Moto X (2nd Gen) coming to Verizon on September 26th with free Bamboo promotion



We’ve got some good news for our patient Verizon customers. The new Moto X will be arriving on Big Red exactly one week from today (Friday, September 26th). This information comes straight Verizon through an internal document. We’ve also learned that Verizon will have a special promotion to go along with the launch of the Moto X.

For a limited time Verizon will be selling the White/Bamboo version for the base price of $99 with a new contract (it’s usually $25 extra). All other models are priced the same as we’ve seen on other carriers: $99 with a two-year contract for the black/resin model, and the same for the 16GB Moto Maker model. The 32GB Moto Maker model will cost you $150. If you’re on Edge you can get the back/resin for $25, white/bamboo for $27.49, 16GB Moto Maker for $25, and 32GB Moto Maker for $27.49.

You have seven days to figure out what configuration to choose. What will it be?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. No Pure version? *sigh*

    1. With Verizon you get the “Pure Verizon Edition” without any Google apps. Lol

  2. What about buying off contract?

    1. Good question, was gong to ask that myself.

    2. $999.00, full of VZW bloat and you loose unlimited data. Or something like that.

      1. you forgot either the /s or the /imanidiot

        1. Verizon is trying to force you all off the unlimited and buying them off contract tends to cost more than what its worth and will still be full of Verizon bloat

    3. We were not provided the off contract details, however I would be surprised if the price was not $499, the same as AT&T.

  3. Never settle … Lol

  4. #holdingoutforthesonyz3

  5. Is this a pre-order thing? Or can I walk into a store next Friday and walk out with one of these?

  6. WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!! Can’t wait for this phone… Been looking everyday for this announcement / leak. Let the countdown clock begin.

  7. I’m wondering about off contract pricing or if Verizon will even offer it off contract. If not, Im sure its just another tactic for them to do away with us unlimited data users, smdh. I’m clinging on to my unlimited data with a death grip.

    1. Since you can get it via MotoMaker, you can likely buy it off contract via Motorola and finance it through them if needed.

  8. My brother just got his Moto X that he bought from amazon last week. , looks good. Any way, it it worth buying.

  9. T-Mobile please.

  10. Come on Verizon/Moto. Announce the Droid Maxx already so that I can make an informed decision.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re waiting until after Moto X launch day so they don’t hinder sales of that device. Obviously we’re in the know, while others have no clue the Maxx/Turbo is even on its way. I’m definitely ready for the Maxx announcement though, and hoping it’s out in the next 3 weeks, although I know that’s not likely.

      1. I hear you and I’ve thought of that too and while Motorola may care about that, I don’t think Verizon would. If anything, it’s in Verizon’s best interest to sell more droids than Moto x’s. So of that’s true it means moto enforced that and I’m surprised Verizon would agree

  11. Will Moto Maker be available for Verizon?

      1. I found out that they actually are doing moto maker just not right away

      2. And that isn’t it.

    1. The answer to your question is in the article.


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