next month it sounds like all should be well. All that aside, the OnePlus One is a very fantastic device for its price tag, and we can’t wait to see what their next attempt at a smartphone will look like.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yawn~

    1. You’ve got to hand it to them – masters of PR. Even if they only sell 14 phones a year.

      1. Masters of marketing. PR wise they were a nightmare. I mean from the smash the phone contest to the ladies night fiasco. They’ve done a lot of things to piss people off and question the company. But people are talking about them all over the place and they spent like $0 on marketing. All the news outlets and reddit did it for them.

  2. One Plus 2.

    Surely it’s the “3”?

  3. I’ll be back on the bandwagon if they say they’re making a 4.7” version.

  4. Never had a chance at the OG 1+1… Seems too early to start on a new version. just my opinion

    1. They really aren’t that hard to pick up, I have the Sandstone black version and just ordered another for somebody else.

  5. A smaller form factor for their next device? OnePlus 3? OnePlus 2? How do they not know more about their next device already?

  6. Lol… And I think they need a new slogan. Don’t settle almost applied to their 1st offering

  7. Hoping they learned from their mistakes

  8. maybe have a OnePlus 2p (phablet) and a OnePlus 2m (mini) and satisfy both markets. Similar to Samsung’s Note and S series.

  9. Actually, the OnePlus One is a fantastic phone which you can buy around $350. Unfortunately, they unable to make it available globally. This phone was reached only for a very small number of buyers, mostly from invitations. 5″ display is more than enough for a smartphone. They need a much better plan for their next year phone.

  10. I have grown use to the 5.5″ screen on my OpO. But, I will wait to see what they come up with. I know they said they will work on getting the style swap backs or the OpO2. I hope they plan on hitting the same price point as the first one.

  11. second or 3rd quarter of next year… that’s kinda too late, considering this model is barely out there. who do you have making this phone? elves?

  12. I have my opo and love it. It’s by far been my favorite phone so far

  13. I’ve been using OpO over my note 3 since I got it. Very well worth it if you’re able to get an invite…

  14. i for one would want them to stick with 5.5 inch screen and simply go with a smaller form factor similar to the G3.

    BTW, the invite system will not be done away with but rather supplemented with the pre-order system which will only be temporary.

    read more here


  15. I like my OPO, but I’ll be sticking to Google as my next phone, shamu. The phone blocks phone will be my 2015 purchase.

  16. Don’t just think about a smaller form factor — follow Nike’s slogan and just f#!$ing do it!

    Release two different sizes like Apple did. A 4.7″ screen is perfect for most of us, but give us options.

  17. If I have to jump through a hoop to get the chance to purchase something I’m not jumping and spending my money else where. In the end it’s still just a cellphone, and absolutely not worth the trouble when there are so many options.

  18. I don’t get people’s impatience all the damn time. The invite system was, I think, a great way to help get the word out there, and was also an integral part of them being able to deliver such an awesome product at the price point. I signed up on their website and waited, patiently. And guess what. An invite arrived right in my email. No jumping through hoops. No scouring forums trying to sweet talk someone into giving me an invite. I simply waited, patiently. I don’t get why everyone has to get all butt hurt cause they didn’t get an invite immediately and bash something that truly worked really well. Get over it and move on. If you don’t like it or you just simply don’t have the patience, buy a different phone. Go spend twice as much or more on some other phone that barely compares. I guess some people just have more money than patience.

    1. I disagree completely. If people want to give you money for your product, you don’t make them jump through hoops, you deliver the product and take their money. Patience or lack thereof has nothing to do with it. OnePlus missed their window, even if they do finally start letting people actually buy the One next month, there are already better phones out there.

      1. Again, there were no hoops to jump through if you simply had some patience. You don’t seem to realize that they are a startup with a specific business model that was designed to be able to offer you a product equal to, and arguably better than, the well established hardware manufacturers, such as Samsung and HTC etc. etc., at HALF the price. The reason they were able to do this was the business model they put in place. The problem became that the viral marketing worked so damn well that everybody and their mothers uncle wanted one, but nobody bothered to learn the fact the company was a startup or what their business model has been from day one. They simply wanted one and wanted one now and got pissed off when they couldn’t simply buy one outright immediately.

        1. You hit upon exactly why their business model is terrible. They hyped the sh*t out of the 1+1, got lots of interest, and never delivered, pissing people off in the process. I waited months to get one, and gave up. Now there are better phones available (and more coming soon), so there is no point in waiting any longer.

          As for no hoops to jump through, you’re wrong. First they asked people to sign up for their forums (which I did). Then they demanded likes on social media. Then they asked women for sexy photos. Then they again demanded likes on social media. Then they said people who had already gotten invites could invite someone else, forcing people to beg others for invites. I refused to beg, I’m not a woman, and I avoid social media as much as possible, so of course I haven’t gotten an invite (while some have gotten multiple invites already). Patience has nothing to do with it, it’s a matter of how many hoops you jump through to maximize your chance of getting one. It’s been six months since the first invites went out and four months since the phone was “officially” released and people still can’t buy their (now obsolete) phone.

          As I said in my response to BronzeLincolns, there’s no reason they couldn’t have done pre-orders, and short of that, they should have done a first come, first served waiting list. That would be far more fair than this invite nonsense, would eliminate the hoops, and would eliminate some people getting multiple invites when thousands of other people are still waiting to get one.

      2. fast, good, and cheap. you can’t have all 3. oneplus is about good and cheap, it isnt gonna be fast.

        they could’ve used a pre-order system from jump and the same thing would happen with the difference being that your money would be in limbo waiting for a batch to arrive. then there’s the issue of a start-up company with razor thin profit margins dealing with refund requests from people not wanting to wait any longer for phones to be shipped out.

        they’re not trolling anybody here. they have to have units ready to ship to buyers and certainly do not have the resources to supply up to demand like the billionaire players(sammy, apple, LG, etc).

        the invite system was a necessary evil at their current start-up state.

        1. That’s baloney, Nexus devices are good, cheap, and easily available within the first few weeks of release.

          There’s no reason for money to be limbo with pre-orders. Amazon takes pre-orders for all kinds of stuff, they don’t bill your credit card until the item actually ships. If they had taken pre-orders from the beginning they would know exactly how much demand there is, and if necessary they could have gotten purchase order financing to actually produce the phones in a reasonable time frame. Instead, they’ve lost sales (I, and I’m sure many others, would have pre-ordered in the beginning, but gave up trying to get an invite).

          Depends on your definition of “trolling”, but I’d say hyping the sh*t out of something you can’t actually produce is trolling. They are financed by the same company that finances Oppo, and Oppo has no problem producing their phones, so the lack of resources doesn’t add up.

          The invite system isn’t a necessary evil. As I explained, pre-orders could have worked. Short of that, they could have had a first-come, first-served waiting list instead of this begging for invites nonsense.

          1. nexus is a billionaire company. oneplus is not. let’s not forget how nexus started out with the pre-order debacle with the nexus 4.

            yeah, amazon can do a lot of things as they have billions of dollars. oneplus has to do things a little differently.

            if you think advertising is trolling than ok. all companies hype their products, it’s what they’re supposed to do. they can and have produced the phone, just not on the scale of billionaire companies. oppo gave oneplus enough money and resources to get started and have a product out. your points assume oppo is supporting them fully in all fazes. this is not the case and oppo themselves have stated as much.

            having pre-orders wouldn’t have made a difference in waiting time. they can’t sell you a product they don’t have.

          2. No, the Nexus not as cheap. Not even in the same league when you consider the specs… bigger screen, the cameras crush the Nexus, battery lasts 50% longer, twice the storage, faster processor. The only thing the Nexus 5 has over it is wireless charging. Whoop-de-doo.

      3. What better phones are out there for that price point? Honest, question since I’m looking to buy a smartphone in October :)

        1. At that price point nothing, the best you could do besides 1+1 would the new Moto G. At any price, Moto X (2014), Nexus 6, LG G3, and probably others are better. Quality comes at a price, for most the price is in dollars, for the 1+1 the “price” is nonsense required to buy one.

          1. Can you honestly say “first post” on a thread isn’t worth the $300 price difference to the next comparable phone…? The invite system works up a frenzy through scarcity and it kept their initial production to a manageable number of units. I consider that a win-win.

  19. I understood the invite, didn’t care for some of the deceptive nature of OnePlus/Oppo/BK electronics, but that being said, I never begged, borrowed, or sold my soul for an invite. Got the invite in July about a week after I bought a Huawei Mate2. (upgrade from Note1). Nothing wrong with the OnePlus, but I like the BIGGER screen of the Mate2 & the 2-3 day battery life. I don’t care to stand in line for movies, restaurants either. It was almost comical on the OnePlus user forums, with some of the “creative” ways of crying about needing an invite.

  20. “OnePlus 2 confirmed for Q2 or Q3 2015”, but you won’t actually be able to buy one without jumping through hoops until Q1 2016, by which time it will be obsolete.

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if your prediction is true. Is the current 1+ 1 even available to the general public at this point or is it still invite only?

      1. It’s still invite only, although they are still saying there will be real pre-orders starting sometime next month. I don’t understand why even pre-orders would still be needed at this point, they ought to be just taking orders and shipping as soon a possible.

  21. The zeal they have is appreciated, but the audacity is a bit concerning. iPhones sell 10+ million and they’ve struggled over months to sell <million.

  22. For the record regardless of where you stand on the tactics they’ve used to sell phones and get started in the business, it is an amazing phone and I love it for many reasons: battery life, display knock and gesture features, camera, ui, and design.

    1. I’m debating over a N5 or Oneplus (if I can wrangle up an invite). Would you mind telling me your overall experience, as well as build wise? I’m so interested in the build and if you feel comfortable holding it. Thanks.

  23. Better phones? Arguable. At least twice the cost. The business model may suck in your opinion, but without it the phone would have cost twice as much, just like ask the other manufactures. I guess I’m just super lucky. Ask I did was sign up on their forum abd wait. And I got an invite. A few weeks after I purchased I received my first shareable invites which went to some friends who wanted to buy one. I didn’t pay any attention whatsoever to all the other crap.

  24. lets say they do pre-orders and get two million orders up front. what factory is going to make that many phones in a timely manner? you’re not factoring in time needed to make that many units. oneplus reported that oppo factory can only make 30k units a day and that’s at full capacity(30Kx30=900K). we’re talking at least 2 months or more to fill those orders and that’s if oppo produced nothing but oneplus one international versions in that period of time. oppo had the find 7 and 7a to produce as well as the china version of the oneplus one. on top of all that, oppo is struggling to keep stock of their own line of products yet alone another competing product so unless oneplus can use another factory they’re not gonna produce units fast enough to ensure that all those 2 mil orders aren’t going to cancel because they don’t want to wait any longer. you have to have the money AND the resources.

    the average consumer simply doesn’t understand what it takes to run a tech company. they just want their stuff and want it now.

    they spent hardly a dime on advertising. everything was viral, so promotion wasn’t a big deal in terms of financing.

    as far as hoops, the only hoop i had to jump was patience. no contests, no social media, just forum participation and i didnt spam for post count, neither did i spend all day on the forums. not only did i get my invite 3 months ago, i got a second one plus 3 sharables.

    sorry it didn’t work out for you, i hated the invite system from the day they announced it, but it had to be done.

    1. 2 million pre-orders is ridiculous. About 250,000 people signed up for their forums when the invite system was first announced, and I’m sure not all of them would pre-order (although some might want more than one phone). I think it would be an incredible feat for them to get 100,000 initial pre-orders, which if they can really produce 30k per day, isn’t a problem at all, even if some of that capacity is used for Oppo. If they did by some miracle get 2 million orders, there’s plenty of manufacturing plants in China that would take their business, and they don’t just have to use one plant.

      Why would you start a business making a product that you can’t produce? Why advertise a product that already has demand far beyond your very limited production capabilities? Did OnePlus really not expect anybody would want their phone?

      The invite system didn’t have to be done. If they couldn’t or wouldn’t take pre-orders in the beginning, they should have implemented a first-come, first-served waiting list. That would be way more fair to customers and wouldn’t involve great efforts on the customer’s part. It would stop you from getting 2 invites when thousands of others haven’t even gotten one invite. It would also (like pre-orders) tell OnePlus exactly how much demand there is.

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