FCC filing suggests standalone 3G LG smart watch could be on its way


lg 3g standalone watch fcc

With Samsung launching their Gear S standalone smart watch, other competitors could be ready to join the fray. An LG smart watch has recently passed FCC certification, and details on the filing suggest it could be a 3G-equipped smart watch — that is, it won’t require tethering to a smartphone in order to receive data.

The filing doesn’t tell us much, though the device’s model number suggests it could make its way to Verizon or Sprint in a CDMA variant. There may be a GSM variant on the loose as well, but this particular filing doesn’t mention any such thing.

From what we can tell from the sketching of this thing, the device will don a rectangular shape, though it will still maintain some curves around its corners. The dimensions say it should be smaller than the original Samsung Gear Live was, so we expect a decreased amount of bezel to make for a much more stylish-looking watch.

Beyond all that, though, there’s nothing else we know about the thing — we’re not even sure if it runs Android Wear. I suppose we’ll have to wait for further evidence or official information from LG before we learn more about their next plans in the smart watch space. In the meantime, we’re still waiting on the opportunity to get our hands on the LG G Watch R — let’s hope that chance comes along soon.

[via G for Games]

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  1. Booo rectangular watch. Boooo.

  2. LG you stop the bandwagon jumping this instant!

  3. I don’t get the appeal of a stand alone smartwatch. I have the phone, why would I want two phone bills for two devices when tethering to the phone will do the same thing and probably let the watch battery last longer because it’s a lower power radio being used?

    1. Two bills? Why we are in the times of shareable data my friend! You’ll probably just tack on $5-$10 a month on your bill and you are set. (Still not worth it.)

    2. Small pockets, skinny jeans, already too much stuff in pockets, no pockets, situations where having a phone in your pocket is a problem but a smartwatch is ok, and so on.

      I’ve been on a standalone for just shy of a year now. I spend less time staring at a phone, interact with my wife and daughter more and don’t miss the same old predictable phones being sold as the next big thing. And I’ve never left my watch someplace, ever. Phones are a whole different story.

  4. This is the LG’s KizON Kid’s Tracker announced back in July.

  5. Not “other competitors,” LG. LG always does a “me too,” when it comes to Samsung.

  6. Considering the battery life smart watches are getting now, won’t this only make it worse?

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