LG Wine Smart is a smart flip phone that runs Android


lg wine smart

LG has just announced an interesting Android phone that most of us will probably never use. It’s the LG Wine Smart, a flip phone that runs Android. The concept isn’t new — we’ve seen Samsung make a few of these for Asian territories already — but it’s no less cool.

The LG Wine Smart sports a 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, a 3.5-inch 480 x 320 display, 4GB of internal storage, an 8 megapixel camera and a 1,700mAh battery. That’s not the most exciting line of specs we’ve ever seen, though it should be enough to provide a decent experience that other phones in this form factor don’t often provide. For software it’s running a scaled down version of Android 4.4 KitKat.

The device isn’t expected to provide enough of a punch for any power users, so LG is targeting it to the elderly and handicapped, and anyone who may not want to forego traditional form factors for one reason or another. The Korean press release likely means it won’t be traveling far out of their own territory so you’ll probably need to resort to importing if you happen to want one. It’ll be launching in South Korea this Friday.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Modern day “jitterbug” phone?

  2. Because, wine not?

    Sorry. I had to.

    1. wine in Rome…

  3. I actually like this, not for myself of course but for the “target” demographic. You get the nice touchscreen experience while still keeping tradiontal and easy to use hardware. Genius and thoughtful product for a niche market. Good work LG

  4. When my Dad was in better health to actually use a cell phone, this would have been perfect, much like the Samsung phone as well.

  5. My wife will like it. It has “wine” in the name.

  6. I don’t understand why they think this will be enough to make inroads with the Apple camp, but more power to them.

    /typical Android fanboi rhetoric

    1. Not every new phone is designed/intended to compete with a particular brand/headset.

    2. My father likes clam shell phones and that’s all he is willing to use. Apple was never mentioned, what makes you believe this is fanboi rhetoric?

      1. […] so LG is targeting it to the elderly and handicapped […]

        Does it make more sense now, especially the semi-mockery at the end of my original reply?

        1. Well, yes. The article does state that the target market is elderly and handicapped. I suppose you don’t want to help that segment of society. My father spent over 40 years helping handicapped and veterans. I think making a phone that supports them is a good thing.

          1. Not sure where you got that out of what I said. I was sarcastically parroting the anti-Apple camp that comes around from time to time.

          2. Then i owe you an apology. When you said, “/typical Android fanboi rhetoric” I took that literally. I usually see “/s” to mean sarcasm. Again, my mistake.

          3. Ah. :D

            Yeah, doesn’t it symbolize “end” in code language? That’s my intended use, at least.

    3. go to imore troll..pathetic fool

  7. Something like this with a little higher specs, higher res 4″ almost bezelless screen would be really interesting. Particularly if it had a second display (on when closed) for time, notifications, etc. Even better, a rotating hinge that would allow you to flip/turn and have an (admittedly thick) 4″ touchscreen phone. Last on the wishlist would be a blackberry style qwerty dial/key pad.
    The option to use as a regular 4″ phone (or 4″ phone with physical keyboard that doesn’t take up any display) would actual be pretty awesome
    Battery life (low power 2nd display) and durability (if hinge was robust) due to it being closed a lot of the time would eclipse that of a lot of slab phones. It would also have a smaller (if not thinner) and more classic footprint/profile.
    I had the blackberry flip phone back in the day, and wish more was being done with this form factor.

  8. A flip lag…

  9. This actually looks kinda cool.

  10. In a way it’s too bad that phones like this are unlikely to make it to the US. They would be a great way to update the phones available for people in the construction/on-site engineer sort of jobs. Being a flip phone the screen is protected from the damage that is almost guaranteed to occur, get useful features like maps, email, and decent cameras (super useful in construction, trust me), and we could finally be rid of the crap feature phones left over from 2002.

  11. Reminds me of my old Blackberry Flip.

  12. Some of u may not know buy T9 pros still exists and for Chinese/Korean/Japanese T9 typing works well unlike English which qwerty is preferred.

  13. Do you know apple created an official page for Android users
    so they can move from Android to iOS easily..more information on http://www.techie99.com/2014/09/apple-official-page-will-help-android-users-move-easily-to-iphone/

  14. the piece is very good looking and contains many new features…

    LG has not released mobiles recently..so hope it will be good to use and people have mnay expectations..


  15. With a name like that, I want it to run Windows Programs…

  16. Too bad the pics didn’t show her holding it up to her face to give some actual scale because it looks downright huge. Not to say that I don’t like it and I’d certainly consider trading up from my ancient Samsung flip feature phone. The ‘look like a tool using it if it is that big’ is just icing on the cake. (I can say that because I’m elderly.)

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