TinyCam Monitor puts home surveillance on your wrist with Android Wear extension



If you use an IP camera system for home surveillance and own an Android device, chances are you have used tinyCam Monitor. The software that brings live video feeds from supported cameras positioned around your home to your smartphone display can now do the same for your smartwatch.

With tinyCam Monitor Pro for Android Wear (currently in beta) owners of any smartwatch running Google’s OS for wearables can access their feeds anywhere, anytime, and it’s as easy as checking the time. Simply launch the app to jump into a live stream of your most recently viewed feed. Tap the display to zoom in. Flick over to the right to cycle between cameras and choose a new feed. It’s simple, intuitive, and a great example of catering an app to the smartwatch form factor.

Check out the above video where Phandroid developer extraordinaire Steve Albright to get an idea of what it looks like in action. If you are a current tinyCam user you will need to join the tinyCam Monitor Pro Beta community on Google+ to access the latest build (version 5.6 Beta 8). No word on when the functionality will roll out to the main update tree on Google Play.

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  1. Steve: Which IP cameras are you using?

    1. LNR280 NVR with the Lorex 1080p IP bullet cams. Lorex has terrible customer support so I would recommend ordering from the main manufacture Hikvision. I would have if I known better at the time.

  2. Go Go Gadget Doggy Cam!

  3. Kind of boring TV there isn’t it, an empty house.
    Look how huge and gaudy those wristwatches are, not fashionable at all, well Gangster Rappers will like them I guess, they like obnoxiously large wristwatches.

    1. Compare them to other fashionable watches that are not “smart” and they’re actually relatively slim. They compare nicely.

  4. FYI the dev said the delay that I mentioned sometimes happening is not from the Moto 360 but from the bluetooth protocol. …which makes more sense.

  5. “Check out the above video where Phandroid developer extraordinaire Steve Albright to get an idea of what it looks like in action.”
    Is that even a sentence?
    Come on guys, you’re not even trying.

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