Samsung Galaxy Alpha launches exclusively on AT&T September 26th


Ready for yet another AT&T exclusive? This time, the company teamed up with the biggest manufacturer in the Android phone space — Samsung — to offer the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It’ll go on sale starting September 26th, and can be had for several different pricing levels:

  • $25.55 per month on AT&T Next18.
  • $30.65 per month on AT&T Next12.
  • $199.99 with a two-year agreement.
  • No annual commitment for $612.99.

No other US carrier will be seeing the device (not right away, anyway) so unless you’re willing to do your bidding with Ma Bell you can feel free to pass on this one. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha was the first handset from the company to revamp the Galaxy design language and introduce a fair bit of metal into the mix.


The Samsung Galaxy Alpha features a pocketable 4.7-inch form factor (HD resolution) and has a 2.5GHz quad-core processor. It also features 2GB of RAM, a 12 megapixel camera, 32GB of internal storage and more. Of course, you can expect Android 4.4 with a helping of TouchWiz on top (which emphasizes health and battery saving improvements above all else). Let us know if you’ll be looking to grab one of these once it lands later this week.

[via AT&T]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This is wrong on all levels..why not bring it to T-Mobile?!?!?? Pisses me off….

    1. You like T-Mobile? I’ve been with Verizon forever but am thinking about switching. How’s the coverage? I saw they have that thing where you can use your Wi-Fi for all your phone related biz (txts, calls, etc. ). How’s that work?

      1. T-Mobile’s coverage is pretty bad, but improving a lot. Where there is coverage the speed is pretty fast though.

        1. Thanks!!

      2. I have had T-Mobile for 8 years.. Even before all these promos, it always have been a good bang-for-your-buck. I have damn near perfect signal at work and home. While I may lose a few bars traveling..I’m always able to call and send texts. I was traveling to Palm Springs, Ca (Rural Area) this weekend and I did not get radio signal..but I did have full 4G. So I Pandora and Spotified it the whole trip!!

        Try it out with their week trial..you have nothing to lose!!!! And if you like it, they pay for you to leave Horror-izon!!!!!!

        1. Thanks!

          1. Fo shoz

  2. Not that I want this phone, but what’s with all the exclusive deals. Bring it to the masses….. The more the merrier right ?…… RIGHT ????

    1. I’m a huge fan of 306-336 PPI phones with under 5inch screen. SAMOLED too.

      I have a GS3 and I have no issue with it at all. I keep it tuned to still run smoothly.

      My mom has the GS4 and the screen is cool but the 1080p is not all that to me.

      Galaxy Alpha hits the spot with the 4.7 inch 720p screen for me…and its thin and sleek..

      1. Yea… its definitely a sleek device, but the $200 on a 2-year is a bit much, they should have brought it down to at least $150

        1. I agree. Price is hurtful.. I know a metal frame does not cost that much….lol

        2. should be $99 subsidized since it’s not flagship phone, but second tier.

          1. whats funny is that this phone is way better than the iPhone 6 specs wise and you consider the iPhone a flagship phone but not the alpha, i would take this phone ten time before the iPhone, my girlfriend just got the iPhone 6 and she already going crazy with the lack of signal and connectivity issues, iPhone is actually the worst devise as a phone.

          2. IKR..crazy

          3. this has the same or better specs than the iPhone6 in every category (processor, RAM, camera, storage, thickness, weight, internal file system, screen resolution), so what’s “second tier” about this? nobody is calling the iPhone6 second tier. also, your screen name says it all – Whocares? life is too short to troll on phones with bad facts.


    1. I’m with you on that!

    2. Give it a couple months…

  4. Much better than the iphone 6 but not as good as my Samsung Galaxy S5

  5. DOA? 612.99? wtf price is that? either $599 or $649…Tell me the reason why I have to buy this phone at that price instead of iPhone 6? Oh after 2 years, it’ll be $80 like S4 and S5 while iPhone still get me back at least $250. That’s for someone undecided on smartphone. Now, if you’re android fans, this phone is just a shrink-down Galaxy S5 with metal frame…But why it’s more expensive than S5? Got any clue?

    1. ah, because is way better than the iphone 6 specs wise.

      1. Exactly. This device had one target: iPhone 6 4.7 inch.

        And to be honest… I prefer the Alpha.

        I always said..give me Android on an iPhone and this is the closest to it.

        Its 5mm shorter, 1mm narrower, .2 mm thinner.

        Yet comes with same size screen, same resolution, Android Kit Kat, AMOLED screen.

        C’ Mon..can’t hate on that….

    2. you don’t “have to” buy the Alpha off contract for $613 just like you don’t “have to” buy the iPhone6 off contract for $649. on contract, the Alpha is $200, same as the S5 and the base model iPhone6. if there are deals on the S5 now, it’s because it was released 6 mos ago. that’s kind of what happens.

      this is a beautiful phone. doesn’t have the same specs as a galaxy S5, but the trade off is the thinner and lighter form factor. for me, i am not watching movies on my phone and don’t care about screen size and resolution as much as i care about having a smaller phone in my pocket.

  6. So Apple makes an Galaxy phone, and Samsung makes an iPhone 5S. My wife would have liked the Alpha if it was available when she got her S5, but she likes her S5 a lot.

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