Sep 24th, 2014

samsung galaxy note 4

A report from yesterday suggested Samsung was going to be pushing the launch of the Galaxy Note 4 up by a a couple of weeks. It wasn’t expected to land in South Korea until early or mid-October, but the success of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ launch likely pressured Samsung to move faster. Today, that news is confirmed — the official launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is September 26th.

Of course, that’s only one country in one region — what about the rest of us? Samsung says the device will be made available in over 140 countries by the end of October. That’s still a pretty good launch schedule despite Apple being able to launch in a majority of their most important markets by the end of the week.

Samsung also touched on launches for the Note Edge, Gear S, Gear Circle and Gear VR. The former is a phablet with a flexible display that over-extends to one side of the device. That unique touch enables clocks, music control, weather information and more without having to power on the entire display — think of it as the world’s slimmest and most powerful clock radio. Samsung says its availability will vary from region to region, but still doesn’t have any more detailed launch information to provide.

The Gear S is still on track for launch later this fall, and Samsung made that clear with a different announcement this morning — it’ll be headed to all four major carriers in the United States. As for the Gear Circle and Gear VR? Well, your guess is still just as good as ours.

[via Samsung]

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