Will it bend? Moto X (2014) vs HTC One M8 vs iPhone 6 and more [VIDEO]


HTC One M8 bend test

Earlier today #bendgate was making the rounds across social media It was inescapable even. A hashtag used to describe reports of bent iPhone 6 Pluses when combined with a pair of skinny jeans, earlier today we actually showed you guys what happens when you attempt to bend a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Because inquiring minds want to know — how do other devices stand up to the bend test? Well, Unbox Therapy is back yet again, this timing performing his very scientific bend test with the all new Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen), the HTC One M8, iPhone 6, and a few other devices. Let’s take a look see.

Before he even started, right off the bat I could have told you not a dang thing was going to happen to that new Moto X. Motorola did a great job at building one of the most solid pieces of smartphone we’ve ever had the pleasure of using and if you feel so inclined, you can learn more about the device in our full review here. The HTC One M8, however, didn’t fair so well and although it did have a good amount of flex going on, apparently it was able to bounce right back to its original shape. No harm, no foul.

So what did we learn from all this nonsense? Well, it’s really hard to bend smaller smartphones and it’s only when you get into super thin phablet territory that the laws of physics take over and tell you that you may run into some problems. If this is really that big an issue, for the love of Cheezus, just buy a belt clip or one of those cool fanny packs (I keep Chapstick in mine) and get it over with.

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  1. How does the S5 fare? Or are those two old to even talk about anymore?

    1. too*
      >inb4 spelling nazi.

  2. Time to invest in a satchel!

    I’ve never even thought of my OPO bending in my pocket. It feels like a solid build and other than the bumper I have on it I don’t worry about beating it up.

  3. I’m curious about the LG g3 although the plastic gives me high hopes. Bending shows we need to be discussing chassis design not just case material. Throw a carbon fiber chassis inside and it won’t matter what the shell is

  4. because it’s 3mm thicker? try to make it same thickness and surface area – just to make the comparisson in bending a fair one.

  5. My m8 didn’t budge an inch

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