Conan O’Brien brings his comedic genius to #BendGate with hilarious new skit [VIDEO]


With all the doom and gloom surrounding the iPhone 6+’s bend issues, it’s sometimes important to step back and make light of the situation. No one knows how to make light out of any situation quite like Conan can.

The late night star put together his own skit by introducing a new “competitor” to the iPhone 6 — the super straight “Samsung Galaxy.” We won’t spoil too much of the phone, but we will warn you that plenty of sexual innuendos are waiting for you (so make sure your work area is secure before hitting that play button).

bent iphone conan o'brien

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Problem is Samsung would never come up with something that clever.

  2. Repair Kit for the bent iPhone 6 Plus.

    1. lmao

    2. LMFAO. YOU win

  3. Guys i went thru the trouble of getting registered just to tell you everytime i come here i see more fucking ads. Look i apreciate you trying to monetarized all the traffic that come here. But whatching 2 ads just for a video??? I had whitelisted phandroid but ads are getting too intrusive and i have no other choice to black them again.

    Ps i am a team player i clicked several ads before i enable adblock on the site lol

    1. I meant blocked them again lol

    2. Easily 6-7 ads on a mobile browser. Damn ya do worst than porn websites lol

    3. Are you using their app? If so there’s an option to pay so you don’t see apps.

    4. If you’re talking about ads in the video, that is from Team Coco, not us.

      1. Well you have control on how many ads there is in the whole site. And simply uploading the whole video isnt better? Just saying. Lol

        1. I’m no expert on copyright law, but I’m fairly sure that Phandroid uploading Conan’s material themselves for the sole purpose of circumventing his advertisement is quite illegal.

      2. Ps i do have control on whats displayed in my site

  4. I can’t see the video from your android app!

  5. Bendghazi!!!111!11

  6. That was pretty funny

  7. comic genius

  8. Um, what video? Did you want to share a video or what?

  9. It just showed up! Thank you!

  10. Is that a phoner?

  11. Pretty funny that when android devices have mishaps, sites that report about apple don’t post stuff like this, yet android sites have a field day. Stay classy droids

    1. So Android sites cover a wider array of material vs the competition. Sounds like a great thing to get articles that pertain to our choice OS in some way or another.

      Also, there’s a Samsung in that video.

  12. It took a lot of effort to close the flip on my new iPhone 6+, but now I’m having trouble getting it open again. Any suggestions?

  13. I heard dissolving a Viagra in a glass of water and placing your iPhone 6 in it for one hour before use will fix this problem.

  14. It is better to give it a Tagleine “Bend it like Backham”. It clearly shows that iPhone 6 plus will never able to give tough competition to strong body of Galaxy Note4. Well, I consider myself as a gadget geek and recently purchased a Multi Port USB Charger through which I can charge up to 6 iOS and Android based Smartphones simultaneously with capacity of 10Amps and Power of 50W.

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