Moto X available tomorrow at Verizon, shipping begins for Pure Edition pre-orders


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Looks like the Motorola Moto X is launching a lot sooner than expected. After we received evidence of a September 26th arrival, Verizon has officially announced that their version of Motorola’s 2014 flagship will be launching tomorrow. You’ll be able to snap up a 16GB Black XLTE model for just $99 on a new two-year contract, or — for a limited time — the white version with bamboo backing for the same price (that typically comes with a premium so it’s a pretty nice deal).

Of course, you can always go through Moto Maker and customize your own 16GB or 32GB device for $99 or $149, respectively. Those prices all come with new two-year contracts, though you’re free to go the Verizon Edge or full off-contract route if you want.

The Moto X is a very exciting device that Motorola hopes will get people excited about their name again. Yesteryear’s model of the same name was a bit lackluster in the specs department, though it provided a solid foundation for what you see today. We touched on all of that in our review, with Chris Chavez giving it a very nice 4.6/5 rating for keeping things simple, powerful, quick, easy and customizable. Be sure to give that a read and decide whether or not you want one when they become available tomorrow.

Oh, and for those who pre-ordered the Pure Edition through Moto Maker? Those are beginning to ship out too, which is over two weeks ahead of Motorola’s original estimate. Be on the lookout for them starting as early as today.

[via Verizon]

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  1. You forgot to mention “And for a limited time, customers who activate or upgrade to a new smartphone on The MORE Everything Plans with at least 1 GB of data will get an extra 1 GB of bonus data per month for up to 24 months, as long as that smartphone remains active on The MORE Everything Plan.”
    Might help some make a decision with an extra GB of data!

    As for me, this phone is very tempting to buy outright to keep unlimited data, but i need to see the new droid and hold off for possibility of new nexus phone….

    1. It’s going to take more than this new Moto X to get me to consider replacing my LG G2. A bigger battery would have sealed the deal. Maybe this DROID Turbo will be closer to what I’m looking for. If not, there’s no shame holding onto my current phone.

      1. That’s funny b/c I’m actually debating between the new X and going back to the G2 – and I can’t see a great reason to do the new X unless the battery life ends up being surprisingly better than expected. But even then, the camera appears to still be mediocre, and the G2’s will still be better (camera is an important factor to me).

    2. Really, 1gb extra for 24 months? Hoooray, let me go sign a contract with verizon right now!

      1. Thats how i feel also…

    3. Nice try, Lowell C. McAdam

  2. It must be the metal trim, but the simple Black plastic back is really growing on me. I must see this in person. I hope my local VZW store has a display setup now.

    EDIT: I just spoke to my local VZW store (NYC, Grand Central) and they confirmed their display will be available tomorrow. Perhaps others will too.

  3. Mine arrives tomorrow and I’m leaving Verizon.

  4. Loved how it looked in the box, but the one I received today from moto maker is going back for exchange. Big red speck under the bottom right corner of the display. Bummer.

  5. The Verizon Edge plan is not available with moto maker. I went around and around on the phone for 2 hours with Verizon to finally get someone who told me this. Several reps kept trying to get me a code for moto maker using the edge plan but no dice. One even said “this is so frustrating” and hung up on me. I had to call back in and start all over. I even went into a store and no go there either. What a PITA! So I just ordered 32 gig white and bamboo and will swap it when they get this figured out, if within 30 days. I want the leather back.

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