Sep 19th, 2014


We’ve got some good news for our patient Verizon customers. The new Moto X will be arriving on Big Red exactly one week from today (Friday, September 26th). This information comes straight Verizon through an internal document. We’ve also learned that Verizon will have a special promotion to go along with the launch of the Moto X.

For a limited time Verizon will be selling the White/Bamboo version for the base price of $99 with a new contract (it’s usually $25 extra). All other models are priced the same as we’ve seen on other carriers: $99 with a two-year contract for the black/resin model, and the same for the 16GB Moto Maker model. The 32GB Moto Maker model will cost you $150. If you’re on Edge you can get the back/resin for $25, white/bamboo for $27.49, 16GB Moto Maker for $25, and 32GB Moto Maker for $27.49.

You have seven days to figure out what configuration to choose. What will it be?

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