Report: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to be produced in limited quantities



The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is one of Samsung’s most innovative ideas this year, but the company doesn’t want to go all in on an idea that might not pan out. According to ZDNet Korea, Samsung is considering the Note Edge a “limited edition release,” and as such they won’t be producing nearly as many units as they would for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

We’d already had suspicion that Samsung wasn’t going to look to produce this thing at the same rate as their two big yearly flagships despite heading to all four major United States carriers. It’s understandable of Samsung to approach this new lineup with caution. Not only is it unclear how the market will respond to this new idea, they probably don’t want to take any of the limelight away from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on the eve of its release.

The timing of the latter situation is especially important considering they have a lot to respond to with Apple’s stellar iPhone 6 and 6+ launch. The launch pressured them so much that they decided to move the Note 4’s release date to tomorrow in South Korea, and promised to be in over 140 countries by the end of October.

We can’t imagine it’ll be terribly hard to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge once they finally make their way to retail, but you’d better not lollygag too long or you might miss out.

[via Neowin]

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  1. I was excited for this device, but the shamu has my heart.

    1. Youre crazy lol. Im gonna have to settle for the regular note 4. I really want the VR Gear.

      1. After the holidays I expect google to do something similar with the nexus. If it catches on.

      2. Exactly DIscuss. I wanted to try the Edge but the GearVR has my eye.

  2. I wonder how much of a premium over the note 4 samsung will be asking for this?

    1. About 300 more with less specs.

  3. If you guys think the Note series has fewer case and accessory options than the S series, wait till ya see the staggering assortment companies will be making for the Note Edge. You’ll have like 3 to pick from – total. Few owners = few cases.

  4. So, what’s the little side-display-thingy for? I don’t get it.

    1. Notifications, and other quick miscellaneous things. I guess you can think of Google Now on a tiny banner. That’s how I see it.

  5. Gimmick.
    If Samsung isn’t ‘feeling’ it by risking, why should consumers?

  6. I’m really looking forward to this phone,all the ones on the market now look basely the same

  7. Sounds similar to the Samsung taco phone, hopefully it’ll do better

    1. I hope so too.
      The Galaxy Taco was curved the wrong way.

    2. “Taco phone”?

  8. This phone is gonna fail, we will forget about it and then Apple with make the iPhone 7 with this idea and it’ll be amazing.

  9. The only way I really see this idea becoming a hit is if this was the only Galaxy Note 4. The fact that it is being regulated as a side project means it will stay there a long time. Might be cool, but ultimately will fade away.

    1. So is it going to stay a long time or fade away?

      1. Both. Like a Windows 8 Phone you’ve been able to buy for a while now, but has only cornered a small percentage of the market. It will stay as long as Samsung wants to make it, but never being mainstream so eventually it will just fade away.

    2. I think you failed to see its relevance for Samsung. I don’t think it was ever made to be a “success” in term of sales, they never expected to sell tens of millions of it, but rather keep it as a niche product to increase their technological, geek-friendly image. Hell, they could even loose money on it, still no worries for them. It’s like a PR stunt, or an advertisement budget :)

  10. I guess samsung wants to keep their buyers ……..On the Edge.

  11. It’s a great idea. A small portion of the phone light up to give a quick glance at a message or to turn off the alarm or change the music without opening the whole screen is awesome! The ONLY problem I see is a case to protect that delicate/small side. I would definitely be getting one if there was Spigen made a perfect case for it like they do with all their other cases. I just don’t see it so I’m probably not going to wait on it. I’m waiting until beginning of Nov to make my decision. P.S., Apple will never make something like this…..they’re not creative/daring enough. Too many limp wristed hippies over there.

    1. “Too many limp wristed hippies over there.”

      What are you, 10? Grow up.

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